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How to Make a Parchment Paper Lid for Stews and Braises

I have a fix for the rolling back up parchment paper (though the flat sheets are much easier to deal with): Cut off the length you want, and roll the p. paper in the opposite direction of the original roll, then paper clip the ends of the tube. Let it sit for awhile, and it should straighten out. Granted, this takes a bit of forethought, but it does work.

The Six Best Dishes at Portillo's in Chicago

Are you time traveling? I don't think we can fast forward (yet) 60 years from 1963...

I wish to be the boss of the office microwave.

Why is somebody nuking a tuna salad sandwich? And why would you need to heat cat food?


I keep reading the heading as "Butter Overlord." Now that's a title I can get behind...

Cookie Monster: Pecan Butterballs

My (southern) family calls them 'moldy mice'

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Cannot believe nobody said gravy. It's the tie that binds...

Los Angeles: Three Burgers Are a Charm at The Tripel

What are ths sauces that are pictured with the fries?

Taste Test: Crunchy Peanut Butter, Stir

Stir it up first time you open it, then refrigerate--take it out and let it warm up, and you're good to go--won't really need oil-distribution stirring again.

Philadelphia: Beer With a Side of Burger at South Philly Tap Room

I understand the difficulties of rectifying an underseasoned burger, but what's so hard about applying salt to fries when they arrive tableside?

The Food Lab: Ultra-Fluffy or Rich and Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Creamy! Though I certainly wouldn't turn up my nose at the fluffy variety.

dinner guests requesting a certain dish?

It may be complimentary, but it certainly is presumptious (yes, the request can be both). If you had given them some choices of possible entrees among which was the Thai chicken, that would be one thing...

Spice Hunting: Charnushka

The seed pods are funny looking, but the flowers themselves are quite pretty...aka "love-in-a-mist"

Slice Poll: Do You Blot the Grease from Your Pizza?

I can assure you that the pizzas I have blotted are not using good cheese/whole milk mozzarella. As for finding a better pizza, try living in a place where your choices are limited to chains or homemade (and I've had some not-very good homemade, though I wouldn't blot them) I can also assure you that I am not a fat-o-phobe & challenge anybody to match my love of butter/cream/fat/oil--in the right application.

Slice Poll: Do You Blot the Grease from Your Pizza?

Sometimes. You need to add that as an option.

Taste Test: Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips

Yay Grandma Utz! Gotta love the lard!

What Are the Best Drinks to Mix with Bourbon?

Whisky sours; Old Fashion[ed]s. But otherwise, I like it on the rocks.

Pork Tenderloin - desperate for new recipe ideas

I like to coat it with dijon, chopped garlic & thyme (rosemary works here, too) and roast

How Much Do You Know About Breakfast Foods?

7 of 8, and I too missed the pop-tart question.

The Burger Lab: Presenting the FLOOD BURGER

sad that 2 burgers had to sacrifice their lives for 1 flood burger...

Sugar on Snow

ProfessorChaos: It was always pretty special for us, growing up in Va (where I still am), though there were a few years when we got lots of snow. We're supposed to get 6-12 inches, so maybe I'll make some, too...

Sugar on Snow

Anybody ever make snow ice-cream? : fresh snow, (powdered?)sugar, vanilla and cream folded together. Have not had it since I was a child...