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Finally, Pizza for Pizza Lovers from Pizza Hut

Yes, but imagine the possibilities—say, a recursive slice from DiFara's...

Question of the Day: How do you like your hot dog?

Mustard only, please!

Well, except that if I'm at Crif Dogs in the East Village I'll have it wrapped in bacon with avocado and sour cream on top, and at Dash Dogs on the Lower East Side I like it with cilantro salsa and garlic aioli. My mom went to Lourdes on a pilgrimage and hopefully one day my equivalent experience will be to Chicago's Hot Doug's.

How to Outfit a Kitchen for $300

Yeah, especially since the Cuisinart food processor is only $30 more at Amazon and is considered best-in-show; I'd rather spend slightly more on a good gadget than get one I don't like and end up not using. I do appreciate his point about just getting stuff and starting to cook, since I do use the perceived expense of acquiring equipment as a crutch to procrastinate about cooking more often, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Cooking With Liberace!

If you read the post again, there is a fairly filthy one in there, I promise.

Blue Bell ice cream in NYC? Bueller Bueller?

Yeah, I was just hoping there would be a crazy Texan entrepreneur in the city desperate enough to get some over here somehow. *weeps*

Question of the Day: Mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, or a soy alternative?

I never understood why the Japanese were so crazy about mayonnaise until I tried THE Japanese mayo of choice, Kewpie—and then I totally got it. Kewpie is just sooooo good, it's super rich and creamy and tasty and once you've given it a try you can't go back. I keep a squeeze-bottle in my refrigerator at all times, Kewpie + rosemary + a dash of Sriracha + roast chicken = best chicken salad sandwich you'll ever have.

Looking to buy Kristall Pear Soda. No Whole Foods in TN. Help!! will happily sell you a case of 24 twelve ounce bottles for $29 + shipping, but if a comment I read on The Knowledge for Thirst is correct, you might want to call your nearest IKEA to see if they carry it and just go there!

New Orleans Jazz Fest: The 5 Must-Have Foods

I just drooled all over my keyboard, Zach! So jealous! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get myself out there next year.

Make Your Own Soup Dumplings

Mazzer, I think Megnut would tell you there is no such thing.

Adam, Grand Sichuan on St Mark's and New Green Bo, although I inexplicably have not been to the latter in a few months. Let's go!

What is your go-to midnight snack?

Pork gyoza! I try to have a sack of them in the fridge at all times. If I don't have any, usually I make a grilled cheese sandwich. I'm not sure why but if I'm hungry late at night it's always for something salty!

Chopped: Food Network Searches for Top Sous-Chefs

Yeah, they really should have said THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

(And then of course included a photo of Christopher Lambert with a toque crudely drawn on his head.)

Question of the Day: What surprises your friends most to hear that you make yourself?

BaHa, most New Yorkers aren't "native", and buying ingredients for just one person would cost me way more than walking two blocks and getting a lovely $4 gyro from a nice man who's been making them all his life. Eating out doesn't mean spending a lot of money!

Question of the Day: What surprises your friends most to hear that you make yourself?

I eat most of my meals out like a good New Yorker and pretend that I never ever cook, so people are surprised whenever I make anything. I make great lamb chops!

she thought I didn't have any idea how to cook anything vegetarian.

So you cooked them in bacon fat, right? Right?

Inexpensive dinner in NYC's Village. Recommendations?

Neither Momofuku takes reservations—well, Ssam does, but only for a big party ordering the Bo Ssam—but if you show up when they open, you shouldn't have to wait for a table, even on Friday and Saturday nights.

Inexpensive dinner in NYC's Village. Recommendations?

Pretty sure the one on St Mark's has been closed for a while, but I heard it was more because they kept getting raided for underaged drinking than health violations.

If inexpensive can go up to $25 or $30, go to Momofuku Noodle Bar or Momofuku Ssam Bar—if you polled the Serious Eats staff on their current favorite restaurants, I'm sure every single one of us would name the latter. David Chang is a master of tasty.

Question of the Day: What's Your Favorite Type of Cake?

I grew up in a bakery so I'm about as picky as JerzeeTomato—except for that I can't actually bake to my own standards! Any good cake is a cake for me, so I'll just go into specifics. I live a five minute walk from what are currently my two favorite desserts in NYC: the sticky toffee pudding at Schiller's, and the banana pudding at Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I'd walk miles for either one.

Jazz Fest Food

Lorin, I can't speak for Ed, but from what I've read many food industry workers were among those evacuated, and many of them made the hard decision to not move back. A lot of restaurants are gone, sure, but structures can be rebuilt; it's the people who ran them, cooked their food, and passed down recipes through generations that can't be replaced. There are pre-Katrina experiences, culinary and otherwise, that no one will ever have again, because the people that made them are just not there.

Meet & Eat: Chubby Hubby

I literally ate everything in sight, clearing off several trays' worth of the stuff.

Love it! So hilarious. Great answers to everything, Mr CH!

Question of the Day: What's your favorite candy bar?

I've never met anyone else who'll admit to liking it, probably cause it's apparently not made with real chocolate, but I do love Butterfinger. Nothing's better in a Dairy Queen Blizzard! Nothing!

Interesting food combinations

There's a Filipino breakfast dish that I love called champorado, it's a a sweet chocolate rice porridge made from sticky (glutinous) rice and cocoa powder, served with condensed milk to taste... and salty dried fish on top. It's that last bit that usually gives people pause, but if you think about it for half a second, sweet and savoury together = delicious.

Lilartist, femmebot: in the Philippines, queso ice cream is really popular—it's vanilla ice cream with small chunks of cheddar mixed in. I'm totally going to make some with my ice cream maker this summer!

Anybody ever hit up the Red Hook ball fields?

I haven't yet, but a friend of mine went out there with his girlfriend last summer and says the food is divine. Getting out to Red Hook is a pain but apparently well worth it!

150 Things to Make With Roast Chicken

What I do with leftover roast chicken: add some Japanese mayo + a few drops of Sriracha (a.k.a. Rooster Sauce) + rosemary, and voila, best chicken salad sandwich ever.

Eight Glasses of Water A Day Is A Myth

An ex-boyfriend's sister heard about the whole eight glasses thing and thought you had to drink them all in one sitting. She made it through about six glasses before starting to cry at the idea of having to do it every day for the rest of her life. The worst part is that she wasn't six or seven at the time, like you'd expect from the story, but a college graduate.


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