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Do You Know These Regional Pizza Styles?

@Adam Kuban

I know your comment was from like 2 years ago, but yes... there are many more than 3 places in Buffalo doing Buffalo-style pizza... nearly all of the mom n pop joints do it that way! The NYC thin and floppy crap is a rarity.

Bocce, Imperial, La Nova, Evangola, Molino's... the list could go on and on. I'd love to see a feature article on Buffalo pizza... we need to get the world off of the idea that it's just about wings! :)

We Try Shake Shack's New Fresh-Cut Fries

While the idea of fresh-cut fries is a nice one on paper, I've honestly never had one that can stay as hot, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside as a properly done quality frozen fry. Hot Dog Heaven here in Orlando is one that jumps to the top-of-mind.

Buffalo-style pizza

Burnt sauce edges is definitely a characteristic! As well as cup-n-curl pepperoni, sometimes irregular in shape, or at least sliced on a bias.

Sweeter sauce as well.

It's uncanny how many even little mom and pop places, even in the burbs like Angola all have a really decent attempt at doing Buffalo pizza... not a one of them does a "NY style" pizza.

I can't tell you how close I've been on several occasions to going forward on opening a Buffalo-style pizza joint here in Florida. There's enough transplants to support it, at least! One of the issues is when people hear "Buffalo-style" they think chicken and hot sauce... need to overcome that. Same with Buffalo-style hot dogs, but that's for another thread ;)

Buffalo-style pizza

@TheKaz - Awesome! I'll be back in the Buff for the holidays too! Pizza Junction was a twist on the classic Buffalo style, LOADED with toppings. The original Pizza Junction I knew was up in Clarence and is still under the same ownership although now called Bozannas (and I believe there's one on Camp Rd in Hamburg as well!)

Buffalo-style pizza

@redfish - I think that's part of the problem of calling it Buffalo-style pizza, as everyone will just assume there's chicken involved... not so! :)

Glad to see others know of the glory... I'd love for more peeps to see the light!

A Pizza My Mind: The Best Frozen Pizza, PERIOD.

Gotta agree... Totoino's is the best. But it's not "pizza" as McDonald's is not a hamburger. But both are damn tasty.

Cinnabon Rolls Out the Pizzabon

Don't tell anyone, but when I worked at TJ Cinnamon's in the 80's, we used to experiment with different "kinds" of cinnamon rolls in the kitchen. Pizza buns were one of them. DAMMIT!

Poll: Where Do You Fall on the Canned Mushroom Spectrum?

The problem is that most places that use "fresh" mushrooms don't pre-cook them. So they taste like ass on a pizza, to be blunt. I'd much prefer the canned variety.

Detroit: The Guerra Legacy Lives on at Cloverleaf

Now see, that's pizza to me. Not this thin waify stuff with sploches of sauce and leaves all over the top of it! :)

Give me something with some volume and heft!

The Food Lab: For The Best Buffalo Wings, Fry, Fry Again

On a side note, are you somehow suggesting wings were not invented in Buffalo?

Burgers + Pizza = One Year 'Epic Meal Time' Birthday Cake

I never have, and I never will understand the appeal of these guys.

Daily Slice: Andouille Sausage Pizza at NYC's Two Boots

All pizza crust doesn't have to be thin and floppy you know... I think it's time for a mid-slice revolt!

The pizza in and around Western New York (Buffalo area) is the best. It is thicker than NYC crust, chewy on the inside but crispy enough to actually hold the massive amounts of toppings that are customary without flopping over.

Anyway, sorry for the rant :)

The Food Lab: All-American Eggplant Parmesan

Great job on the article, Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorites and one of the only dishes I actually attempt to cook and perfect on a regular basis... great info here!

Orlando - where to eat?

Thanks. Besides the chain restaurants, I also should have put the theme park disclaimer in there as well :)

There are definitely some good eats there, but I'm looking for some places with character... some roadfood kind of places. Mom & Pop type of places. One-offs.

I'm hoping maybe something like that exists that I haven't yet seen!

Dear AHT: Frozen Patty Recommendations

I think the people that are suggesting to "make their own" have lost sight of the reason for this thread in the first place :)

How important is a gas range top vs. electric?

@Susquehana - I've had propane before, both times, doesn't change the insurance premium one dime. And the tank is buried.

How important is a gas range top vs. electric?

Wow, thanks for all the comments! I confirms what I felt. Also thanks to a few of the dissenting users for providing and alternate perspective as well.

The Great Fast-Food Wings Taste Test

I gotta say, I am shocked and disappointed that this kind of post would make it to the pages of Serious Eats. Not a single one of those outlets mentioned has anything close to what a real Buffalo chicken wing is about.

It reminds me of the "CitySearch" type of surveys where some nameless city votes Pizza Hut #1.... How would your brethren at Slice feel about that?

Well, this is the same thing. Points off for this one.

Do You Know These Regional Pizza Styles?

I gotta add a vote for Upstate NY Style - I grew up in Buffalo, went to school near Rochester. I now live in Florida.

Buffalo style pizza as pointed out is a thicker crust, not greasy, often a little doughy but crisp on the bottom. TONS of cheese... and almost always the peperroni is loaded on, smaller in diameter than most, but always with crisp edges on the pepperoni. Bocce is a great example of this.. but almost any roadside pizzeria in Buffalo has this formula.

Living in Florida, I am sick and tired of every kind of pizza place offering only "NY Style" pizza. Big thin floppy slices that taste like cardboard... I never understood the appeal of that. They taste especially crappy the next day cold... and cold pizza should be one of the BEST ways to eat pizza ;)

The more I think about it, I need to open a Bocce-style pizzeria in Orlando...

Why Pepperoni Pizza Sucks

The author clearly is the victim of standard-issue pepperoni. You need to visit the pizzerias that have their pepperoni made for them, based on their own specific recpies designed to compliment the taste of their pie.

The best example I can give of this is the pizza of Buffalo, NY... go visit nearly any neighborhood pizzeria and they likely have a hand-crafted pepperoni. See Bocce... see Bozanas... etc.

Pepperoni is indeed the perfect basic complement to a pizza and is a requirement in my book!


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