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Mixed Review: Barefoot Contessa Homemade Marshmallow Mix

I'm surprised that someone would buy a mix?! It's incredible to make them at home with ingredients from your own kitchen.

Help! KitchenAid standing mixer down!

Perhaps you have a "fix it" shop around your town that could fix it?? We have a place in town that can fix anything - and we live by that shop!

Your Oldest Cookbook?

I have a rather large collection of antique cookbooks. My oldest cookbook is from 1880 - its amazing. it was considered a household companion. It had recipes in it, but also how to's for household chores, medical care, beauty, lots more. I barely touch it, as it's old and getting fragile. I have used it before - I made a apple cake once from there. But this is easier said then done, as back there measuring cups did not exist. I saw a lot of descriptions such as a "wal-nut sized" for example. Flour was never approximated - it was add flour until it forms a loose/tight/firm dough. I remember that the could tell the temperature of the oven by putting a bit of flour in it and telling how fast it browned, and how brown/black it became. I really love to handle written notes on paper tucked in it from over the years. The original notes in the book that were hand written are very hard to read - due to age. The hand written notes have some pretty neat recipes on them!

Tell Your Honey Story

This is my kind of post. My other half's family are bee keepers! So, honey is very much loved and used a lot in my household. It's true that if you eat local honey, it can help you build up a resistance to allergens - truth be told that it's the bee pollen though, it MUST be local though. My favorite type is buckwheat honey, if you can find the right type of buckwheat honey it can be very black. It has a lovely flavor. Otherwise our family staple is cloverleaf honey - used in literally everything. Sweet, savory - you name it!

Liver and Onions: Way or No Way?

NO WAY - oh dear the thought of it brings back awful memories...

Hey, Jerzee: I Want to Make Cannoli

You can always count in Jerzee, always a impressive to me :) I'm going to try and make them this weekend!


my family makes honey - this is a link I use often for recipes. As you can imagine, we use it a lot, this site has a lot of variety!

honey recipes

Pot-En-Pot Recipe - (pronounced po-n-po with the n almost non existent)

In Canada(perhaps the states to??I don't know...) "Poutine" is entirely different....It's not a dumpling at all. But it's a dish...french fries, gravy and cheese curds. It comes from Quebec, but is loved and devoured everywhere!

What to do with leftover arborio that's NOT risotto

charm city is right - the best rice pudding ever.


Sounds good to me! Looks like a good Canadian dish! :) I do believe I have this on facebook - thanks again! (and will be making it sometime soon!)

Chicken Sliders!

Pavlov! Looks about the same as what I am using. This is a old family favorite that no one seems to make anymore - or know how to. My stove is bubbling away with's going to be yummy! I'll take those other recipes to!!

I have never been to a Krystals - but I am assuming you guys are talking about a burger?? (I'm a Canadian eh - none of those around here hehe) Trying to google Chicken Sliders was pretty difficult as I always got sites for these burgers!

Miracle Berry

This is one of those things that one day will be sooo bad for you - they will realize it contains asbestos or something looks scary to me!

Just Like Mom Used To Make...

I have to be honest and say that my mom was a better baker then a cook. Certain things just never came out right. Her meatloaf was always a brick, and the noodles for a casserole were always mushy. She is amazing at making chili and stews though, and awesome at salsbury steak. I always crave it!

Next Christmas, I'm going to cook...

I was told by my family yesterday that apparently I am going to be cooking christmas dinner! lol

How do YOU latke?

I had latke's for supper this evening....Thanks for the craving!

Celebrity Foodie Husband or Wife

husband - Jaime Oliver OR Antony Bourdain
Wife - Nigella

Ohhh yeah - I have a "crush" on Micheal Smith to...

Half a jar of...

I am the type that has a difficult time following recipes, I always end up putting my own twist on things. So those half jars are no problem at my house, if I like the contents of that half jar, I'll find a way to use it! I will always use that half jar somewhere, somehow at some point.

12 days till Christmas Baking Roll Call

I have yet to do a thing. I'll start my candy prep this weekend as well as my shortbread, otherwise I save it all for the 23rd and 24rth. Messing up every pot and pan in my house :)

HELP! I have 60lbs. of Venison...

Wow, I love's so tasty to me. I use it anyway that I would beef. Any recipe applies in my book.

Happy Birthday to Us: Serious Eats Is 2

Happy 2nd SE! I've been reading since day one - time flies!

Facebook SE >>>> Take a look!

So nice to see some foodie friends on facebook!


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