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Experience a Friday Fish Fry Done Right at Steve's Lounge

Grating and freezing cheese is a great idea!

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I ate most of it - God help me. I was hungry. I will never talk to you again - I promise

Great pics of unique ultra-thin-crust pizzas from Rome Mountain

thanks for advice on Photobucket and correction on 'the white girls' - I'll be back...

Great pics of unique ultra-thin-crust pizzas from Rome Mountain

Anyone with a smidgen of geographical sense will know there are no mountains WEST of Rome - i am referring to the Alban Hills in Castelli Romani - EAST of Rome ;). I suppose I could upload to some 'place in the sky' - would that be the solution and which one? I make a mean pizza, but am not so it-savvy - obviously...

Boiling Bacon With Parsley Sauce From 'My Irish Table'

Well you CAN have your bacon and eat it too! Here in Denmark one of the national dishes is fried slices of belly of pork with boiled potatoes and (a boat-full) of parsley sauce. It's delicious!

The Joy and Economics of Cooking Pizza At Home

Boy, for a friendly rebuttal between two high school friends(?) there sure seems to be quite a grudge. The article could sure have benefited from more friendly banter - or in lieu that, some clue as to what the grudge is about. Lighten up!

Grating and freezing cheese is a great idea!

It really is! Hardly anything freezes better than cheese - for heating mind you - never for straight eating !

So I keep parmigiano and romano and such in plastic bags. I usually label them- but sometimes not as they are somewhat interchangeable. I also sometimes grate coconut...

As of now I am changing my name and any trace of this comment. It's been fun guys! But I just wouldn't be able to take the abuse and jokes. Love 'Julio'

Great pics of unique ultra-thin-crust pizzas from Rome Mountain

I have been enjoying reading these pages for some time and would like to give something back!

Around 2005 I was touring the mountains west of Rome and and late one night I happened upon this pizza restaurant just outside of the town of Nemi. It was sort of up-scale and served these gourmet pizzas that were of a kind I had not seen before nor since. They were prepared by a 'band' of young women dressed in clinically white uniforms and so I immediately dubbed them 'il ragazzi bianchi'. Although I was strictly not allowed in the kitchen they didn't seem to mind and I took some great pics of them preparing these incredible pizzas.

The pizzas were unique in that they were extremely thin, almost wafer-like, very sparsely dressed and fired in an extremely hot oven. But most of all they were the most delicate, artistic and beautiful pizzas I have ever seen. (The girls were quite pretty too)

So the point is: I have these photos and would like to share the best 4 of them for you all to relish. How do I do that?

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