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Rookie at Risotto

Those are all great suggestions. Thank you, I can't wait to try them all!

~ Leeya

Potluck breakfast recipe needed

Have some fun at breakfast time. Consider making breakfast sandwhiches (toast, egg & flat sausage) and using various cookie cutter shapes to trim. Perhaps think about shapes that represent your co-worker's style. If you have time the night before perhaps consider making some fluffy pancakes and go at them with the cookie cutters.

~ Leeya

Spoiled Chicken Cacciatore

It was delicious. I used Giada de Laurentis' recipe. Even though it was a hot summer evening, I enjoyed cooking it. It had lots of great colors. Reds, greens, yellows! The dish was sweet, tangy, hearty, and rustic. I used a WHOLE chicken and had a WHOLE lot of leftovers. I was happy about having the leftovers for dinner again the next day. I was already thinking of other things to do with all that extra time I'm going to have since I don't have to cook a new meal. Because the leftovers were too warm to put them in the fridge right away, I left it on the counter to cool it down. However, I was too busy watching the Food Network's Iron Chef that evening that I had completely forgotten about the chicken on the counter. I discovered it the following morning, sitting on my counter, all spoiled... The pretty colors faded, the hearty sauce looked sad and dreary... I dropped the chicken, one big spoonful at a time in our trash can. I wanted to cry. I hated myself for forgetting and wasting good food!! It ruined my day.. As a punishment, I had a bowl of cereal for dinner that evening. Anyone else have a similar story?

Rookie at Risotto

I followed Tyler Florence's recipe. My red Le Creuset was filled with oodles of Arborio rice, lots of chopped mushrooms, and several types of leafy herbs that awakened my senses. This dish requires a handful of fresh sprigs of thyme, bay leaves, and flat leaf parsley. Believe it or not this was my first time cooking with thyme and bay leaves!! Oh, the smell was wonderful and the flavors really came out alive with the use of these herbs! The recipe only calls for 2 cloves of garlic. I laughed at that. I love garlic, so I cut up 4 big cloves of garlic instead!! Risotto takes a lot of time. I catagorize risotto as "high maintenance" food due to the fact that you have to constantly stir and pour in "heated" stock a cup at a time until the risotto is slightly firm but creamy. Mine came out a little bit on the softer side, but tasted pretty good nonetheless. Now I have all these left over thyme sprigs and bay leaves and don't know what to do with them... any suggestions?

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