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Cook the Book: The Oprah Magazine Cookbook

Jon Stewart because he is a handsome, progressive and Jewish. Roast chicken, asparagus, green salad and something homey for dessert like a fruit crumble. Graham Norton (BBC) although I think he just drinks and i'd be afraid to be the butt of one of his jokes. He is funny, though.

pasta salad for a crowd

That's some bad proofing I did - pasta salad and I'm not keen on anything with a mayo base.

Cook the Book: The River Cottage Cookbook

I grow herbs - lemon blam, basil, rosemary, thyme. I belong to a CSA so I leave the veggies up to them.

Cook the Book: The Cornbread Gospels

Homemade but I wish I could get the corn muffins from my childhood. They were round and about a 1/2 " thick and purchased at the Star Market in Newtonville. Toasted and buttered, they were perfection.

Cook the Book: Nigella Express

Something like a big batch of couscous with chicken on Sunday night that then can be reheated for lunch for at least several days midweek.

Cook the Book: 'My Last Supper'

I'd like to be in my grandmother;'s kitchen eating anything she cooked-dairy kugel, challah and butter, pan fried chicken, toll house cookies.

Cook the Book: 'Roast Chicken and Other Stories'

Yes, I've cooked a chicken with the bag of guts still inside. But that was long ago. Currently, I'm roasting chickens using a recipe from Jamie Cooks - stick a lemon inside it and surround it with roasted potatos and rosemary. Delicious!

Cook the Book: Win a Copy of 'Cook with Jamie'

I taught myself from cookbooks but when I make chocolate chip cookies or brisket, I am definately channeling my grandmother!

Cook the Book: Milk Chocolate with Burnt Caramel Drink

I feel like a bore but it's the toll house chocolate chip cookies from the recipe on the back of the package. Good every time.

Cook the Book: 'Chocolate Holidays'

A little piece of chocolate after dinner (Vosages, preferably) or some hot cocoa in the midafternoon.

Cook the Book: 'Techniques of Healthy Cooking'

Couscous with chicken and root vegetables or salmon baked with a splash of peach salsa. .

Cook the Book: 'The Food You Crave'

Chicken couscous w/ carrots, turnips, peas and some harissa to splash on top.

Cook the Book: 'The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook: The Original Classics'

I find Marth'a recipes to be very very reliable. Well-tested and practically foolproof. Some favorites are a 'light' beef stew, a spring chicken ragout with lemony noodles, and pecan-orange granola. The latter is a favorite and we give jars of it away during the holidays.

Cook the Book: 'The Bacon Cookbook'

I keep kosher now, but when I didn't - bacon wrapped dates at a tapas bar.
Should I win a copy, I have the perfect friend to gift the book to.

Thanksgiving dessert, I'm serving pie and ______

My husband makes sweet potato pie and I make an apple cranberry pudding from Maida Heatter's Classic American Desserts. Sometimes we make turkey shaped sugar cookies and the kids decorate them. I am also thinking of Dorrie Greenspan's all-in-one cake with pumpkin and apples and maple sugar icing.

We definately need something chocolate-y though and the jury's out on what it will be. anyone have a suggestion?

Cook the Book: Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges

Pad thai with tofu. Or maybe pad see yu with those thick rice noodles that are just a little bit crispy-chewy.

Novels with great food scenes... what are your favorites?

I'm living in the south so I don't have much change of making maple snow, but someday I'll try it.


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