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Cheese or cheese sauce on nachos?

Agreed. Keep it simple and delicious. I would only add the cheese to the nacho's. Cheese will make your chips crispy while the sauce will make your chips as you said soggy. Enjoy :)

Sweet Round Challah

So beautiful! From one kosher food blog to another, you're recipes look delicious, and you challot look amazing.

Food to comfort in hard times

If you like chinese food, I have an awesome chicken lo mein recipe. Very simple.

Tips on food blogging?

Wow. Thank you to all of the comments posted. They are much appreciated.

Do you have a canned tuna recipe that is awesome?

YES!!! It's my mothers recipe and my friends that are tuna haters love her recipe. Here's the link:
(The tuna that I put in the pasta is all that you need).

Cooking for myself with a college student budget?

In response to your question about planning meals ahead of time, cook in bulk!
College is all about living on leftovers. Enjoy.

Cooking for myself with a college student budget?

HEY. I'm in College too, and I totally know how you feel. I'm always hungry and always broke. My go to is pasta and salad. If you can find a good place that sell reasonably priced chicken, I'd suggest getting creative with different chicken so you get some protein. My friend and I just started a food blog this summer. Hopefully some of my recipes can help you out. Not trying to advertise my blog, but I just don't see the point of typing up a bunch of recipes, when they're already online and in a prettier format with pictures :)
Good Luck!


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