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Weekend Cook and Tell: Cranberry Confidential

I make an awesome wild rice with caramelized onions and cranberries dish. Today I made it with a quinoa, amaranth, and wild rice mix and it still tasted great!

Dinner Tonight: Alice Waters's Carrot Soup

Making this now since carrots were a dollar a pack at the store. I am going to try egghunt's recommendations. Hope it turns out tasty.

Thanksgiving Sides: Cranberry Sauce

I also make a crystalized ginger cranberry sauce, soooo good!

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Honey Bear

Hello! For some reason there was the word "namely" stuck into the eggplant link. Here is the link if you want to check the grilled honey eggplant recipe out!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Honey Bear

Honey and eggplant? Not the two ingredients you would usually put together but they work really well in my grilled honey garlic eggplant dish!

In Season: Eggplant

I love eggplant (after years of hating it) and it is a main ingredient in many of my recipes. I had so many one year that I made 3 different recipes to share with my family.

Dinner Tonight: Helen Chen's Pork and Cucumber Stir Fry

I agree with merdete that salting and squeezing is important to stir frying cucumber. I love stirfried cucumber. It makes a great side and right now I am making a hot cucumber curry. So much fun, everyone should try it once!

Cook the Book: Quick and Easy Korean Cooking

I love GamJa JoRim (Korean Glazed Potatoes) and they are so easy to make!

Cookie-Stuffed Cookies

Want to know what happens if you try this with frozen cookie dough?

Your other options look awesome!

Mapo Tofu, When Low-Brow Just Hits the Spot

I've tried this before, without the meat, and tasted great (surprisingly)!

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Whoopie Pies

Wow, looks awesome! I was just commenting on how boring many gluten free recipes are but then I saw this one and it is so much fun!

8 Recipes for Lunar New Year

Does anyone have a good gluten free recipe for dumpling wrappings?. I so miss them!

In Season: Dried Beans

Thanks for the tips on using dried beans. I usually just use canned beans but recipes like the white bean and pesto soup that I made a few days ago would probably taste better without the stuff from the can.

Cook the Book: 'Appetite for Reduction'

I just made a vegan grilled asian salad that was really good. I appreciate those who do vegan and lower carb... Im doing many vegan/vegetarian dishes but am also gluten free so dishes that are not super heavy on pastas and other wheat items allow me to enjoy much more.

Dinner Tonight: Egg Drop Soup

I added garlic and sherry to mine, which uses a similar recipe, and it made it very flavorful. Your pictures look MUCH better though, and I like the use of shiitake mushrooms.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Gateway Vegetables

Meaty beans with jerk seasoning make a fun vegan tamale pie. You wont miss meat while eating this (my family didn't at Christmas) and this comes from someone has been a self-proclaimed carnivore since age 5.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

whole grain mustard on rye bread... just wish I could eat regular bread!

Party Food Recipe Inspiration for New Year's

The sliders look amazing and I have been thinking of trying to make green pea guacamole before, but I hadn't seen a recipe for pea hummus. Im bringing 4 different types of chocolate bark, a quick snack and great for us GF folks.

Thanksgiving Sides: Squash

Just made an awesome gluten free squash lasagna. It was my first time working with it and it turned out awesome.

The World's Easiest Cranberry Sauce

I just used two of your recommendations for spicing up cranberry sauce and made crystalized ginger cranberry sauce, tastes wonderful with the orange and ginger!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Beyond Tofurkey: Venerable Vegetarian Thanksgiving Options

I agree with the previous poster... risotto is a great option. Filling but also has that Thanksgiving feeling. For the two Thanksgivings that I am going to I am making my sweet potato risotto but with water for my mom instead of chicken broth.