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  • Last bite on earth: Some kind of raw fish.

10 Common Crimes Against Cheese You Don't Have to Commit

Phew! I'm only guilty of #8. It comes from having my kids' friends wrinkle their noses at the king of cheeses: Parmigiano Reggiano. Fortunately, my two are imbued with reverence for it.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Camp Bacon Gift Box

I will eat it here and there.
I will eat it ANYWHERE!
Bacon is good.

cast iron... 2nd try!?!

My dad has told me that I will inherit his cast iron because he knows we will appreciate it.

In my household, we have:
-an itty bitty one that I got when I ordered squirrel in Georgia
-a medium one that is for blackening food
-a large one for bacon
-a round griddle that is smooth for pancakes and tortillas
-a square griddle for steak or grill lines on other stuff
-a dutch oven for no knead bread
-an enameled dutch for everything else and any tomatoes
-a Le Creuset frying pan

You are not alone! My collection has stopped growing because I have been exploring other cookware. Beware of the dol sot, rice never tasted better.

Driving through Missouri

Try Pappy's Smokehouse in St. Louis:

The ribs are very good.

Disclaimer: I, too, live in California. My brother in law is a local and took us there.

Building a Pizzeria: Pizzicletta, One Year Young

Congrats! We ate there during spring break en route to/from the Grand Canyon. It was very good and my girls (8 & 11) were super happy to have great pizza.

One little suggestion for out-of-towners: good directions on Yelp. The other pizza place a block away confused us and we almost went to the wrong place.

Cook the Book: 'The Country Cooking of Italy'

The fight against Oxtails?!

Another in Costco carries oxtails and has for years so they must sell pretty well. Maybe the battle is only being fought on the eastern front?

Anyway, oxtail stew is delicious.

Cook the Book: 'Herbivoracious'

Bake the Book: 'Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts'

Zabaglione: egg yolk, sugar and marsala or coffee. What could be easier?

Guacamole yay or nay?

Yay, but not made with mayo. Ewwww.

If you love avocado, try making it into a shake or pudding. It is so delicious.

I recently discovered food. What should I eat?

If the spine faces the sky you can eat it, that is what my friends dad in Hong Kong says. Just unhinge your jaw...

Worst thing you ever ate?

Jack in the Box tacos. Gak! The deep fried lettuce still gives me nightmares.

Ice Cream

We have the Lebovitz book and the Ben and Jerry book. Both of them are excellent, the kids prefer the Ben and Jerry recipes while I prefer the Lebovitz. Have fun and experiment. Just make sure the bowl is super cold when you start and chill your mixtures before you churn them.

McDonalds Miracle Flavored Rice

The bun held up nicely, the french fries not so much. I think I will stick with Kenji's recipes.

Good recipe for tonno- fancy tuna

Try vitello tonnato. It is veal in a tuna sauce.

Anyone else obsessed with the cookbook Plenty?

Yes, I love it and his first book called Ottolenghi. Everything turns out well and tastes so good. Love the eggplant from the cover.

Cookbook Recs for Mediterranean food...

Claudia Roden has several good cookbooks.

Paring knife / Williams-Sonoma

We love our Shun chef knife and fight over it. Get a Shun. Not sure what kind ours is, it is all metal.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

Zampone - a pig's leg stuffed with delicious sausage. Mmmmmm!

What to introduce to someone new to Oysters...

I've always loved oysters raw so I would follow @Pavlov or @AnnieNT suggestions.

When my husband and I were dating, I ordered a plate of mixed oysters on the half shell as a sort of a test. Growing up in the mid-west, he was raised eating seafood from Long John Silver or Red Lobster on Fridays. Anyway, the oysters were a hit. He eats them and just about every kind of sushi so I guess he passed the "test".

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Donabe Hot Pot and Hot Pot Book

A huge ham and the pea soup that follows.

It is unlawful to eat...

Parmigiano Reggiano. In a vegan world, I would miss it most of all the things I eat. In my house, we call it the king of cheeses and worship it accordingly. The 2008 crisis had me very worried.

The dish from the black lagoon.

Spaghetti-Os on toast.

Years ago some guests served it to us for lunch. My husband still smiles when he remembers my expression as I choked it down.

Ham obsessed - Johnson County Ham from Costco?

Sorry about the goofy link, don't know what I did wrong.

Dear Santa...

One prosciutto di Parma.

What do you serve with ham?

After last year's great suggestions for St. Patrick's Day, I am inspired to ask for more suggestions for sides for a Christmas ham.

Generally, I serve some kind of potatoes and something green. This year I am thinking of roasted winter vegetables and/or something exciting like tofurky flambé...

Seriously, what do you serve with ham?

Ham obsessed - Johnson County Ham from Costco?

Has anybody tried this? My eight year old is obsessed with prosciutto and it is putting us in the poor house.

I'm thinking Santa might be able to pick one up for us in the North Pole along with some elk jerky.

Where to eat in (drumroll, please) Branson, MO?

We are taking my mother in law on vacation. She is picky, but the rest of us are not. So bring on the catfish and ?!?!!

The Bass Pro Fishing store has a restaurant that serves alligator, Lamberts throws bread buns, and the Bleu Olive seems to have what I would cook at home.

Any other suggestions for Branson?

Thank you @MariaVII & @MissBrownEyes

I made the corned beef in the crockpot with ginger ale and the Guinness glaze with colcannon on the side. It was delicious, particularly the Guinness glaze. It was the first really good thing to come out of the crockpot in the twelve years I have owned it. So thanks a million!

Have corned beef, cabbage & potatoes, now what?

In a moment of nostalgia for a real St. Patrick's day celebration (yes, I miss New York this week) I bought corned beef. What is a good way to prepare it?

I know enough not to braise it with tomatoes, but I could really use some guidance. Some cabbage and potatoes are also afoot...

Have lard, will travel...

After searching high and low for non-hydrogenated fresh lard at various butchers and odd shops, I found some at my local supermarket. I plan on making the Cook's Illustrated vodka pie crust using the lard in place of the vegetable shortening.

This got me thinking that perhaps I could use it to substitute for butter for somebody (aka my neighbor's son) with a dairy allergy. Do you guys think the results would be good or bad? He is used to vegan stuff.

Supermarket Vent

In the ground turkey from my local supermarket, 80% of the calories come from fat. It looked like Farmer John's pork sausage.

Now for my question, is it wrong to be outraged that something people generally buy to be healthy is the opposite?

Generally, I don't go to my local supermarket, but it was so convenient on that particular day. I guess now I remember why not: I have label reading fatigue.

Shallot love

I've been buying shallots by the pound! They are great in salad dressing and just about everything else, except maybe ice cream. Anybody else share this love?

Is "healthy casserole" an oxymoron?

The gourmet crock pot post got me thinking about convenience. I don't make casseroles, but I think I should. My 13 x 9 pyrex often sits idle. I've made pizzoccheri in it, but that's not a healthy dish or really a casserole since the ingredients have to be boiled before they go in the oven.

I want to go on beyond things like the Duggar Tater Tot Casserole (recipe follows), into something with a lot of vegetables and garlic and a little cheese. Does such a dish exist?

2 lb ground turkey cooked, seasoned, drained
3 2lb bags tater tots
2 cans cream of mushroom
2 cans evaporated milk
2 cans cream of chicken
Brown meat & place in large cass. dish.
Cover with tater tots. Mix soup & milk together.
Pour over top. Bake at 350 for 1 Hour.
Makes 2- 9"X13" pans

Fudge - yea or nay?

I love chocolate, sweetened condensed milk and nuts, but NOT fudge. Am I a mutant or have I never tasted good fudge?

King's Hawaiian Rolls question

I want to make fluffy, white buns from scratch, but all the clone recipes for King's Hawaiian rolls have funny ingredients like lemon essence and pineapple juice. As I recall, the rolls are pretty bland. Can someone please point me to fluffy white bun recipe?

Bake Sale Calamity

105 degrees outside and I had to bake for my millionth bake sale. I looked around the kitchen for inspiration and saw some marshmallows. Eureka! Chocolate dipped marshmallow kebabs with sprinkles. My kids went crazy. I was dazzled by my inspiration, no bake items for the bake sale.

Step out of the air conditioning and my kebabs melted instantly. Gobs of chocolate dripped everywhere. My poor kebabs look like victims of a blowtorch.

What could I dip a marshmallow in that would not melt in a warm climate while adhering sprinkles? Is there some kind of no melt chocolate armor that is not toxic? Taste is a secondary consideration.

Mango man seasonings

Having tried most the nearby strip mall food, I have moved on the park vendors, hence my question:

what kind of chili do they put on the the mangos? I bought the fruit seasoning at the supermarket, but the mango man's is better.

The corn and duros are delicious and I will post about the coconut pecan shaved ice when I try it. Duros are best with the chili/lemon topping.

Drive Thru: Way or No Way?

No way for me, I lack the co-ordination to pull up to the microphone, read the menu and actually order. Except for In-N-Out, with but three items on the menu, I get flustered.

In spite of my "issues", I have tried a number of drive thrus here in California. The funniest is the drive thru milk place. It is kind of a milk centered mini convenience store. Someday, I would like to try a drive thru liquor store in Texas.

Now, before I become the object of ridicule, I want to point out that there is at least one drive thru in Manhattan, so geography is no excuse!

Top Chef: Octuplet + 6 Challenge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it....

Make a nutritious meal for 16. A meal that can be cooked on a regular stove in a regular kitchen. You have 2 minutes, ahem, 1 hour.


That Sandra Lee post got me thinking. With all the pre-made made stuff, has a generation or two developed a McPalate where sweet and salty rule? Do the majority not know how seasonal fruits and vegetables taste? What would have to happen to get back to basics?

Shun Knife

I just got the 8" chef's knife and now I am a slicing fool. I slice, I dice, but wait...there's more, I can cut onions paper thin. Heck, the tomatoes cut themselves.

Seriously, am I last person on the planet to know how great a good knife can be?

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