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'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives' Viewers Choose Their Top 10 Burgers of all Time

#4 Swaggers in KC is closing down as of this Saturday 1/19/14! The health department said "roaches" aren't acceptable! NASSSY!!! They also hiked up their prices after appearing on triple D! Now that's not good for business...

Little Caesars Announces New DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza

You know we must've been a part of the test market for these because I remember eating these pizzas a year ago. for what you get it wasn't bad,...although it wasn't great either! 8 smacks for alot of bread and sauce,...well thats the LC way...but I did prefer these over the regular hot and ready pizzas they had.

Chain Reaction: My First Time at In-N-Out

Well well well....considering Im from California and have had my share of INO, moved to Texas and had Whataburger, moved to Kansas and had Culver's and 5 guys (and yes I even lived in NY but LONG before Shake Shack) I still enjoy a double double (minus those fries) at INO. I would venture to say that most people HYPE UP Shake Shack and 5 Guys as much as INO (ESPECIALLY ON THIS SITE!) but again everyone is entitled to their own personal favorite and honestly I prefer Bakers Burgers double over INO!!! Enough said!

Ed Levine's 5 Favorite Patty Melts

I've only had patty melts with American Cheese automatically (unless they gave you an option on the top of cheese you preferred). Considering I dont care for swiss,..i'll consider myself lucky!

Ed Levine's 5 Favorite Patty Melts

Strangely enough the first patty melt I can recall having was at a fast food location in So Cal (Der Wienerschnitzel in the late 70's). Albeit not a great representation of the classic patty melt, it has 2 softened slices of rye, 1 slice of american cheese with the patty. Be mindful that I was 8yrs old so....from that point forward I was hooked! lol My alltime favorite would be the patty melt from Jim's burgers in Rialto CA. A typical So Cal mom and pop type of burger joint, but they had the best (and buttery) patty melts in town! With or w/o onions it was DELICIOUS!!!!!! I will be in So Cal this summer and plan on making a stop there!

NY Times Shake Shack Review: Takedown or a Rare Bit of Fair-minded Burger Candor?

Being that I am a humble hamburger fan,....I wont proclaim myself as a critic,...only a being said: I like INO (yes Im originally from CA but grew to appreciate the hot off the grill taste), didn't like 5 Guys (always get the dog there, and that isn't saying much), never had SS (hadn't made it to Kansas yet) and prefer homemade sliders lol. There you go...simple, humble, and non-threatening.

Bake the Book: Entenmann's Chocolate Chip Cookies

How do I enter the contest? I love Entenmanns!!!

Philadelphia: Beautiful Retro Burgers at Gino's in King of Prussia

that double is making my mouth water,....the bacon burger looked a tad bit dry...fries to die for! good article

Irving, TX: Old-fashioned Burgers Still Hit the Spot at Griff's

who's Francis? lol it looks good, always down to try a greasy burger (grease and juice,...yummy!) reminds me a little of the cali style mom and pop burger joints.

Burger Winners in Zagat's 2011 Fast Food Poll

INO has the best burger,...I dont care what Zagat has to say! lol

Scooter Pies or Moon Pies?

ahahahahahaha love it! I ate them while living in Japan in 1973 (damn am I dating myself) as a kid! Loved them!! Didn't see them again here in the states (by then I progressed to hostess cup cakes! lol)

Anthony Bourdain's Paula Deen Diss

now Im in the mood for pumpkin gooey cake! lol I luv Paula,...butter and all but I understand that everything is within limits. I also am I fan of Bourdain but if I had to choose in a death match,..I think PD has him beat,...BY A MILE! lol

Milk Burger Owner 'Shocked' About Shake Shack Rip-off Allegation

@ratbuddy you damn right he is!! and he makes NO bones about it!!!

Milk Burger in East Harlem: No, This Is Not Shake Shack

I for one would welcome a MILKBURGER here in Kansas City,...considering all of the talk that I've read on here about Shake Shack it would be refreshing to see something ELSE make its way here!

In-N-Out Tops 'Consumer Reports' Fast Food Chain Survey


Chain Reaction: Culver's

I only experienced Culver's here in Kansas recently. And I found the burgers had a good deal of seasoning on them (especially in comparision to other fast food chains). The fries are always hot....overall I enjoy them. I can't take the custard shakes (WAYYYYYYYYY too much butter fat for me to consume, so dang rich), but I see the appeal.


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