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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

A good bagel with cream cheese and non-salty smoked salmon. Mmmm.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

A real bagel with really good nova. I just got my wisdom teeth out, otherwise I'd be eating that right now!

Got Breast Milk?

How about throwing up a NSFW tag on that Vice link? I mean, kind of self-evident, but I wasn't expecting an actual titty...

Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner at Ikea for Under $20

That actually sounds incredibly romantic to me.

Eat cheap (but, historically, very good) food and then shop for the things that will furnish your life together.

Le sigh. I love Ikea.

Breakfast in Baltimore

Where in Baltimore?

If you're in the Charles Village area, Carma's and One World are both great. Gertrude's (in the BMA) is good for brunch, too. (One World) (Carma's) (Gertrude's)

Imposter Bacon: Way or No Way?

@PerkyMac: It look me a while to figure out what you were talking about; when your brain wants something to be right, it just glosses over the little mistakes!

And yes, I have special gamma ray eyes that make things crispy with prolonged eye contact!

Imposter Bacon: Way or No Way?

I've never had "real" bacon, so I'm probably not the best judge, but I like turkey bacon just fine.

It gets crisper if you look it in the microwave, fyi.

Study Snacks

The exam went pretty well, especially considering that it covered more than a thousand powerpoint slides!

One more paper to write, and then I am done for the semester!

Many thanks to all for their good advice and kind wishes.

Study Snacks

Thanks for the great suggestions, everyone!

I served hummus, goat cheese, grapes, baby carrots, crackers, and apple cider.

We had a lot of fun (maybe too much) but managed to get through a semester's worth of lecture slides. Cross your fingers for tomorrow! : )

Carl Warner's Worlds of Food Art

I keep looking for faces in the broccoli. I think that Cascadian Farms has scared me for life...

Snapshots from the UK: Recipe Postcards

You could use them as (rather dictatorial) invitations to a potluck!

Sweet Potato Fries -- Who Likes These Things?

Hate, hate, hate sweet potato fries. Love sweet potatoes in other forms. I think it has something to do with the salty / greasy / sweet combination, which is just a little much. Also, they are most likely to be seasoned than "normal" fries. For some reason, seasoning on fries drives me nuts. On wedged, fried potatoes? Sure, bring it on. But not on French Fries, which should be unadulterated plain potato, fat, and salt.

Homemade Extracts

I second Husband. Try a lower-market supermarket; i.e. Whole Foods probably won't have jars.

Worst case? Have a ... pickle-tasting party?

PBJ Debate: Jelly-Side Up or Down?

I cut mine up into triangles (never rectangles!) and do one side PB up, one side jelly up. Usually in that order.

A Zingerman's Education: Exclusive Student Care Packages


Can I have a ticket for your planet? Pretty please?

A Zingerman's Education: Exclusive Student Care Packages

As a college senior, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to design this package!

1. Heirloom Michigan Apples. To eat out of hand, make into tarte tatin, and leave on the desks of professors who will be writing letters of recommendation!
2. Zingerman’s 4 Year Aged Cheddar. To pair with the apples. Just think, it was just curds and milk when you were a freshman! And now look what they’re calling it—the “biggest, boldest, smoothest, and richest.” Ok, so we seniors might pale a bit in comparison to the attributes of the cheese… but darn it, we’ve been maturing too!
3. (Better Than) San Francisco Sourdough. Apples + cheese + sourdough = nirvana.
4. Cookies and Brownies. We’re graduating into the worst economy since 1929. Brownies are necessary.

Simple, a touch of healthy, sustaining, and comforting. What more could you ask for?

Total cost: $107. A touch over the trend, but I'm sure when they put together the packages they edit the prices.

Do You Put Ranch Dressing on Pizza?

Hah, I think we've established that there is absolutely no regional basis for this abberation (uh... habit? culinary preference? let's be nice here!)

I particularly like the competing Wisconsin and Texas factions.

If only we (as a nation, not SEers, SEers are perfect in every way) were so committed to the democratic process and actually registered to vote 'n stuff.

Do You Put Ranch Dressing on Pizza?

Wow, I had no idea this was a "thing." Here in Baltimore, pizza tends to come with a garlicky-butter sauce (which I never, ever use!) but definitely not ranch.

To each his own...

What do foodies do?

I'm a senior in college and heading towards a career in international development / public health.

Sushi - Love it or Hate it?

Maybe it's something you have to be brought up with? As someone who started eating with chopsticks before a fork and knife, I guess it's obvious where I stand on this issue : )

There is nothing better than chirashizushi at a solid Japanese restaurant. If I had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of my life... But I have friends who only tried sushi in college, and absolutely hate it.

How Far Does Restaurant Loyalty Go?

I think we need more information. What did you eat? If it was seafood or, especially, shellfish, I would be inclined to give the restaurant a pass, and just avoid the dish you ate (which you probably wouldn't want to eat anyway, for fear of Proustian memories). More of a fish-monger problem than a restaurant problem.

If it was dairy or meat, I'd be considerably less likely to go back, as its easier to tell if those are off.

In either case, call and let them know what happened- they should be aware of a potential problem, and their reaction will guide your decision.

I'm glad you're finally feeling better!

In Videos: Axe Body Spray Chocolate Man

Anyone else seriously disturbed by the racial undertones here? Anyone?

A New Look at Old Bay with Classic Shrimp Scampi

For the longest time, I had Old Spice and Old Bay confused. Then I asked a friend if he was wearing Old Bay.

Hilarity ensued.

Chemo-"therapy" foods

How about homemade chicken soup or Greek lemon chicken soup?

Rice-based dishes are great too, rice pudding can be very gently seasoned.

Pasta, lightly buttered, with salt and pepper to taste?

I hope that your mom feels better soon!

If you're looking for cancer resources, LiveStrong is a great resource; they have a free binder / planner to keep all of your medical information together, among other things.

Caring for Cast Iron

Wow, thanks for all the advice!

I heated some olive oil in my pan and it seemed to help. However, when I rubbed it in my paper towel ended up all rusty looking. Maybe I'll get to say goodbye to iron deficiency?

Study Snacks

I'm having my lab group (2 people) over to study this evening. I promised snacks.

Since I've been writing papers, studying, etc. etc. I haven't been grocery shopping in forever, and my good-hostess / foodie brain had atrophied.

Given a budget of ~$20, what would you serve? Assume access to a general convenience store / small grocery, not Dean & Deluca.

Thanks in advance, eaters!

Cast Iron Part 2: The Using-It Edition

So, there's a lively discussion about seasoning and cleaning cast iron pans. What about using them?

My cast iron pan replaces a non-stick pan that was not oven safe. I'm wondering what new and exciting things I can do now that the oven is not off limits.

I'm imagining strata, maybe corn bread?

What are your favorite recipes for cast iron?

Caring for Cast Iron

Any tips? My parents just gave me a cast iron pan to replace my trusty non-stick (teflon! oh noes!)

My mom already seasoned it, and warned me to be gentle. But when I cleaned it, I ended up with rust-like spots. What should I do now?

Caffeine Withdrawal

Perhaps slightly off topic, but I'm sure a lot of you Serious Eaters are also serious coffee drinkers.

I usually try to avoid caffeine, saving it for when I need a big boost. However, last week and the beginning of this week turned into a nightmarish collection of work deadlines, school assignments, and personal crises that sent me directly to Starbucks / the coffee-maker / trusty Diet Pepsi Max.

Of course, this turned to late nights and jitters and poor sleep. I'm up to about 2 shots of espresso, 2 cups of coffee, and a 20 oz bottle of the DPM a day, and it's gotta stop.

I considered going cold turkey, but I'm prone to migraines and I need to at least get through the rest of the week.

Any ideas for a good taper?

The Grocery Challenge!

Imagine that you have... Trader Joe's, $45, half a mini-fridge, a microwave, and the need to feed yourself for a week.

Yes, imagine that you are an intern in Washington, D.C. scraping the bottom of the olde stipend. Why Trader Joe's? It's the closest grocery store other than the weird Safeway in the Watergate, and you're a Serious Eater (duh!)

Your reserves: half a cup of granola, a banana, half a jar of peanut butter, a relatively untouched jar of almond butter, strawberry and cherry jam, mustard, three slices of cheddar cheese, a gnu bar, three greek yogurts, lemon juice, and salt.

The stipulations: Nothing too smelly (roommate and co-workers!) No shell fish or bacon. Must somehow create 21 meals- breakfast can be minimal- and a few snacks.

What would you do?

Care Package for Marine Boyfriend / Contemplation of Meltiness

Hello Serious Eaters!

In need of some advice here. I'm putting together a care package for my boyfriend, who is stationed at 29 Palms, California en route to Iraq. I always send books, magazines, other sundry items, etc. and I round out the package with food. Now that he's in the desert (and no longer on the East Coast) I am very concerned with melting.

The factors in consideration:

1. He's in the Mojave Desert, and soon will be in Iraq, so it is hot hot hot. Both places are, well, very far away from the East Coast, and, depending on a variety of factors, he only has mail call on a sporadic basis. So even sending stuff packed with dry ice would be iffy at best.

2. No pork or alcohol, or products containing either. Or porn. Not sure of the Green Machine's opinion of *food* porn though : )

3. He gets plenty of "chow," which he seems to enjoy. So at the moment at least, he doesn't need meal replacement bars or that sort of thing at all. It's just for fun, something special for him (and sometimes his buddies, when he feels like sharing).

Basically, I'm just looking for special, unexpected things to brighten his very long days. I think he's getting somewhat bored of my standard beef jerky / Hershey's kiss allotment, and, frankly, I am too.

Any and all suggestions very appreciated, especially from folks who have dealt with these conditions and know what will hold up!

Depression / Eating

Lately I've been very depressed and have lost my appetite. I've lost 7 pounds in the last two weeks. I don't really know whether it's not wanting to cook, not wanting to eat, or a combination of the two. Anyways, does anyone have any low effort, nutritionally sound ideas to help perk up my appetite?

Sorry for the downer of a topic. FYI, I am in the process of getting professional help for this.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Recap: Top Chef DC, Episode 4

Another week, another episode of Top Chef! There was a double elimination this week, which was fine by me since I still have no idea who half of these people are. In other news, Kenny was still pissed off, Angelo was still cocky, and Andrea's hair was still crispy. So, who made the cut? Who didn't? And more importantly, why the hell does Padma have a tacky snakeskin pouch sewn to her shirt? It's all ahead in this week's recap! [Warning: Spoilers ahead!] More