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Cincinnati: Eat The Cream Cheese Gelato From Dojo Gelato

I love dojo!! It is s must get when I go to FM. One of my favorites is the dojo speedball: nutella and captian crunch.

An Ode to RoTel Queso (Plus 4 Things You Can Do with RoTel)

@ Adam - I have an awesome recipe for homemade Skyline, I actually think it is better than the real thing -- it takes just like real Skyline, only more Skyline-ier, if that makes sense. ;)

I'll send it over for you to check out. And yes, it does make the dip even better!

An Ode to RoTel Queso (Plus 4 Things You Can Do with RoTel)

In Cincinnati, the no bean chili + cream cheese dip is called 'skyline dip' consists of a layer of cream cheese, topped with a layer if our beloved cincinnati chili (does not have to be skyline brand), then finished off with copious amounts of finely shredded cheddar and served with tortilla chips. There was a point in time where this masterpiece was served at every party in Cincinnati. ;)

Where to eat along I-75?

In Cincinnati I recommend Terrys Turf Club, amazing burgers and just about 10 min off 75.

Half and half vs whole milk and heavy cream?

@ karen are right! pumpkin pie...the cook's illustrated recipe to be exact!

Hot Dog of the Week: Hot Mett

Wow, I didn't realize metts weren't really known outside of Cincinnati. I guess they have just always been a part of my life! :)

There is another great place that makes all of their own sausages at Findlay Market called Kroeger and is just awesome.

Awesome Pizza in Kentucky?

Goodfellas in downtown Lexington is excellent. I had a slice of their pepperoni and it was so delicious...I would totally drive to Lexington just for that. Their pizzas are huge, like 24 inches, so you can buy whole, or by the slice. They are open really late too.

Also, I've had Mellow Mushroom near UK, it was great as well, but it is a chain, so you may be familiar with it.

Then in Richmond, just south of Lexington, is Apollo Pizza, on 2nd St. We had them deliver to our hotel when passing though was amazing! We went totally nontraditional and got the bacon cheeseburger pizza and ultimate sub. Both were so good...definitely not healthy, but very tasty.

What is Serious Eats?

I always understood "Serious Eats" to mean 'awesome,exciting,sensational eats' not 'solemn, snooty, elitist eats'. I never understood why so many people interpreted it that way. Maybe it had to do with the type of posts I was seeing when I stumbled upon this place 3 or so years ago.

I think the tone of SE (at least in Talk) has changed since then from a 'hey-I-love-food-and-so-do-you!!!' vibe to a more 'I-make-everything-at-home-from-scratch-with-the-most-local-organic-exclusive-ingredients-ever-and-only-eat-out-at-non-chain-local-restaurants' vibe.

...and somehow, that feels less comfortable.

Please, tell us where you're from...

@ KB ... I thought that was hilarious. :)

French in a Flash: Sweet Vanilla Quiche

I know it would not be as tasty, but how much vanilla extract should I use if I don't have vanilla bean? I searched the web and the consensus seems to be 2t, but I wanted to double check.

Also, if I baked this at night, then wanted to serve it in the morning, could I reheat it in the oven for a few minutes, or just allow it to come up to room temp?

Anyone Guilty of Buying a Food Infomercial Gadjet?

I used to be mesmerized by the food dehydrator infomercial when I was like 8...but I could never convince my mom to buy it.
I am tempted by the Magic Bullet and the GT Xpress 101, but that may just be due to the high quality programming that is selling them :)
I was gifted the Prefect Brownie does not work.

favorite food movies?

Fried Green Tomatoes... one of my favorites, however there is not a lot of focus on the actual tomatoes in this movie :)

Everybody Loves Raymond's Brother!

My BF never eats the last bite of anything he eats with his fingers, like fries or chips. He always bites it off and has this fingertip sized bit left over, and usually tosses that back onto the communal plate. It drives me crazy, why doesn't he just eat the whole bite!

National Hamburger Festival in Akron

I went a few years ago, it was sort of a disappointment. All the vendors were using the same frozen hamburgers, so everything was like the same burger, different toppings. I don't think it represented the individual restaurants very well. :(

Pizza Cheese Blends

We had a great 5 cheese blend at this woodfired pizza restaurant I used to work at. It was mozz, prov, fontina, and gruyere, then topped with feta. On a garlic and olive oil was delicious!

Pickle Pizza?!? Dhorst Goes There!

YUM! I love pickle pizza! I used to work at a wood fire oven pizza restaurant, and one of the chefs would make a pickle pizza for everyone before opening when he had a particularly late night out.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat La Frieda Burgers

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat La Frieda Burgers

Terry's Turf Club, Cincinnati, OH!

What is the Greatest Compliment You Have Received on Your Food

Die hard vegetarians scarfing down my chicken fajita dip, and totally not caring that they were eating meat. ;)

Any Chicago area restaurant serves fried calamari tenticles?

At maggianos you can get either just the rings or just the tentaciles. I know it is a chain, but at least it was original to Chicago. :)

Cook the Book: Make it Fast, Cook it Slow

My was love at fist sight!

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Bacon Brussels sprouts!!

What A $47,221 Lunch Looks Like

According to this WSJ blog, he added on another $5K gratuity for a grand total of $52,221.09!

Aside from Primanti Brothers...What are good eats in Pittsburgh?

Thanks everyone! I did check out the other Pgh thread too...I think I want to eat the whole city ;)

Aside from Primanti Brothers...What are good eats in Pittsburgh?

I thought that Primanti's was okay, but not worth really worth the 6 hour drive to get there. (I had other business in Pitts, so I went while there) My mistake may have not been going to the main store, I went to the one in Greenburg out of convenience...I got sliced sirloin on my sandwich, but there really was hardly any meat at all, or cheese. It was mostly bread, vinegar based cole slaw and unsalted fries. I am glad I tried it, and would go the the original location for comparison, but it was not all that I was hoping it would be. :(

Chimichurri pasta salad

I want to use up some pantry items I have around and am thinking of making a pasta salad dressed with a jar of chimichurri. Can anyone help me with ideas on what else to include? I can't quite figure out what would be tasty...maybe asparagus, tomatoes, or feta? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Decorating Frosting

Does anyone have a tasty decorator frosting recipe? I have a basic one by Wilton: shortening, powdered sugar, water...but is doesn't taste very good. I would like to use one with less shortening and maybe with some butter and cream cheese. I need this to ice a cake, as well as decorate the cake with a drawn on motorcycle (per my 5 year old nephew's birthday request!).

Thanks for the help.

Half and half vs whole milk and heavy cream?

I am getting my grocery list ready for my Thanksgiving recipes and need a little help...

One recipe calls for 1 3/4 c half and half...another calls for 1c whole milk and 1 c heavy cream. Isn't half and half just half whole milk and half heavy cream?

Could I just buy all half and half and use 2c in the second recipe, or just buy whole milk and heavy cream and combine to make 1 3/4 c half and half for my first recipe?

Thanks for the help!

Lemon Basil

I am making a basil infused lemonade and thinking about using lemon basil instead of sweet basil. Has anyone tired this? Do you think it would be tasty? Thanks!

Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar

I'm thinking of making strawberries with balsamic for Mother's Day dessert. I was thinking to serve them over vanilla ice cream in a chocolate bowl. How does this sound? I haven't made it before and am not sure how the strawberries would be with the chocolate. Any feedback? Thanks!

How many appetizers per person?

Calling all caterers:

I am catering my first event, a photography exhibit. (My brother in law's company is hosting, thus the opportunity for me with no previous professional catering experience.) I need assistance on how many appetizers to serve per person. The event is from 7 - 10 pm on a Friday evening, and they are expecting 50 - 75 guests. The information I was able to find through my own research said anywhere from 6 to 12 bites per person per hour. Also, I don't know that people would attend for all three hours, so should I guesstimate one hour per guest? Thank you for your help!

Chocolate Mousse

I would like to make chocolate mousse for a party in a few weeks, and need help with a recipe if you've got one. I have never made this before.... Thanks!

Falafel - trying to make them at home...

I would like to make homemade falafel and have done quite a bit of research online, and read the other threads on here...but I still have a few questions:
~if using dried beans, do I use white or yellow, my store has both. Also, the ingredients on the package are chick peas and salt...does this sound right?
~what is the differences between using dried beans or canned, like flavor and texture wise...
~then what sauce to serve them with, tadziki or tahini?

Also any other tips or tricks offered is greatly appreciated, thanks!!

Which turkey to buy?

I am wondering, of all the widely available turkey brands out there, which is the best one...thinking along the lines of taste and juiciness. I am thinking of brining the bird, so I don't think I want a Kosher one. Also I have read that frozen birds will be juicer than fresh, is this correct? Any suggestions on which brand to go with? Thanks.

Creative Crostini Toppings?

I am planning to make a few varieties of crostini for an appetizer and am interested in some creative yummy topping ideas. The group eating will be children and adults, and the other menu items fit into the "comfort food" category. I really want to WOW everyone with my appetizer. Thanks!

Doughnut Plant Throwdown

I caught a rerun of Throwdown with Mark Isreal of the Doughnut Plant. I was surpirsed/intrigued by his reaction to the Throwdown and Bobbly Flay. He did not seem happy to be celebrated as the doughnut genius he is. Any ideas on his odd reaction?

Creme Brulee Recipe Confusion

I am going to attempt to make creme brulee for my parents anniversary and I need help. I have researched a lot of recipes and am more confused now than ever. All the recipies have the same ingredients, egg yolks, heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla...but the quantities all vary for the same number of servings. Do I use 8 egg yolks to a quart of cream? 11? 6? How does the varying quantity of ingredients change the outcome?

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