Lawyer Loves Lunch

Just another lawyer, counting down the hours until lunchtime.

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  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Favorite foods: Pasta, rice, all kinds of bread. Notice a pattern here?
  • Last bite on earth: Halal food cart at 53rd & 6th.

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Ras Malai

How did I not see this comment? Sorry ShowMeFood! It's a Pakistani, dairy-based dessert. It's basically cooked milk (or soft cheese, paneer) in a sweetened milk syrup flavored with saffron and topped with pistachios :)

Black Beans & Rice

I am a huge fan of rice in beans in any format but have never seen 'em flavored with orange rind. I can't wait to try this soon! :)

An Introduction to Karē-Raisu, Japanese Curry Rice

I confess, I love curry from cubes (especially the "hot" S&B version) but I can't wait to see the curry from scratch recipe (if only so I can read it and longingly think, one day) :)

Is the Coffee Break Dead? Bring Back Mug Time

These days, I'm a definite getta but that's purely out of necessity and not choice. I'm waiting for the days when I can have mug time again :)


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