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Have You Switched to Iced Coffee?

Definitely hot first thing in the a.m., no matter the season. Come spring, however, I go for the extra ice iced coffee at Sbux.

Food Policy Think Tank Announces National Food Day in October

@Leah thanks for raising some painfully obvious questions: i.e., what is meant by "promoting" healthy foods? I really hope some concrete answers will emerge in the coming months.

Quince Paste

@carmason I'm in. That is on my menu for the weekend! Thanks to all for enlightening me.

Eggs in a Hole + Grilled Cheese = Grilled Cheese Eggsplosion!

Growing up in my house, we'd call this "spit in the eye." Can't wait to try out the hybrid.

Informal dinner party

All great idea. @merstar thanks so much for the links. You had me at "crisp shallots." Will let you know how it goes.!

Enter to Win a Kenny & Zuke's Pastrami Kit

Hot or cold it's nice
Well worth the seeds in your teeth
'strami's calling me


@RossChristensen Valentines Day. And btw, sorry for the double post.

The Nasty Bits: Crab Innards

I'm a born and bred Baltimore girl -- raised on the blue crab. Even after steaming the crabs, the guts (as we fondly call them) are absolutely off-limits. After all, they are bottom feeders.

Ground Turkey

@Teachertalk I will definitely try.

Food Terms that should be banned from the media

@CandiRisk, your post made me laugh out loud! And although this is slightly off topic, let me say that Ina Garten's rhetorical questions (read: "how is easy is that?") make by eyelids curl.

Ground Turkey

@Kitchenista Thanks as always.

Embarrassing but necessary question

Thank you one and all, and especially MissBrownEyes for confirming that it wasn't a stupid question after all.

Hey, Foodies: (Some) Chefs Hate You

Ouch! I'm new to SE and this is a bit intimidating. Why is being called a "foodie" so offensive? I remember when news junkies were called "newsies." Whatever.

Tacos: Crispy or Soft?

Crispy. It's that crunch you get with the first bite that perfects the whole taco eating experience for me.

Tomorrow, Celebrate Schnipper's Birthday with George Motz and $2 Burgers and PBRs

PBR's - blast from the past! Sorry I wasn't in NY for this event. The $2 bacon bleu would have been a real treat.

Winter fruits

@Sudenveri Thanks to Nigella L., I do make a great "antioxidant" fruit salad: pomegranates, blueberries and mango, with a little squirt of lime. Very nice.

Winter fruits

@Kitchenista I remember eating persimmons as a kid. They were super juicy. These days they seem awfully small. Honeycrisps and Pink Ladies are my go-tos this time of year.

what shouldn't go into a brisket?

To me, the key is "keep it simple" and "keep it slow." The staples -- onions, carrots, bay, garlic, s&p, tomatoes in some form -- are all good. But more important, cook it a loooooong time at no higher or lower than 350. And it goes without saying, the beef itself is important - I prefer Roseda Farms.

Foodie Confessions

oh and @sarar I'm with you, except I pick all the marshmallows out the Lucky Charms.

Foodie Confessions

@pavlov you made my day! Do you feel better? Because somehow I do!

lunch and dinner in DC

Bread and Chocolate on M Street.

Change of heart for tv food stars?

@janav I'm with you. I cannot stand the way she sounds like she's having sex with her food. Just cook!

Foodie Confessions

@Kitchenista...Thanks for sharing!