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In Williamsburg, Diner and Its Burger Are Anything but Typical

Gorgeous, Nick, and humbling. I, too, was a recent guest at Diner, and hadn't yet cobbled anything together. I'm glad you did, and it's so good.

All I can add was that I loved the staff despite their insistence on arbitrarily ignoring aspects of our order (two hamburgers, one with salad was two cheeseburgers, both with fries).

The gentlemen sitting at the next table were fascinated with our food and kept asking questions. Probably it was because we were taking pictures, who knows? One insisted he'd never read a blog before, and gave an unsolicited 10 minute discourse on why not.

Anyhow, good work, new guy. Keep it up!

In Videos: Drive-Thru Rap at McDonald's

Dang, Robyn. I've been sitting on this one for a while and just couldn't think of a thing to add to it. Well played.

My favorite part is where they go "Big Mac?" and "Yeah, I got that." Worth waiting until the end.

And then there's the fact that they never actually asked for a Big Mac in the whole thing.

Fort Worth, Texas: A Serious Eating Tour

Bummer about that burger though. At least you have a reason to go back.

City Burger; Fashion District, Manhattan

Zach: I knew I was inviting trouble by saying that. Next time the rings are on me.

Openings: City Burger

Went there for lunch today. I'll try to get a post up tomorrow. Not bad at all!

Ed Interviewing Alton Brown; Adam Live-blogging Soundbites

I hope you blew him a kiss for me, although that might have been weird.

Yeah. Pittsburgh.

I loved Pittsburgh when I was there for three days. We managed to eat at Primanti Bros (of course) as well as have dinner at the Brew Church (decent food, excellent atmosphere), eat a pretzel on a sandwich, and drink Yuengling from morning until night and back again. Maybe it was the company, but I loved it.

It's not fancy like Philly, but satisfying and filling. I consider moving there all the time.

German Packaged and Fast Foods: Ads vs. Reality

That's funny, I took a picture of my microwaved dinner next to its box last night with the same idea in mind.

Brit Eating Animals, from A to Zed

I'm more concerned about X. Alphabet books usually wimp out and go "xylophone" (boring) or "X-mas" (not a word). What X can you eat?

Spumoni: Love It or Leave It?

I adore it. Those are my three favorite flavors, and putting them together is genius!

When I was younger, this flavor would only show up around Christmastime, so I figured it was a seasonal treat.

Procrastination Picadillo

@jpmcd- Nope. Pimento stuffed olives have pimentos where the pits were. I had Spanish Olives (purchased for a yet unmade Chicken Marbella), which still possess pits. Pimento stuffed are better in this dish, not to mention less of a pain.

Procrastination Picadillo

@bitchincamero- First of all, I spelled your name wrong, and I hate that. Sorry! Second, I intended to mention that this isn't spicy, shouldn't have cheese on it, and a few other things. As it is, I went on far too long. I would bet, if you tried it, this might taste like you think it should. Then again, maybe not.

Procrastination Picadillo

@bitchincamaro - Well, whatever you want to call it, the end result was delicious.

Cook the Book: Hamantaschen

These are so good! And pretty much any jelly, jam, or spread is a suitable filling. Try Nutella! Yum!

Love Hurts


In the interest of defending the burgers of Queens (and I'm pretty sure you just mentioned that to goad me into responding), this was a burger from Stout on 33rd St, right here in the Fashion District.

Love Hurts


I'm a little hesitant to sell them out in this public forum as the more people I talk to say this happens all the time with homemade cookouts and such. If

Never happened to me before, and I hope it never happens again. If it's worth mentioning, my buddy's burger did not behave the same way and he escaped completely unscathed.

Pickle Sickle, Anyone?

@dizastress - They're working on a kool-aid type flavor too, I believe.

Boston: Radius Burger

Sounds delicious. I can't abide by all this Boston burger bashing though. I'll have to get back there at some point and stick up for the place.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet Week 8: Timing Is Everything and Temptation at Every Turn

Dear Ed,
Bravo on your progress. You're doing a terrific job. Weight loss ain't easy. I'm in NY for a couple of days visiting my kids. Both of them love to eat. One of them loves (and writes about) burgers, so you know I'm going to be wrapping my jaws around some fine beef on a bun. On top of last night's visit to the 2nd Ave. Deli and a sandwich with everything but the kitchen sink on it. (a chunky slice of heaven, by the way). No doubt there will be more indulgences along the way until my departure tomorrow. What's the point here? Saturday afternoon I have to weigh in at a staff meeting for my job with that company you mentioned above that says we should all "start living". Am I freaked? Sort of. On the other hand I'm going to be enjoying my visit without stifling my enjoyment by eating cottage cheese and a peach half for every meal. But I'll also be walking my feet (and hopefully my butt) off. I've found that straying off whatever plan you're doing for a day or two is not going to make for disaster forever. Focus on the good things you're doing and try to make it past the temptations and challenges. There should be a balance between struggle and a happy life.

Stately Scoops: What Ice Cream Flavor Represents Your State?

@earlybirdkate: Buckeye Blitz is my favorite thing about Ohio.

What popular foods do you hate?

Watermelon! I used to be embarrassed about it, but now I'm sort of fond of the fact that I have unpopular opinions.

I'm such an alien about watermelon that I once bought a so-called seedless one (to make into a fruit basket for others) and spent the next hour infuriated because I had to pick out all those seeds.

Happy Valentine's Day, AHT Style


Your link isn't working for me, so I dug up this one instead:

Thanks for sharing! Looks like a very fun evening. Your WC had better flowers, but ours was better decorated. And the goody bags have improved since 2006.

I tried to go last year but several factors worked against me, and we ended up at Joe's Best Burger in Flushing instead. Not a lick of Valentine's decorations to be found, which was refreshing. Just another day at Joe's.

L.A.'s The Counter Coming to East Coast: West Hartford, Conn., by End of May

I'll make it a point to hit them all up as soon as possible. An all Connecticut burger trip. Whee!

The Evolution of the Big Mac?

Adam: I didn't forget them, I got hungry and went to get something to eat before I was done.


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