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Life at Sea: The Pleasures and Perils of Nautical Cooking

Sailing as a form of travel is pretty much like taking your house from place to place, kitchen (or galley, in sailor-speak) included. Your house just happens to be the size of a walk-in closet, and more often than not, it's rocking back and forth or hanging out at a 25-degree angle. Here's how you make every meal count. More

Taste Test: The Best Fancy Drinking Chocolate

Whether or not you're suffering from winter-induced gloom, there's nothing a good, rich cup of drinking chocolate won't help. Yes, drinking chocolate—powdered hot cocoa's fancy-pants cousin, made from the finest beans and the richest ingredients, and meant to hit you hard, like a liquid-chocolate freight train. Here are three of our favorites. More

Oakland's Best Cheap Eats: 18 Great Bites Under $5

When it comes to cheap eats, there's no comparison: Oakland's budget food scene beats San Francisco's offerings across the board. We got on the BART and ate for days, focusing on savory bites for $5 or less that were especially satisfying—more than just a handful of popcorn or a well-made cookie. What we found was awesome: soulful Mexican comfort food, complex Sichuan creations, killer bánh mì, and of course, more than a few excellent tacos. More

Where to Eat Near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

Golden Gate Park is flanked by two of San Francisco's best eating neighborhoods—the Sunset and the Richmond. But the last thing you want is to find yourself wandering too far afield; say, accidentally hiking 40 minutes through freezing cold fog in pursuit of Korean fried chicken (been there, done that). Here's our guide to the best spots to eat that are within two blocks of Golden Gate Park. More

The Ultimate San Francisco Date Night Guide

There's no denying it: San Francisco is a city made for romance. Neighborhoods are full of hidden gems ripe for exploring; there are stunning, screen-worthy kiss backdrops atop every hill; and even the fog invites you to cuddle just a little bit closer. But what's a date without great food (and drinks!)? After years of dates both great and terrible in the City by the Bay, we hereby present our ultimate date night guide to this fair city. More

Where to Drink on San Francisco's Divisadero Street

Whether you're feeling like a fresh local beer, a tasty glass of wine, a craft cocktail, or a shot of whiskey, it's all within a couple of blocks: the Divisadero strip is studded with places that have drinks very much worth drinking. Bonus: there are no major hills to climb in the midst of your bar crawling. More

Our 6 Best Bites From Huichica Music Festival in Sonoma, CA

There's a pocket-sized music festival hiding out in Sonoma. With small crowds, big smiles, and a killer musical lineup tucked amongst the vineyards, the Huichica Music Festival may well be heaven. The festival is in its fourth year at the Gundlach Bundschu Winery (that's gun-lock bun-shoe) and 2013 was twice as big as 2012. If the quality of the food and music lineups are any indicator, the festival is on the brink of becoming a capital B big deal. What could make a vineyard-based music festival even better? A fantastic selection of good eats, of course. More

San Francisco: Snapshots from Choke, a Cynar and Artichoke Pop-Up Dinner

For Morgan Schick and Eric Quilty, creating food-and-cocktail pairings was always part of the game plan. Schick (of the Mission's Trick Dog) and Quilty (of East Bay Spice Company) banded together in 2010 to form Jupiter Olympus, a cocktail consulting group. At Choke, an artichoke-themed dinner hosted by Cynar, they paired 5 cocktails with food from Chris Kronner of Kronnerburger and Kevin Cimino of St. Vincent. More

Ask a Chef: What Music Is Playing in Your Kitchen?

@Mr. Nick Dan Auerbach is my spirit animal. Obsessed.

@Laura Arnold, good catch! updated.

@ChristopherRobin88, I'll have to try some Explosions in the Sky next time I'm cooking! Personally, I was surprised by the lack of Motown... who doesn't love chopping to The Temptations and Sam Cooke?? Either that or I've seen The Big Chill too many times.

The Best Things I Ate in New Zealand

@imwalking - definitely had some great lamb, the best by far was at Mudbrick! As for fish and chips, my favorite was at Tauranga Fresh Fish. Keep an eye out for the Fisherman's Breakfast from there as a Hangover Helper!

@Boston Otter, I almost tried Hell Pizza about 5 times and something always came up (likely, a kebab) -- will have to make sure to next time.

@Irene- good call! The last rendang I'd tried was Malaysian and much sweeter -- this version was a nice contrast, especially when paired with great Malaysian laksa.

@rmcolburn I'm so bummed I didn't make it to Wellington! I've heard great things about the coffee there, among other things.

A Guide to the Art of the Tim Tam Slam

A Guide to the Art of the Tim Tam Slam

@myrnie_twin, that's hardcore! I'll have to give it a go next time.

@RuffledGrouse @DebonaireDeath @AmbitiousDelicious, I've seen them at Cost Plus World Market here in SF, not sure about their east coast offerings or locations:


Drinks Gift Guide: Maggie's Picks for Holiday Gifts

YAY drywell!! I got her "San Francisco Is For Carnivores" poster as a gift a couple years ago. It was a big hit :)

College Tours: Where to Eat Near The University of Pennsylvania

Re: Pod, agreed, it's overall a pretty absurd place! But a huge plate of food for lunch was a damn good deal, and their short-lived Wednesday night happy hours (unless they came back... oh no) from 10-12 had us all drinking more fluorescent colored cocktails than anyone ever should.

College Tours: Where to Eat Near The University of Pennsylvania

@frabbibobanni I JUST heard about Rx! So so sad. Rimedio does have a nice looking brunch menu -- I may have to try it out next time I'm near campus.

San Francisco: An Excellent Burger Among Dogs at Show Dogs

Awesome burger, awesome review!

Cookie Monster: Lemon Sunshine Cookies

@Carrie/Carey -- YES. Soup, bourbon, Acme sourdough (ooh or green onion slab, or both!), Cowgirl Creamery Cheese, and Full House. And these cookies.

Cookie Monster: Lemon Sunshine Cookies

I like to think of it as "constantly good soup weather." Or, as I grow older, "constantly good bourbon weather." :)

Get to Know Us: Lauren Sloss, Bi-Coastal Sandwich Eater (and More)

@gargupie - a lot of indie bands over at indieshuffle.com, and when I have a spare moment, longer features on whatever strikes my fancy over at my blog, laurenslinernotes.wordpress.com. I used to play piano and sing (decently). Now, I sing in the car, with friends, and certainly less well... but with enthusiasm :) @bicoastcurious - no complaints here!!

San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants: Which Team Is the NFC Champ of Food?

While I certainly respect Ed's assessment, the San Francisco burger scene is nuts. Seriously, guys, Rosamunde's Tuesday burger! With a beer at Toronado, there is nothing better. Not to mention the 4505 Meats burger. And agreed with the previous comments regarding the sandwich front. The pastrami gut bomb may be a New York classic, but give me warm, fresh Dutch Crunch (or sourdough!) and great produce any day (oh hey, avocados). I'll give New York the pizza, though. SF's got the fancy pies down, but nothing can beat a New York corner slice.

San Francisco: 7 Turkey Sandwiches We Love

Oh man, how I long for the turkey delight a petite deli! Seriously, nicest woman in the world. Great round up :)

Snapshots from Sao Paulo: 9 Brazilian Ingredients to Know

@tamenezes, I didn't try the tapioca cuscuz, but did try a couple wonderful tapioca based desserts (check 'em out here http://sweets.seriouseats.com/2011/11/snapshots-from-sao-paulo-10-great-sweets.html). All the more excuse to make a return trip!

Snapshots from Sao Paulo: 9 Brazilian Ingredients to Know

@grumblekitty - they are dadinho de tapioca (tapioca dice) from Mocoto (http://www.mocoto.com.br/), a great Sao Paulo restaurant specializing in Northeastern cuisine. They have a recipe available on their site (http://www.mocoto.com.br/receitas.html); it is in Portuguese, though. Hope that helps!

Our 10 Favorite Pies in San Francisco

@Smileyface - sweet and buttery. It's much creamier than flan, and doesn't have that eggy firmness (at least the ones we tried!). @jazzinx, Bike Basket Pies is, sadly, no more! Check out this post here - http://bikebasketpies.com/moving-on/

16 Great Bites from the Outside Lands Festival, San Francisco

@Burger365 - Pearl Jam was one of the headliners two years ago, when I happened to enjoy that particular box of chicken and waffles. I wanted to give them a shout out, since I simply didn't have the stomach room to include them this year!

11 Bay Area Breakfast Pastries We Love

Great recommendations, all! @django04, I'm a huge Cheeseboard fan, just about everything they put out is excellent! I always associate them with savory cheesy things (hence their not being on my list for this round up), and will have to try this cheese roll.

A Sandwich a Day: The Kimcheez at Gestalt Haus in San Francisco

@David Kover, Rhea's is fantastic. Look out for a sandwich write-up from there in not too long!

A Sandwich a Day: Jalapeño Popper at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco

@alienrobot, they actually use havarti on their class "mousetrap" sandwich! http://theamericansf.com/ So delicious, especially paired with their tomato soup.

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