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What's a Reasonable Automatic Gratuity?

I agree completely with sjburnt. It's ridiculous that customers are expected to directly pay wages for servers. I'd much rather a restaurant just raise its prices and pay everyone fairly, including the poor cooks who are doing all of the work for none of the cash. An automatic tip for a party smaller than eight people is a guarantee that I'm not coming back.

There's no such thing as "undertipping." Tipping is not the law. I regularly tip upwards of 20% because I'm a stupid, overgenerous New Yorker, but if I tip 15% or less for bad service, it is my right to do so. It's the restaurant's game, and if they want to keep their good waiters they should pay them appropriately.

Photo(s) of the Day: Ravenous Squirrel at Shake Shack Wants to Eat Everything

I cannot believe you think this is cute. This is cruelty to animals. Squirrels are not supposed to eat french fries and hot chocolate, and they are not supposed to be that fat. This is disgusting. I stay away from Shake Shack specifically because of these aggressive, overfed beasts.

Double Review: Carteles Cuban Sandwiches and Coffee

Those sandwiches look great--at least the parts of them that are in focus do.

Photo of the Day: French Fry-Loving Squirrel at Shake Shack

I cannot believe anyone thinks this sick, obese animal is cute. Those squirrels are terrors. The only time I ever went to Shake Shack, I was literally chased out of the park by a pack of deranged squirrels after my burger. They are aggressive from too many stupid humans feeding them greasy food.

Lunch for One: Ground Support in Soho

The Cuban sandwich here is as delicious as promised, but for $10 I really want my sandwich to come with chips or something. Cute place though.

Did you notice that they offer half-price sandwiches from 5 pm?

Pittsburgh and Phoenix regional food?

We are serious pierogie eaters in Pittsburgh and Mrs. T's work just fine.

How to cook great wings?

My family loves Lynne Kasper's mahogany-glazed chicken wings. They are spicy, sweet, and addictive.

The Power of Food Blogging

But is this a good thing? You left Le Cirque this time with a better impression of the restaurant and the Maccioni family because they treated you like a celebrity, but they only did that because you embarassed them the first time and because they now know that people read your blog. If they really cared about anonymous customers, you would have been treated well to begin with.

The free meal demonstrates the power of blogging, but it doesn't get the Le Cirque staff off the hook for being jerks. I doubt they treated every customer so well that night, and someone will always have to take the loser table. We can either support these places or not. If I get an invitation to a free meal in response to a bad review, I just ignore it. Let the restaurant prove itself to new customers.


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