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Pinche Taqueria: A Fish Taco Throwdown Becomes a Smackdown

I work a couple of blocks away from Pinche and started going there and getting the fish tacos about a month ago after stumbling across a rave in The Voice - I couldn't agree more - the best fish tacos in Manhattan for sure.

Five Guys Park Slope, Opening Day

Adam - just posted this on Brooklynian - wanted you to know that I have christened the cheeseburger with diced raw onions and pickles the Kubano in your honor ;-)

Five Guys Park Slope, Opening Day

Adam - that pic looks absolutely fantastic - 2 hours and counting! This store should win the Golden Globe for site selection - across from Methodist - pure, genius! Don't know what the hell it says about doctors and fatty burgers though ;-)

Five Guys Open in Park Slope; Who's Goin'?

I'm stoked too - it'll be the closest passable burger to my apartment. Went by last night and they were doing "live" training - it smelled great!

Serious Eats New York: Redesigned for Maximum Deliciousness

Love it! Please, oh please, oh please, devote more coverage to Brooklyn!

Shake Shack: A New York Spin on the West Coast–Style Burger

Thanks for the food porn and the Shack revisit - The picture of the Shack Guy holding the burger in such a come-hither way reminds me of both a hooker and a drug dealer - both analogies work for Shack burgers considering all you have to go through to get some ;-)

Openings: Five Guys, Seventh Avenue Park Slope

I'm a PSer and agree re Johhny Mack's but also agree with Adam on Bonnie's - it definitely is way over-charred and tastes exactly like whatever is on the grill top. Have to try Bar Toto - haven't been.

But the best burger in PS is at Stone Park Cafe - Bar None!

A Revisit to Stand: Burger Backslider No More

Based entirely on the weight of your re-review on Thursday, I made my first visit today for lunch. Let me spoil this right up front my saying I loved everything about my experience today except the burger.

I arrived at about 12:15 PM and was warmly welcomed by two young women at the host stand. I told them I'd sit at the bar. There were only about 5 or 6 other people in the restaurant at this time. I again was warmly greeted at the bar by the young gut tending bar and placed my order - a classic burger w/cheddar, small fries and a small root beer ($14.00 before tip).

The physical space at Stand BTW is wonderful - modern, clean, cool and comfortable. It's really an appealing minimalist design.

The burger, ordered medium rare arrived cooked perfectly medium. It was on a brioche bun just a tad smaller than the burger circumference - stacked on top of the burger were hopefully-not-killer tomatoes, raw onions and a unnecessarily high pile of shredded lettuce. Under the burger were crinkle-cut dills and a small squirt of their ketchup & mustard. Like you I did not like the red peppercorn sauce that was served on the side. I did, however, add a squirt of "Japanese mayonnaise" to the burger half way through. That condiment was a nice surprise - it's sweet and went well with everything else.

The burger was one of the most beautiful, well-charred, and juicy I have ever seen. The problem was not only was it cooked medium it was absolutely tasteless - I mean absolutely - no hint of salt, pepper, or, gawd-forbid, fat. If this was the 80/20 % lean to fat version, they need to return to the 70/30 version. This was the most tasteless burger I have ever eaten and makes me appreciate the Shake Burger even more, which is a salt lick compared to Stand's version.

The fries, on the other hand, were perfection, golden brown and crispy on the outside, soft and hot on the inside. Some of the best I've had.

If the burger I had today is representative then they should rename Stand Bland.


Love it - succinct, just the right info and no purple prose ;-) and the pix are killer! I want those meat balls!

In Search of the Perfect Food Review Rating System

Ed - I like your alpha-rating system for one simple reason - NYC is "starred" out - just completely starred out - TONY, NYM, NYT, RG, etc ad naseum. If you had chosen to go with stars I think you would have created dis-interest from the outset.

I also think that the alpha-system allows you to go into more areas of the eating/dining experience...
Food A
Bun C
Burger A
Seating D
Decor B
Service A
etc, etc

Good luck - I look forward to your reviews - have always loved to read your take.

French Food in the States: I'll Take the Duck, Skip the 'Tude

Well said - I wish that could be on billboards all over town! I just booked a May 3rd reservation for 2 at Benoit through opentable - I'll let you know about the 'tude quotient ;-)

Are Chefs More High Maintenance than Other People?

Wow, another man who really doesn't like women - how unusual - so Spitzer/Paterson like.

Is Bar Boulud Special Enough?

Bar Boulud, and all the other permutations, here, there, and everywhere, is a case study in branding - once a brand is defined for it's inventiveness, high quality, and superb products nothing short of that will ever suffice.

Maybe Monsieur Boulud would be better advised to reject the Trump-like egotism of self-named projects, and just build great, profitable restaurants that do not bear his initials or name - thus staving off the ready-made criticism that high expectation breeds.

In Videos: Korean Kimchi Commercial

Ah, the beating heart of primordial kimchi.

Gramercy Tavern Meatball: The Best in New York?

I haven't tried them at Gramercy, but I'm salivating as I write this...meatballs at Frankies 457 Spuntino are "to die for."

Iron Cheffing and Judging Are Legit (If Imperfect)

Say what you will Ed, but the general public is deceived into believing that these wondrous chefs only find out the secret ingredient when it unveiled dramatically at the top of the show.

Just another sign of our culture accepting "little white lies."

Whatta we tell our kids Ed - how will we spin this?

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 4: The Gauntlet

Ed - we're all pulling for you! You have more will power than I could ever muster in your circumstance!

BTW - Love your birthday celebration style. It's my wife's birthday this weekend and we're heading to Le Bernardin for lunch tomorrow, Rose Water for dinner Sat night, Stone Park for brunch on Sunday and Jean-Georges for lunch on Monday.

Thanks for being my food muse!

Does the World Need More Fancy-Pants French Restaurants?

Well, in all fairness, Alain Ducasse did have 3 Michelin stars for his restaurant in the Essex House when the Guide Michelin was first published fro NYC in 2006. Everyone of course suggested that was the end of his reign in NYC. So good for him to make a return. I hope that Benoit is not quite so stuffy but I fear Adour will be, despite the trend in Manhattan away from old-school French restaurants.

2007's Best New Restaurants: What's On Your List?

No question about it, Moim, in Park Slope, has to be Brooklyn's best in 2007. A welcome new taste sensation to PS's restaurant scene.

How far away from tradition you'll go this Christmas?

We've spent Christmas in Paris, Rome and also in Sevilla - but nothing beats home here in NYC.

And part of our "at home" tradition is eating out on Christmas Eve - so this year it's Lupa and the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Photo of the Day: Bacon Not Done Yet

Tooooo cute - it's enough to turn me into a vegetarian!


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