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Cook the Book: 'Food Trucks'

Downtown Minneapolis's food truck scene is blowing up this year. I love Dandelion Kitchen's sandwiches and homemade sodas (blood orange cardamom!), then I like to walk a few blocks over to World Street Kitchen for their salted caramel ice cream sandwich.

Taste Test: Dark Chocolate

Yes! The Scharffen Berger bar I bought on a whim got a good review! Time to try it myself.

Cook the Book: 'Not Your Mother's Casseroles'

My favorite is a modern egg bake with sausage, sage, and cheese.

Cook the Book: 'The Essential New York Times Cookbook'

How to Cook Everything. It's the only one that's actually stored in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Recipe Inspiration: Soup

LOVE this round up. Always looking for new recipes for pureed soups. For some reason I can't make this article a favorite, but hopefully this comment will remind me to come back to this.

Cook the Book: Barefoot Contessa, 'How Easy Is That?'

Baked mac and cheese is super easy and impressive!

Cook the Book: 'Around My French Table'

My birthday in Florence! Dinner at il Latini with my family and a Roman candle in my birthday tiramisu!

Ultimate Foodie Cabin Party

Thanks all for the input! Trust me, we're very understanding of the lone vegetarian :)

Serious Beer: IPA from the Midwest

I don't like IPA but I wish I did because Surly is so celebrated here in the Twin Cities!

Cook the Book: 'The Vegetarian Option'

Falafel! You can have all kinds of condiments with it, and it's great for feeding omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans.

What Are Your Favorite Regional Farmers' Markets?

The one I run! Uptown Market in Minneapolis. We have all local produce, street food, and local artists! Come visit! I would love to show you around.

A Pint With: Dan Carey, Brewmaster of New Glarus Brewing Company

Love New Glarus! Spotted Cow is a great beer. We pick it up every time we're in Hudson. They need to distribute in the Twin Cities!!!

Cook the Book: 'Coco'

Michelle Gayer or Alex Roberts, up-and-coming chefs of the Twin Cities that are doing wonderful things for the food scene around here!

Cakespy: Springtime Cutout Cookie Sandwiches


@Jessie, you should submit the photos to Especially if you can round up some baby ducks to pose with them.

French in a Flash: Chèvre and Greens-Stuffed Shells in Béchamel

Looks delicious! And I like to think that it's French because Kerry is French!

Valentine's Day Giveaway: Peanut Butter & Co. Chocolate Hearts

I love truffles that are a little bitter and a little sweet. I also love BT McElrath's Salty Dogs, made in Minneapolis and sooooo good.

Cook the Book: 'The Best Soups in the World'

Byerly's tomato basil soup. I can't tell you how much of my babysitting money went to their deli counter in high school. I'd be rich and skinny...

root veggie ideas?

Braising is really easy and delicious. Or try roasting the veg with thyme, olive oil, S&P.

Hot Chocolate in Florence Italy

(Sorry to sound like an ass, but I can't help myself.) Hot Chocolate, schmot chocolate!! I hope you're eating Antico Noe sandwiches, Perche No gelato, and il Pinolo pizza while you're in Florence!!