Kefi's New Location

yes they are--was just there on Friday night and the waiters told me--i scooped ed levine?!

Cook the Book: 'The Bacon Cookbook'

devils on horseback!!!---what are angels on horseback?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

porterhouse or how (& where) i came to love it--bistecca alla fiorentina

Need NYC group restaurant recommendation!

You could go with the room downstairs at Blue Ribbon Bakery

Win Your Thanksgiving Turkey!

oven roasted

NYC - Manhattan Recommendations

frankie's sputino on clinton street is cool at either lunch or dinner--clinton street bakery is a rip-off except for those biscuits at brunch and the blueberry pancakes!

NYC - Manhattan Recommendations

prune is good for lunch as is via emilia and . joe's shanghai is fun on a blustery day for soup dumplings and getting to know your fellow diners. maybe try lupa for lunch too.

wow if you have that kinda cash to spend on dinner you could really go wild in this city. any of the columbus circle "mall" restaurants would probably do you right. jean-georges is pretty phenomenal for dinner (and they have a $25 lunch deal); cafe bouloud and daniel are an occasion as is wallse, spice market is cool...del posto's food is good but the space sort of creeps me out--it's very funeral home-ish.

Which is your ultimate comfort food?

meatloaf, mashed potatoes and roasted fennel and red onions

What do you pack for lunch?

i am hungriest at lunchtime. i can see why spaniards and italians eat big during the day and then siesta time. wish we americans had siesta. i work near a lot of great restaurants so a few times a week i bop over to taim, via emilia or pio maya--i find if i eat a big lunch i'll only eat edamame or crackers or something small for dinner. if i pack a lunch it's usually leftovers-- today thai red curry and a salad or sometimes i'll buy a baguette on the way to the subway and bring a tomato, some brie and some salami with me.

Meatloaf Mania: Awesome Combos?

i use my mom's recipe--1.5 ground hamburger; 1 cup of oatmeal; 1/2 white onion chopped; 1 egg; chopped carrot if desired; either fresh or dried basil, 1 cup ketchup

and on top..ketchup and crumbled crackers. delish!

Best Bread Baskets in America (Starting With New York)

I too dig Blue Ribbon Bakery's basket but I also like the simple rosemary focaccia from Via Emilia...oh yes I love the cornbread basket at Amy Ruth's and if you ask nicely they'll bring you more!

Avocado Recipes

you are on your way with bananas. in morocco they make shakes/smoothies out of avocadoes and bananas-& they're delicious---just add 1 banana, 1 avocado (or 1/2) milk, some honey or sugar and blend. sounds weird but so refreshing!

Do you have a tip for a restaurant in paris?

Chez Janou
2 rue Roger-Verlomme, 3e--Le Marais
Métro: Chemin Vert
Phone 01-42-72-28-41

What's your favorite non-chocolate candy?

sour patch kids
skittles...i have to smuggle twizzlers overseas for all my french and turkish buddies--they are missing out on some serious bizness across the pond!

Clam Chowder in Boston?

Turner Fisheries at the Westin Hotel in Boston (Copley Place)
I know it sounds weird but they have the greatest clam chowder; eat at the bar--I used to go alot as a child with my folks!

What was your last impulsive buy?

$12 french goat cheese from whole foods in union square ny. now i know why they call it whole paycheck but dang it was gooooood.

Driving from Boston to Burlington, Vermont, this weekend...

parker's maple barn in mason nh has the best doggone breakfast. maple smoked baby back ribs for breakfast? it's #300 in that 1000 places to eat before you die book..

creamy delicious new england ice cream at kimball's farm in jaffrey, nh; don't get a large--they're too big!

Excluding: NYC, SF, Paris, Chicago, Tokyo...favorite food city?

Istanbul and Philadelphia

Run, Don't Walk, to Thai Market

this place is okay. it's better than the rest of the thai restos in the 'hood. i've lived in this neighborhood forever and am so sick of people complaining about the lack of a restaurant scene there...though the immediate food offerings are limited, you can walk up to harlem in 15 minutes and have such amazing, diverse food. if you want to sit on top of a billion restaurants go to the east village with the rest of the herd. i found the portions at thai market really really TEENY. i wanted to get a slice after eating there--not a good sign.

Good simple recipe for summertime fennel salad?

sorry what is "evoo"?

Question of the Day: Dinosaur Food

slop sloppy joes

Why is there corn in my poop?

ooof I agree with BaHa. Yuck. This is a food site not an ask Dr. Levine one.

What's Your Favorite Local Ice Cream?

unfortunately i haven't found anything in my hometown of nyc to rave about. i love franklin fountain in philly (mint chip) and kimball's farm (anything! but black raspberry or moosetracks especially) in jaffrey nh with other locations in westford and carlisle ma

What's your favorite ice cream or sorbet flavor? Topping?

-caramel ice cream at the original berthillon in paris (ile saint louis).
-black raspberry at kimball farms in jaffrey, nh (another location in MA).
-mint chocolate chip at the franklin fountain in philly
***i've yet to find an ice cream/gelato in nyc that i am mad for. though i have been gunning to try otto's olive oil gelato! i do like ben and jerry's chocolate fudge brownie out of the carton though!***

where can a girl drink alone in manhattan?

ding dong is in morningside. as is the abbey pub. night cafe is fun. note people will talk to you at these places, not necessarily hit on you. especially in a neighborhood bar. especially considering how much this 'hood has changed in 10 years; but you will always find the local character (or 5) at these spots.

cannoli shelf life

ok so how long do fresh cannolis last & how do i store? want to buy some up in da bronx this weekend to bring for turkey day--bad idea? good?

Portland Maine special occasion splurge restaurants?

Fore Street or 555? I haven't been to either but heard they're both fabulous. It's for a special occasion (a big birthday) for a couple. One is a big carnivore (and appreciates larger portions rather than smaller nouveau plating style) and the other loves seafood (hence a weekend in Portland)..Have you been to either? Which do you prefer? Raves? Must-gets?? Thanks a million!

pickled watermelon

have been hearing about all these fancy pants chefs pickling watermelon. how do you do it? what do you serve it with? sounds wild and delicious!

Restaurant suggestions in Montreal?

Am going up to Montreal in a couple of weeks--would love a bunch of restaurant recommendations. It's been a few years since I've been & there's such a buzz about the place now! Funky cheap international food and traditional good French food recs too (not too expensive). Don't like ze poutine..Thanks very much!

Father's Day Mail Order Food Suggestions

Looking to send pops something special/food-related for Father's Day. Have seen past posts on sending cheese, pies, bagels etc from Ed..but I want to know about places that send especially delicious pork-related or dad-friendly (think big guy) foods. Thanks!

trader joe's reserve section at the wine store?

just got back from the wine shop at trader joe's--can anyone recommend any of the good ultra-cheap trader joe reserve section/label wines? i still can't seem to be able to get over my wine snob hurdle and buy a bottle of wine for under $7!! not a big fan of the several charles shaw bottles i've sampled either..

Anybody ever hit up the Red Hook ball fields?

There was an article last summer in the Times about the amazing variety of Mexican, C. American, S. American & Caribbean food at the Red Hook ballfields in Brooklyn---Has anyone ever made it out there? Please share if so..I can't wait for warm weather to come to NYC to hit up the ballfields!!

How the heck do I cook eggplant?

I have tried many a time to cook a delicious eggplant dish and failed miserably. How the heck do I make that purple fella into something tasty? Any suggestions for simple, delicious eggplant preparations for the (very) time-pressed? Thanks!

Prix fixe lunch at Del Posto

I remember reading somewhere about Ed Levine's amazing discovery of a really fabulous prix fixe lunch at Del Posto--Ed if you're reading, or if any other community members recall--please do tell. How delicious and how affordable is it? I did a search on SE's site and couldn't find it. Thanks!

NYC: Uptown banh mi

I'm tired of hiking downtown to Nicky's and Chinatown to get a bánh mì. Anybody know where I can find one on the UWS or anywhere uptown for that matter? Preferably a good one. Thanks!

Good lebanese in NYC?

Ok so there's only 1 Lebanese restaurant listed in Zagat's. And it's in Turtle Bay! Who knows of a great Lebanese hidden gem in NYC? And what should I order? Had the best lebanese food in Paris--am just itching to get to Beirut already..

Best deli in NYC?

So what would you say is the best deli in NYC? Good value is a bonus. I am partial to Rosario's on Vernon Blvd. in LIC (they cater the Sopranos cast at nearby Silver Cup) in terms of good value, big portions and delicious Italian-American subs.

Best NYC Bloody Marys

Friday morning at work and I am living for the weekend's brunch. Where is the best bloody mary in nyc? I really like the one in Wmsburg, Bklyn at Teddy's on Berry.

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