Have You Switched to Iced Coffee?

Definitely hot first thing in the a.m., no matter the season. Come spring, however, I go for the extra ice iced coffee at Sbux.

Food Policy Think Tank Announces National Food Day in October

@Leah thanks for raising some painfully obvious questions: i.e., what is meant by "promoting" healthy foods? I really hope some concrete answers will emerge in the coming months.

Quince Paste

@carmason I'm in. That is on my menu for the weekend! Thanks to all for enlightening me.

Eggs in a Hole + Grilled Cheese = Grilled Cheese Eggsplosion!

Growing up in my house, we'd call this "spit in the eye." Can't wait to try out the hybrid.

Informal dinner party

All great idea. @merstar thanks so much for the links. You had me at "crisp shallots." Will let you know how it goes.!

Enter to Win a Kenny & Zuke's Pastrami Kit

Hot or cold it's nice
Well worth the seeds in your teeth
'strami's calling me


@RossChristensen Valentines Day. And btw, sorry for the double post.

The Nasty Bits: Crab Innards

I'm a born and bred Baltimore girl -- raised on the blue crab. Even after steaming the crabs, the guts (as we fondly call them) are absolutely off-limits. After all, they are bottom feeders.

Ground Turkey

@Teachertalk I will definitely try.

Food Terms that should be banned from the media

@CandiRisk, your post made me laugh out loud! And although this is slightly off topic, let me say that Ina Garten's rhetorical questions (read: "how is easy is that?") make by eyelids curl.

Ground Turkey

@Kitchenista Thanks as always.

Embarrassing but necessary question

@cg_ups I must give this a try!

Embarrassing but necessary question

Thank you one and all, and especially MissBrownEyes for confirming that it wasn't a stupid question after all.

Hey, Foodies: (Some) Chefs Hate You

Ouch! I'm new to SE and this is a bit intimidating. Why is being called a "foodie" so offensive? I remember when news junkies were called "newsies." Whatever.

Tacos: Crispy or Soft?

Crispy. It's that crunch you get with the first bite that perfects the whole taco eating experience for me.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Happy Birthday, Ed. Can I come work for you?

Tomorrow, Celebrate Schnipper's Birthday with George Motz and $2 Burgers and PBRs

PBR's - blast from the past! Sorry I wasn't in NY for this event. The $2 bacon bleu would have been a real treat.

Winter fruits

@Sudenveri Thanks to Nigella L., I do make a great "antioxidant" fruit salad: pomegranates, blueberries and mango, with a little squirt of lime. Very nice.

Winter fruits

@Kitchenista I remember eating persimmons as a kid. They were super juicy. These days they seem awfully small. Honeycrisps and Pink Ladies are my go-tos this time of year.

what shouldn't go into a brisket?

To me, the key is "keep it simple" and "keep it slow." The staples -- onions, carrots, bay, garlic, s&p, tomatoes in some form -- are all good. But more important, cook it a loooooong time at no higher or lower than 350. And it goes without saying, the beef itself is important - I prefer Roseda Farms.

Foodie Confessions

oh and @sarar I'm with you, except I pick all the marshmallows out the Lucky Charms.

Foodie Confessions

@pavlov you made my day! Do you feel better? Because somehow I do!

lunch and dinner in DC

Bread and Chocolate on M Street.

Change of heart for tv food stars?

@janav I'm with you. I cannot stand the way she sounds like she's having sex with her food. Just cook!

Foodie Confessions

@Kitchenista...Thanks for sharing!

Quince Paste

Yesterday, at my favorite market, I saw a basket filled with little plastic boxes of quince paste. What do you do with this stuff?

Winter fruits

It's snowing -- hard -- outside my window. And while it's beautiful, I miss summer, most especially stone fruits and all the other juicy delectables available come late May here on the east coast. What are your favorite winter fruit recipes?

The Urban Farming Debate

Two of the biggest environmental concerns these days are climate change and sustainable food production. Urban farming has been touted as a solution to both problems. Small-scale agricultural operations have taken root across the country's metropolises, particularly on roofs and in other under-utilized city space. These farms could decrease carbon dioxide levels in the air, lower heating and cooling costs for buildings, and increase access to fresh food for city residents. More