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Just this past weekend, I picked up some smoked boudin, made locally. Last night I made a little soup by sauteeing onions and garlic and then adding chicken broth, cubed potatoes and turnip greens that I had frozen earlier this year. When those were cooked, I topped it with slices of the smoked boudin. It was heavenly.

Chemo-"therapy" foods

When my mom went through chemo, she could hardly eat anything. Not because of nausea but because the chemo made everything taste metallic. She completely lost her appetite. The foods she craved were cold/sweet things like cut up melon or fruit smoothies. She wouldn't eat much, so we would try to pack as many calories as possible into her at one time. For smoothies, we used full fat milk and yogurt with frozen blueberries, some sugar and a dash of vanilla. My mom is doing great now, no more cancer after 2 years. Best of luck to you.

Wings and Dings

A native of Buffalo, I grew up eating wings. Franks is an excellent choice for the hot sauce. I don't have a deep fryer, so I make wings by par boiling them for 10 minutes. When drained, I toss them with a little vegetable oil. Then we grill them until they are very crispy, but not burned! Toss them with the sauce and eat! Mmm.

Bloody Mary Bar

I like to rim the glass with a mix of kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. This may be heresy, but I really like Mr. & Mrs. T's Bloody Mary Mix.

Southern Food - What's your favorite?

I like John Currence's version. He spices up the grits real good.

Southern Food - What's your favorite?

I'm a Yankee living in Mississippi. I recently cooked turnip greens for the first time and they were divine! I've had plenty of turnip greens at restaurants, but the ones I made were the best. Another favorite of mine is cheese grits. I don't need them topped with anything even though they are good under grillades or shrimp. Oh, and homemade pimiento cheese made with homemade mayo is yummy.

What are you canning this season?

This year, I'm not doing so much canning. I did get 13 lbs of cucumbers from our CSA, so I made some dill pickle relish. I've also canned a tomato-jalapeno salsa. I may make a batch of our secret family recipe, Black Catsup. It's super spicy and yummy. Sorry, I can't tell you what is in it. I've been thinking about doing some jam from local peaches. But that is all!

In Videos: Kids Eat Salty Yogurt in Fake Commercial Casting

This is just plain mean. I don't understand why people are laughing.

Do you think that you are a 'Supertaster'?

Sometimes I think my teenage daughter is a supertaster. She seems to be able to detect atomic sized particles of onions in anything. She also can't stand most cruciferous vegetables. She will only eat broccoli if it is roasted to the point of resembling a broccoli chip.

But she also has a ferocious sweet tooth and will eat sugary treats that make me cringe to even think about them.

Maybe she's just picky!

Eggplant Overload

I also suggest caponata. If you have a pressure canner, you can make a big batch and can it in mason jars.

Fried Okra -- Give it some serious love!

I'm a yankee expat living in Mississippi. I came back from our local farmers' market this weekend with a bag of tiny okra to fry. I only buy them when they are very tiny so that they are tender. The big, tough pods do nothing for me. I love this time of year when I can have a supper that includes fried okra and a tomato salad (yes, the tomatoes are in).

Help me identify this pan

Are the wells shallow? Could it be a shortbread pan?

Creole mustard??

I use Zatarain's creole mustard whenever I make deviled eggs or potato salad. I don't think it has any horseradish in it. It's a medium bodied coarse-grained mustard.

Crazy delicious and creative hot dog creations?

My son and I recently went to a place called Big Bad Breakfast in Oxford, MS, John Currence's latest establishment.

On his menu is something called either a Dirty Dog or the Pylon. (Both names have appeared on the menu at various times.)

It is a big waffle topped with a fried, open-faced hot dog, chili, coleslaw, cheese, pickles, onion, jalapenos and .... oyster crackers.

My son kept saying it was weird, but he at the whole thing.

Guerilla Gardening

Um, so why are guerrilla tactics necessary? I would think that most any municipality would welcome the assistance of volunteer gardeners.

aphorism for the day

Never use your thumb to pry up the lid on a can that your crappy can opener did not cut properly.

That one hurt for a long time.

Office/School Birthday Treats

Oh, I would much prefer noodles to cake/cookies any day! What fun!

6 months of terrible cooking--- please help!

I recommend very highly for fabulous ideas and recipes for cooking with vegetables. I recently made this vegetable laden pasta salad and it was divine! I substituted easy to acquire whole grain tortellini for the ravioli and added a good dose of garlic. I had peas and spinach from the farmer's market and asparagus from the grocery store. Heaven!

Eats for a Sunburned Moron?

We just got back from the beach where my teenage daughter used a "protective" tanning lotion instead of the SPF 85 sunscreen that I brought along. She has lobster legs.

In addition to the topical remedies like aloe gel, you need to make sure that you are not dehydrated. I've been forcing gatorade and clear fruit juices on my daughter. All she wanted to eat was some cold fruit for the first day afterwards.

Oh, and vinegar temporarily takes the sting out of sunburn. And it makes you smell like salad!

Cold Soup?

Borscht and chlodnik are often served cold. Then there is the classic Vichyssoise. My all time favorite, though, is gazpacho. I can't wait for tomatoes to be in season!

Neo Soul Food

One of our local restaurants serves an appetizer of very small catfish cakes (made like crab cakes) with a black eyed pea "salsa" (peas, onions, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro, lime, etc.) It's good!

Snapshots from Italy: The Queen of Porchetta

Oh my goodness!! About 4 decades ago, I used to babysit for a woman whose mother made porchetta. They used an electric rotisserie and stuffed a boneless pork roast with garlic and dill. It was sublime. For many years, I've made my own version on a rotisserie charcoal grill using either pork or lamb with either dill or rosemary. I will definitely try it with fennel!

You call that healthy?

I used to think that a diet with a lot of pasta was good for me. Ha! Now I try to eat only whole grains. Cutting out the carbs from white flour products really has made a difference for me.


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