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Vegetarian substitute for soy sauce?

there is coconut amino seasoning. i have never used it, but i think it is like braggs amino seasoning, so somewhat like soy sauce. not sure how readily available this is at stores but could be worth a shot. if you google you can read more about it. good luck!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

Tofu scramble and banana-bread french toast. But my dad would so love this prize!!!

Recap: Top Chef DC, Episode 9, Restaurant Wars

Cambridge (MA) has a restaurant named EVOO:
I haven't been, but have read some good reviews.

I was rooting for Alex to go home, but Kenny's ego was wearing on me so I won't miss him.

Boston Brewery Tours

I have only been to Harpoon and thought the tour was really good. One person on our tour came to Harpoon after doing the Sam Adams tour and said Harpoon was better.
At Harpoon there is a tour first, where you do get a taste or two of the beer at different stages of the brew process. Then after the tour you get an unlimited amount of samples of whatever they have on tap in the sample room--maybe 10 or so options when I was there. Even if you don't like beer, they might have their cider on tap, which rocks, so hopefully you can enjoy many samples of that!

Lobster rolls (and other food) in and around Boston

Neptune Oyster, in the North End, is where most Bostonians I know think you can get the best lobster roll. They serve it warm with butter or in the traditional style.

Looking for a great steak in Boston.

How about Moo in the XV Beacon hotel?

Vegan Restaurants/Cafes in NYC

Thanks for all of the suggestions, especially for the 100% vegan places, since that's what I'm looking for. I will report back after next weekend's trip.

Thanks again!

How to Feed a Political Vegan

I don't think there is any way to slaughter an animal without "harming" it. Just saying...

If they are looking for vegan food, Boston has more vegan restaurants than you'd expect. The Pulse Cafe just opened in Davis Square and it's great. Also in the Boston area: Peace O' Pie, My Thai, Grasshopper, Grezzo, Prana.

A waaaay past date can of black winter truffle breakings. Help!

I'm with CJ, 7 years past the expiration date scares me.

Polka-dot food ideas

Eggplant balls (like meat balls but vegetarian) and so yummy! (not my blog but had this recipe at a friend's recently and they were great:
Polenta rounds topped with something yummy
Bubble tea with tapioca pearls
Baked falafel balls
Hollow out a round bread and fill with spinach artichoke dip, served with round crackers
stuffed mushroom caps
mini quesadillas
lentils are somewhat dot-like

cream puffs

Polka-dot food ideas

I second the dippin dots. Also if you are cutting up fruit, kiwis would be fun. Candy dots (do they still have those?) could be good if you want to have candy. Swiss cheese already seems "dotted." Baked ravioli. Salad of cucumber coins, cherry tomatoes, and mini balls of fresh motzarella

Kale, kale and more kale

Kale chips! Spray with olive oil, sprinkle with salt ,and bake at 375 until crisp and delicious.

What Should I Make to Accompany Mac and Cheese

Wow, thanks for all of the advice!!! This was so helpful. The dinner didn't end up happening yesterday, but hopefully next weekend. I will let you all know how it goes!

Tofu & Soymilk

I buy tofu and soymilk at Wholefoods and other large grocery stores. I prefer Nasoya tofu and Silk Light soymilk.

I haven't eaten okara or yuba (to my knowledge).

Non-dairy, gluten-free recipe ideas, please?!?!

I avoid both dairy and gluten for various reasons.
I enjoy the following:
- Brown rice pasta - cooked al dente I think it tastes really close to "regular" pasta.
- Soy "ice cream" - There is a brand that I think is called soy delicious, which is really good.
- I eat a lot of asian inspired food that I can toss over rice or rice noodles - ex. stir fry, curries made with coconut milk.
- I also eat a lot of mexican inspired food - corn tortillas for tacos or enchiladas. I haven't found good soy subs for cheese and sour cream, so I just skip that and add other things for creamy textures, like avocado.

Any Bring-From-Home Snack Ideas?

Mostly fruit. Also, I keep a bag of frozen vegetables and veggie burgers in the kitchen freezer at my office.

chai tea?

The Whole Foods by me has Oregon concentrates - so yummy. Also in caffeine free!


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