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Hooni Kim's Guide to Korean Food and Ingredients in NYC and New Jersey

Lol yes to the person who commented about the 32nd st H-Mart. I found out it was no longer affiliated with the chain when my H-Mart card wouldn't work there.

Hanjoo Brings Korean Pork Barbecue to the East Village

Gopdol bibimbap. Glad Serious Eats has begun to appreciate the magical combo that is kimchi + pork. If you go to a place that serves intact leaves of aged pogi kimchi, these are normally grilled along with the pork and eaten during the meal. There is enough fat in the cooked cuts of pork for an adequately awesome combo experience without additionally increasing your chances of a heart attack. As others have pointed out, the expected accompaniment for any BBQ meal is soju. The lack of a liquor license, not the prices (quite average for Korean restos), is what makes this place less popular than it could be.

Kristalbelli, Showy Korean BBQ Without Smoke or Soul

Kristalbelli, Danji, and NY steakhouses are as different respectively in concept and purpose as a Broadway show, a smart off-off, and a theatre that only produces Shakespeare plays. My assumption would be that city diners already know that.

Daily Scoop: My Favorite Flavor Combination at Il Laboratorio del Gelato

I got a friend 5 flavors in a large container in lieu of a bday cake for about 8 ppl to share. It was perfect = a dark chocolate w/ orange(?), a seasonal berry, black sesame, a rich coffee, and maybe a grapefruit hisbiscus

The Vegetarian Option: Dok Suni

Cool piece with good descriptions. Your favorite thing, the smoky, crunchy rice at the bottom of the stone bowl, is called nurungji. I second the others' comments about the non-prevalence of fish sauce in Korean banchan.

Knockout Noodles: 7 Cold Noodles We Love in Chicago

So hwenaengmun finally got some attention in Chicago! @Amandarama, it is truly impressive if you are planning to do raw skate at home.

Sausage City: Lula Cafe's Breakfast Sausage

Lula is absolutely my favorite neighborhood resto in Chicago. Not sure that I'd get anything from there that doesn't involve mountains of fresh seasonal produce or fruit at this time of year. Glad to hear that they've expanded, though. Miss it!

Afternoon Snack: Onigiri at YaYa Tea Garden

Looks good. But tempura and fried things are not healthy. Go for the radish.


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