Creator of the blog Live.Italiano, I search out some of Italy's most delicious foods! I love to cook and share my food with friends!

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  • Location: Naples, Italy
  • Favorite foods: Butter chicken, pizza, lentils, eggs, you name it!
  • Last bite on earth: Let's not go there. :D

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Splurge-worthy ingredients

@seriousb: Wishful thinking at least here in least for the 'sane health care', but thats a different discussion. At least the food's good!! Hahha

Splurge-worthy ingredients

@Teachertalk: Hahah Godiva-no thanks!!! At least not when places like Pierre Marcolini exist! It's really a wonder how I didn't gain about 40 pounds between the chocolate, the beer and the frites there! Mmm

Splurge-worthy ingredients

Chocolate. Walk into a chocolate store in Brussels and it's like you're walking into a jewelry store. The products are absolutely delicious and the presentation is just out of this world. (Oh well, I'm a sucker for nice presentation!) The price...yup, definitely reflects all that. This summer I believe I dropped around 100 euro on just chocolate alone, not counting my other purchases of macaroons, cookies and spices..... :S


No way...I'd definitely prefer to wait rather than constraining my communication to 150 characters or whatever it is on Twitter. Is that so wrong?

1 Week in New York-Where to eat cheap?!

@simon: Haha it's not the first time I;ve heard this about the creme brulee donut!! So that can mean only one thing: Heaven.

Freezing Mozarella

You can definitely freeze it, though i'd use it for baking or cooking, not eating it straight up. If you have the luck to find good mozzarella di buffala- that should be eaten the day it's bought and doesn't even need to go anywhere near a fridge!!! :)

Weekend Cook and Tell: Golden Gadgets

Ahh....the microplane grater and the immersion blender :) I love to make fresh ginger 'tea' with the grater and the blender makes making soup so easy!

Italian food!

@seriousb: Yeah baby, my English rocks...I'm from New York :) I'm trying to make the blog a resource for tourists, or simply people who love Italian culture and might not be able to make it here. As you've seen, there's a lot of food, but also museums and the like. I'm hoping to eventually establish my own tour company here in Naples, but it's slow going for the time being. :)

1 Week in New York-Where to eat cheap?!

Thank you all!
@Retrofresh: Infinite thank you's for the free wi-fi suggestion! We're going to need that too! :)

TJ's Gluten Free Brownie mix: Tasty or no?

Haven't tried the brownie mix, but here's a recipe for a flourless carrot cake. While I haven't tried this recipe, I did make my own version about a month before finding this article. Pretty good, but I'd imagine this one is just slightly better :)

Italian food!

@SunnysideUp: Includes everything! Well, eventually...basically I have to pace it otherwise I am going to turn into a ball of fat! :)
@Monkii: Thank you :D I've got a few interesting trips planned in the next few months.
@climbhighak: Yeah, kinda got a handle on what to ask on here by now.
@merstar: I love gelato too! But that's for sunny, warm(er) weather....almost there!! :) hahha

Food blog name

Has anyone suggested Innocent until proven delicious? :D

Italian food!

No this isn't about naming a blog, but I can still see where cycorider is coming from... Whether you're looking for a name or for some ideas, it's still not cool to get jumped by these folks.

@Monsieur_Ghislain: Too bad I can't find Campbell's soup or Kraft cheese here in Italy, otherwise I'd have to try that out. :s

Italian food!

@The Coach: So true! Glad I'm finding some people who feel the same way as I do!
@thearrogantchef: Thanks for the tip and love your user name!!! :D

Italian food!

@Lorenzo: Point taken. First day here-won't be asking for any more ideas anytime soon, given the responses I've gotten. Plus, I am trying to make my blog slightly interactive, why not?! :)

@seriousb: Thanks for the support! You're right, the question was way to general to begin with. And who doesn't love pasta? Yum!!!

Why all the opposition?

No worries-haha thankfully I have enough great ideas of my own to carry me on till the next century or so. ;) This site is great though....already gotten answers to the questions I've posted. Cheers!

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Thanks so much! It seems like my powder is probably expired by now so I'll have to get some more and freeze it! (Then slowly bring it back to room temp! ;)

Why all the opposition?

@seriousb: Fair was my first day on here and I have been contributing to THIS site as well.

Why all the opposition?

Agreed! I tried a post asking some ideas for my blog from people who love good food. Won't do that again! All I got were these asinine answers from people who must have nothing better to do! :( Oh well.

Food blog name

Sue Chef is pretty good :D
No idea why people here are so hostile and sarcastic when it comes to asking names or ideas for blogs!! Let us all know what you decide and good luck!

Bourdain Branches Out

Plus, at least Tony knows and has admitted he can't keep up in the kitchen anymore!
He's still one of the most interesting chefs/personalities/whatever out there.

Italian food!

Thanks for the constructive ideas guys...

Eat: Albany, Boston, Portland, Bangor, Saint John, Halifax

Wolff's Biergarten in Albany (895 Broadway) is awesome!
Of course they have a great selection of brews, but the food and atmosphere is great!


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