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  • Favorite foods: Eggs, dairy, pasta, 2% milk or better, meat that's melt-in-the-mouth tender ... and cheeeeeeeese ...
  • Last bite on earth: A seafood omelet, washed down with good coffee


@Pav, thanks for verifying your complete lack of understanding.


@Pavlov, it's always been known as screaming on the internet. The fact is, you simply don't care, nor do you respect other peoples' feelings about it. That's what the internet does ... makes you communicate differently than if you were in-person. If you respect who you're communicating with online, especially a group, you'll act more appropriately and as a mature individual, and quit with the caps lock. You're only coming across as a brat who has to yell to try to stand out and get attention, and I really don't think you want to come across that way..


How do you say, "QUIT SCREAMING IN THE SUBJECT LINE!!!!!" in German? There is no excuse, Pav. Seriously. It's annoying and unnecessary.

I've only had the Heinz version myself of curried ketchup (catsup?) and liked it, but now you have me wondering why I hadn't looked for what is probably better-tasting to begin with. I'm going to have to look for it. I'll bet it's great on Velveeta macaroni and cheese ... ;-)

How's Your Bacon?

@czken, don't be shy. There's actually no such thing as a "comment whore" in a forum like this. This isn't a news site where you generally speak your peace and move on. The reality is, we all like to talk about food so that's what we do, and sometimes the conversation gets deep. Unfortunately some people miss that point.

Raw bacon sounds good, gotta get to Europe!

How's Your Bacon?

@Tupper, the list of inappropriate replies to your question is a long list, and it's growing by the moment.

How's Your Bacon?

"... comment freely if you're the type who buys into mass-media hype (e.g., cupcakes, salt, bacon)."

@madeirasara, three comments from you right off the bat, eh? You're not by chance buying into mass-media hype ... are you??? ;-)

I like my bacon sliced thick and fried extra crispy. And yes, I eat it with my fingers 'cuz it breaks if I stick a fork in it.

@madeirasara, how do you like yours? Oh right, that would actually mean you'd be staying on-topic. Never mind ... :-D

Do you have paczki on in your part of the country?

Any claim to a paczki being "just a jelly donut" probably means the eater hasn't had the real thing. There's a definite difference in the doughs between a donut and a paczki, particularly in height and density, with a paczki being taller and more dense. It's also much more rich in flavor, which varies in quality between bakeries. Come to Michigan and have the real thing.

Served: Health Department Hell (Part 2)

I lost respect for health inspections when one of the inspectors used the phrase "raw hot dogs". Frankly, I've never seen a raw hot dog in my life and I doubt she had either.

United States of Pizza: Michigan

Me? Expert?? Hardly! I do love me some Basil Boys. Their lasagna's even better than their excellent pizza though. :-)



Oh sorry, didn't mean to do an online yell. ;-)

I normally only stay about an hour too since I know where everything is and what I want. But in places like the butcher shop or places like Fresh Market I can be in there for quite some time, especially if I've not been there before. Gotta learn what's there!


"I wished I could help myself limit the information, but I have resigned myself to the fact that it is hopeless... I get so excited whenever I see someone take an interest in food and I want to fan the flames."

I've found few want their flames fanned. They didn't sign up for a college lecture nor do they want one, and they really didn't plan on being forwarded to Alton Brown and his nonsense.

They want to cook dinner, nothing more. Hence the thousand-yard stare.

Do what I do. Knock it off! ;-)

"Cooking spare ribs? Sprinkle it with salt, pepper and some garlic powder, cook it for 4 hours at 200 degrees, brush Sweet Baby Ray's sauce on it, jack it up to 375 for 20 minutes ... you're done. Really, it's that easy."

And then if they say they remember it done a certain way at a certain place ... that's when the details start coming. But never before. It's way too easy to come across as a jerk if you start there.

Baloney or Bologna?

@smile, you can buy most Kowalski products from their web site, but I was surprised to find that does indeed say their regular bologna isn't available online. Weird, especially since the garlic and ring bolognas are both available.

Guiness substitute

There is no substitute for Guinness. That's why it's Guinness. :-)

Having said that, the flavor of the stew will certainly have something to do with the beer you use. Since you don't drink Guinness, you may not like it in the stew either. The best thing to do is to simply use a beer you'd like, making sure it's the most robust one of the bunch. For example, if you like Sam Adams and drink both the Sam Adams Light and the Boston Lager, use the Boston Lager in the stew since it's the most robust.

Food Blogs-how do they work?

One thing that seems to be helpful is to fill in the Website field on your Serious Eats profile. SE users definitely use that info to find other sites to visit.

Baloney or Bologna?

IMHO, bologna is what I eat and baloney is what some people are full of.

Stories of Astonishing Food Ignorance

Not so much ignorance as it is something through the eyes of a child ... My oldest was 5 when we got him some deep-fried potato wedges at a rustic diner. He took one bite, looked astonished at the thing and blurted out, "Daddy, there's potatoes in these french fries!"

I'm thinking about going to the CIA...

When I first read the title I thought, "What'd SE do wrong that Cintral Intelligence needs to get involved?"

I left the computer industry in December to get into foodservice again since it actually seems more stable. I'll be 50 this year. A few of my co-workers are over 40 and are in Culinary schools. One is in his 50s and he's attending Schoolcraft College near Detroit where Chef Brian Polcyn teaches from the "Charcuterie" volume he and Ruhlmann co-wrote.

I say go for it, others certainly are.

Eggs in a Hole + Grilled Cheese = Grilled Cheese Eggsplosion!

Brilliant! Only needs a Guinness chaser! :-)

(BTW, the bottom link, "Click through the slideshow for a full step-by-step breakdown of the process »", is broken)

meatloaf madness

Mom's meatloaf was totally moist due to quite a bit of both ketchup and dill pickle juice. SE has linked to this recipe before, here's the most recent version:

Mom’s Dill-Pickle-Sauced Meatloaf

Unusual mayonnaise uses

My mom's notebook has a recipe for Mayonnaise Cake, which I remember as being rich and creamy. I'm not sure how common that recipe might be ... It was one of the few times she would use mayo and not Miracle Whip, which was her favorite. @Kitchenista, mom would have LOVED those commercials! :-)

Article: "Cooks Get A New 'Recipe View' From Google"

@seriousb, just didn't want to get too technical here, but yes you're correct. ;-) If you're a programmer, this reminds me of when VB6 was redeveloped into VB.NET by all the wrong engineers and the whole thing went to Hell in a handbasket. I'm looking at all this Google Recipe View hogwash wondering if any one of them ever picked up a cookbook!

Article: "Cooks Get A New 'Recipe View' From Google"

@seriousb you're right, it's in the documentation. Just a couple other clicks will take you to the markup description and sample:

Readability takes a serious nosedive.

Your Funniest "Faux Pas" in Cooking or Dining Out?

For whatever reason, mom always stored the bread in the oven on the baking sheets. While she always remembered to take them out before turning the oven on, no one else remembered. The baking sheets were almost always less than a month old as they kept needing to replace the ones the plastic had melted onto.

Personalities vs. chefs

Thanks for the support @hungrychristel ... but I definitely know boy scout cooks who could beat RR at her own game! ;-)

Personalities vs. chefs

So because someone is on TV they're not a valid chef? Yeah ok ... and your credentials for making that judgement are ... [?]

Article: "Cooks Get A New 'Recipe View' From Google"

On NPR, "Cooks Get A New 'Recipe View' From Google"

For webmasters, Google has redefined the classic ingredient list in reverse of what most cooks are used to, i.e.:

Thinly-sliced apples: 6 cups
White sugar: 3/4 cup

To be blunt, I'm not so sure this is a good idea. It simply doesn't seem to be as intuitive as it could be for most cooks. There are so many different recipe sites out there now, to redefine how to post a recipe on the web at this point would seem downright futile.

Your thoughts? Also for the SE crew, will you now rework your recent Recipe data type to fit this new markup yourselves or let it go? Personally, I can't imagine going through my own online recipes and changing them just to satisfy Google.

'Home Page' topic: Where is it?

This topic has been pushed off the front page, and is not on the second page either. With over 135 comments, and considering its obvious importance, it needs to be available. Any chance of this happening or has it temporarily or even permanently bitten the virtual dust?

How do you brew your coffee?

Ok, I'm not think about cream or sugar here. Just simply, what's your brew method?

We have a Cuisinart grind-n-brew that we use mostly with ground coffee, usually Maxwell House. I use 10 rounded teaspoons per pot. When using beans, I cover the grinder blades by about another 1/4".

However, my boss has a Bunn and uses one-and-a-half 2" ice creams scoops of ground Maxwell House per 10 cups.

Pretty simple, but quite different. How 'bout you?

Condolence Food

All through my life I've been involved with supplying food to family and friends whenever there's a lost. People tend to forget to eat during those times and it helps to remind them. Last year when I lost both my parents over a 4 month period, we ended up giving away food because so much was brought. Just this evening, we took a 7-lb deli tray we made to a neighbor's house, whose wife had passed away today. They can put parts of it out as-needed over the next few days.

What was the last condolence food delivery you made?

What's the Worst Burn You've Endured While Cooking?

Robyn's asked about the worst burn while eating. What about cooking?

I was working as a fry cook at a local burger place in early 1980. One day I was using a burger spatula to cut down a 50 lb block of shortening as it melted into the fryer. At one point, the metal spatula slipped and hit the melted oil flat. The splash covered the back of my right hand with oil that was easily more than 300 degrees. Fortunately there was a sink behind me, and someone spun me around and shoved my hand under cold running water right away. There's no scar, just seriously painful memories.

Potomac Mills, VA Thanksgiving Dinner: Suggestions?

We'll be in the Potomac Mills area for Thanksgiving. Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent (i.e., comfortable, pleasant, not fast food) restaurant for 6 or so for dinner? Doesn't quite matter if it's a "traditional" Thanksgiving Day meal, although that would be preferred.

BBQ 2009: Your Successes?

Here in SE Michigan (at 35F this morning!) the outdoor BBQ season is winding down. We had a lot of good meals this summer, and with a lot of patience and a good grill I finally nailed the technique for perfect ribs. Tender, juicy, with a good 'bite' left in them, I finally feel good about cooking them regularly. Next year, I'll couple that with a recipe for my own sauce, something I haven't tried to do in probably 30 years.

So how were your own BBQs this year? Did you learn or make anything new?

Your Oldest Cookbook?

What's the oldest cookbook you own? I have a copy of the "Pictorial Review Standard Cookbook" from 1931. Pictorial Review was apparently a monthly magazine, and this is 1,000 recipes from their pages including "Porto [not "Puerto"] Rican Pot Roast", "Hamburg Cakes" (today we put them between buns and add cheese and condiments), "Jellied Chicken" made with gelatin, and instructions for chopping ice for maintaining a freezer. The last chapter is some of their information on sewing and how to use a line of patterns they offered. There were originally some blank pages in the back of the book, which have been covered over with both handwritten recipes and recipes cut from the magazine and newspapers and glued onto the pages.

Luna Pier Cook

Weird Ingredients In Recipes?

Yesterday a friend of 35 years gave me his mother's fruitcake recipe, which was her grandmother's recipe, apparently originating in the 1800s. My friend's mom would make dozens of these fruitcakes each year and give them as gifts. This was the kind of fruitcake people actually liked ... and I was shocked to learn there was a pound of ground pork fat in each five-loaf batch.

While researching the three Michigan coney sauces (Detroit, Flint and Jackson styles), I've discovered not an ounce of ground beef among the original recipes. Ground beef hearts, beef kidneys, suet, all in there, but no ground beef whatsoever.

What are some possibly weird ingredients you've found in recipes? Have you made them that way, or have you tried to find alternatives, possibly because of the "ewwww" factor?

Luna Pier Cook

News: Obama Keeps White House Chef

From the Associated Press;

Transition officials said Friday that Cristeta Comerford will stay on for the Obamas ... Michelle Obama said she and Comerford agree on 'the importance of healthy eating and healthy families.' ... Comerford is a naturalized U.S. citizen from the Philippines who studied French cooking in Vienna, Austria, and specializes in ethnic and American cuisine.

I always found all of the talk about who they "should" have gotten a bit on the odd side since the White House Chef has nothing (ok, maybe a little) to do with the policies of the sitting or incoming President.

What's your favorite simple sandwich?

When you want a simple sandwich, what do you make? PB&J? Ham and Swiss with mayo on white bread? Grilled cheese with one slice of cheese and some butter? No Reubens please, even that's too elaborate an answer for this question ... Seriously, eaters, what's your simple sandwich pleasure?

Does Chorizo = Crap?


"Customs inspectors scored the makings of a barbecue when a ... woman declared several soiled baby diapers ... Suspicious of the chunky diapers, inspectors ... found several links of ... chorizo inside ..."

More here.

Back on the Secret Supper Club thread I'd mentioned some Chef on "No Reservations" who'd said he'd smuggled some ingredient into the U.S. in his baby's diaper bag. Kinda makes me wonder about this woman's purpose. Maybe she was headed for the same kind of thing? Maybe she just didn't want to pay the duty on the doody? Who knows.

Someone's recently cooked with ______ that was grown in my yard.

It's in honor of the still-missing JEP that I ask this question this way ...

We have an apple tree in our yard that currently has apples so big the squirrels finally can't run off with them! There's also a pear tree next to the apple tree. In the past couple weeks Mary's made a big bowl of fresh applesauce, and two batches of an apple-pear crisp.

If you use your garden, tell us about that, too!

BTW, I'm in email contact with JEP. There are still some struggles, but she is and will be around.

Package of Bacon Forces Evac at Lawmaker's Office

Excerpt: "One of Rep. John Boehner’s local offices was evacuated Monday afternoon after a suspicious package arrived in the mail ... Staffers received the letter ... After noticing it was leaking an oily substance, they called the Capitol police ... who advised them to evacuate ... After an X-ray analysis, investigators determined the package contained bacon ... Boehner voted twice last week for a $700 billion bailout ... A spokeswoman said it's ironic someone would send Boehner bacon because he has spent his career fighting pork barrel spending ... No injuries were reported ..."

Injuries? From bacon??? ;-)

The Passing of "Newman's Own" Founder, Actor Paul Newman

Paul Newman, actor, and founder of "Newman's Own", has passed away. From a statement from the foundation, included in one of the many obituaries:

"Newman's Own ... What started as something of a joke in the basement of his home, turned into a highly-respected, multi-million dollar a year food company. And true to form, he shared this good fortune by donating all the profits and royalties he earned to thousands of charities around the world, a total which now exceeds $250 million."

Here on SE, a taste test of sandwich cookies, including Newman-O's, was reported yesterday, coincidentally the same day Mr. Newman passed away.

Just Heard from JEP

"Most Serious Eater" awardee JEP has returned from her hiatus. In an email I received from her just now she mentions 1,500 messages in her in-box, and LoCo's thread from early April. She wrote, "I felt honored to read all the compassionate comments from the SE community".

In her own words, "I'm pretty rusty, so be patient with me while I ease back into commenting in the blog world". Please join in supporting her in this ... and in properly welcoming her back into the fold.

'Exotic' Meats: What's Your Pleasure?

Our friends at a nearby restaurant serve a Farm-Raised Deep-Fried Alligator appetizer with sour cream & chipotle dipping sauce. It's sweet, tender and tasty, and we eat the stuff like candy.

While buffalo isn't really anything 'exotic', Buffalo Filet Mignon can be difficult to find. Cooked right, it really does melt in the mouth.

What weirdness or oddity have you eaten at a meal, that you'd like to recommend?

Split-top Hot Dog Buns: Found!

For those who were looking for the split-top hot dog buns in a previous thread, I spotted them at a north Toledo Kroger this evening. They're labeled as Kroger-brand "New England Style Coney Roll" and come 8 to a package.

Graduation Open House: What's For Dinner?

If you're hosting a graduation party, what are you having? Or if you've been to one, what'd they have?

Both Mary and I have sons graduating from high school, and we held a party yesterday afternoon. We kept it simple, having what the boys wanted: 8 lbs fresh ground beef with 1 gal. + 1 qt. Manwich on hamburger buns, sweet & sour meatballs, American potato salad, macaroni salad, broccoli/cauliflower salad, a huge bowl of Bugles, and 20 2 liters of pop. Except for the broccoli/cauliflower salad (which my sister made), everything was from a restaurant supply shop (GFS Marketplace for those who have one nearby), The full sheet cake, white on one end, chocolate on the other, with whipped icing, was a custom cake from Kroger.

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