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The verdict! Anne Burrell's new show - Did you watch?

She's a funny, vibrant person with a great big personality who loves to laugh and LOVES to cook -- I though she was perfectly engaging and I hope TVFN will pick her up for another round or twelve ... a welcome breath of humanity and actual cooking for TVFN.

Snapshots from Italy: Tagliatelle with Artichokes, Leeks, and Lemon

Hi Gina! Glad to read about your adventures in Rome. And as soon as I find a decent artichoke here in New York I'm going to try that recipe.

Seeking Michael Roberts' goat cheese torte recipe

This is a fantastic recipe that I used to make quite a bit. Went to look for the recipe this weekend in my copy of his book 'Secret Ingredients' and it seems that I [very foolishly] ripped the pages (248 - 49) out at some point to take the recipe along someplace. Does anyone have this book and would you be so kind as to share the recipe? It's an excellent fall/winter dessert, not too sweet, and I have been talking it up for an upcoming event ...

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