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I Challenge You To Bring an End To Olive Oil Adulteration

I'm writing in continuation to my last post, "All This Olive Oil Adulteration Talk is Making Me Wonder...", as this issue has sparked some indignation within me. Since September, I've been doing quite a bit of research on the topic of olive oil adulteration, and I've come across some pretty powerful information.

While this prolific issue is starting to earn more customer outrage, there still seems to be an overall lack of awareness and knowledge on the subject. I have now realized that we, as olive oil consumers, will have to be the ones to stand up and demand a change.

Just like the basic supply and demand curve, when there is a strong demand for authenticity there will be an equal number of suppliers that find it worthwhile product to sell. So until we stand up and say, "I demand authentic olive oil," our suppliers and food manufacturers will continue to feign ignorance and sell us an adulterated product. And yes, that probably does include your favorite popular brand of olive oil (especially generic store brands).

The way I see it, we as consumers need to get indignant and we need to start challenging this corruption. We need to demand better, because we are the people truly in control of this situation. Therefore, I challenge everyone who reads this to do one thing that will ensure that they're always receiving authentic olive oil, and share it with us. For example, I just emailed my favorite grocery's private label brand and asked for documented proof.

We have the power. Let's use it.

All this Olive Oil Adulteration talk is making me wonder...

I've been hearing lately a lot about the olive oil adulteration issues in the market. I had no idea that this was such a prevalent problem in America, but apparently I was wrong.

A few years ago, the University of California did a study testing all different kinds of Olive Oil-- it seems the results didn't look too good. A large percentage of the olive oil that we can buy from grocery stores is "cut" with cheaper oils or completely different oils that are cheaper. But the labeled bottles still say "100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil". I know that they their findings have to have at least some truth in them, because they do chemical tests to base their findings on.

How have I not heard more about this until now?? Do I just have my head in the sand, or is anyone else feeling the same way? It makes me feel a bit outraged that:

1. I am being lied to by my food producers
2. I'm paying more for something thinking that the health benefits are worth the extra money-- and I'm not even getting those benefits!
3. And that I don't even know which brands I should stay away from.

Now, the tests were all done on our retail brands that we buy. What about the bulk olive oil that's purchased by big food manufacturers? They too must care about the bottom line, and the taste of the olive oil is even more easily masked in those products. I wonder how many of those companies are actually buying authentic olive oil.

It seems like there is some information out there, but no one is talking about it...

Except maybe Mitch Lipka in this article:

Actually, Tom Mueller also just wrote a book being published in December of 2011 called Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil. I can't wait to read it, because I feel like he might shed some truth on the subject.

Now my final question is... how do I go about finding Olive Oil thats actually 100% Authentic?

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