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I recently got my M.A. from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, so what better to do with a degree than write about food?! And, I LOVE everything about food (except for cheese, which taunts me but makes my tummy sad).

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  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Favorite foods: all dumplings, pork tacos, avocados, dark chocolate, blueberries, bacon, green chili...this could go on forever.
  • Last bite on earth: A perfect avocado on a freshly made fried corn tortilla (still warm) with a splash of salt, thin layer of bacon, and a dash of Mexican crema. Mmmmm...

Totino's Pizza Rolls: How Can You Not Love Them?

Gee Adam, thanks a lot for giving me this craving. Man, I love(d) those things.

How to Make Peepshi = Peeps Sushi

I am overjoyed and terrified of this. Thanks Grace!

Reese's Peanut Butter Egg the Size of an Ostrich Egg

Wine for $9: The Best Boxed Reds

I also am a big fan of Blue Coast, they have a decent red and white for cheap.

The Best Macaroni and Cheese in New York City

How did you guys pick the places? I really like MacBar and was surprised it wasn't a contender. Also, totally agree with you on Casellula, it's good, but man, expensive for a five-bite treat.

NYT on the Rise of the NYC Dollar Slice

Ha! I just blogged about this too. Even linked to you Adam, and the piece I did on $1 food last year.

I think most $1 pizza is gross. When I was a student, my boyfriend and I would get $1 slices from Crown Fried Chicken, take them home and add spices and toppings. Then it was almost bearable!

Cute Thing Alert: Plush Peas-in-a-Pod from 'Toy Story 3'

Cakespy: Gingerbread Mad Men

I love SE too. Thanks!

Video: Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving with Ellen Page and Justin Long

Serious Green: A Guide to Keeping City Chickens

This is a well written quickie on getting a chicken! Another good piece that recently came out about having chickens (albeit not in the city) was in the New Yorker a few weeks ago (abstract: in an article by Susan Orlean. I liked this write up because she went through the entire emotional and logical process of buying and keeping chickens (for the non professional).

Chain Reaction: What's the New Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza Like? We Try It

For the first time in years, I now am craving Pizza Hut. I seem to remember a stuffed crust of yore, but now can't recall if it was just in the regular pizza. All said and done, if I could eat pizza every day, forever, I could certainly die happy.

Cakespy: Cupcake Milkshake

I don't know whether to be excited or clutching my toothache in anticipation!

Gadgets: The Goodbyn Back-to-School Lunchbox

I would like one please, only in blue.

Brooklyn Bowl: Can Bowling Alley Food Be Finger-Lickin' Good?

Ed, I have to humbly disagree with your assessment of the pork sandwich. The fact that it exists is a blessing from the pork gods. I absolutely crave this sandwich! Really liked Brooklyn Bowl in general too. The manager is super nice (and cute to boot) and as long as you don't try to go on a Saturday night, it's fairly easy to get lanes.

Also, their beer selection rocks. Love Six Point!

Break Food Records With the World Record Appreciation Society

Also, if anyone thinks they can beat or make a record, they are looking for people to join in the fun!

Tasty $1 Treats in NYC

@gargupie: I totally agree with you, $1 sushi is scary. That's why I tried it for you! Nori's fish tasted fresh to me and I certainly felt fine after. Would def. go back to this place (all these places in fact).

Thanks for the other tips guys!

Beau Jo's: A Rocky Mountain Original

I mentioned Beau Jo's in a previous piece on Slice, but I will say it again--this place rocks! You can't compare it to NYC style at all. Personally (and the one mentioned here is right near where I grew up) I prefer the one in Idaho Springs. Something about steaming, soaking and pampering yourself makes having a hefty slice of this pie afterwords even better.

Man, now I am hungry.

A Primer to 'Star Trek' Food and Drink

Oh, so when is the first official Star Trek feast going to take place?

A Primer to 'Star Trek' Food and Drink

Adam, this is kind of amazing.

What I Learned from the Brooklyn Kitchen's 3rd Annual Cupcake Cookoff

Haha! Nice post Erin. Good to see you too. I did NOT like the bacon cupcake pictured above, it tasted like they just used bacon for bacon without letting the awesomeness of the cupcake take part. Agree with the parsnip cupcake. It WAS good, but the idea isn't the most palpable.

And, there were not even 200 people there. I thought Confections of a Cupcake's carrot gold should have won. It was AMAZING.

I posted some more tasty pictures on my blog!

And of course, gave you a shout out!

Trichinosis in Free-Range Pigs: Cause for Concern, or Sloppy Editing and Writing?

Thanks Ed. I didn't want to be afraid to eat my favorite meat!

How to Make Peeps from Scratch

Hahahaha! I never knew Peeps could be such fun!

In Videos: 'Target: Women,' Carl's Jr. Edition

A Lousy Tipper Walks Into a Bar ...

@StBernard: That is bull. At my bar we are told to give free drinks. It's to show appreciation for good patrons.

In Videos: The Food Cart Song

This video ROCKS! I love the concept of finding out what food vendors are thinking, though I don't know if all their anecdotes were true. The song sure is catchy though.

Black Cow?

I am trying to determine what exactly a Black Cow is. I think it's a like a root beer float, which I thought was a Brown Cow, so I wanted to know if there is anything that makes a BLACK Cow special.

Where to Fix a Broken Blender in NYC

Right in the middle of blender magic my Cuisinart gave out on me. I think it's the motor since all the lights still come on when I push the on button.

Does anyone know how much it might cost to get the blender fixed and if it's worth it? Or where to get it fixed in NYC?

Creative Wine Labels

Photograph from Nine99 Design When I think of a wine label, I imagine an illustration of a French château with cursive lettering. Nothing wrong with that sort of label, of course—but it's not that interesting. Weburbanist shows the versatility of wine labels with their feature of 61 creative wine labels, from traditional to typography-centric to pop art. I'm a fan of the stylish Shefa Wine label made by Nine99 Design. Related Mad Manatee Beer from Bold City Brewery Cartons' Chemical Properties May Actually Improve Wine Don't Want a Whole Bottle of Wine? Try a Can... More

Photo of the Day: The Banana-Killing Bird

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"Fast Food Mafia," by ~silentsketcher

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Writer Gives Up Wine for a Month as a 'Sobering Exercise'

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Come on in 'The Kitchn'

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A Waitress Sketches Her Clientele

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11 Cool Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups

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