• Favorite foods: Cheeses, risotto, anything wrapped in a tortilla, lots of vegetables...

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What do foodies do?

I heart Trader Joes! cornellfoodie, I am jealous!

I am working on my doctorate in public policy...I study public management. This is about the time most eyes being to glaze over but I love it!

Orlando Restaurants

Thank you for your suggestions!

Katarina_Santiago: we are on International in a sea of chains. I think we are going to have a drive a bit to get good food.

Recipe deal-breakers

I agree with quite a few on this list...if it has a cream of _____ soup, I absolutely refuse to make it. In general if it requires any mystery type of pre-packaged, perservative laden food I move on to the next recipe and/or cookbook.

Who has a good online site to order coffee?

The website is down at the moment but a good company in TX is Addison Coffee Roasters. If you like flavored coffee this is one of the best in my opinion. You don't get a chemical aftertaste like you get with so many. "Jamaican Me Crazy" is my favorite! The website when it is up is

Top Chef finale tonight! Casey, Dale or Hung?

Casey is most definitely from Dallas. I would have loved to see her win, would have settled for Dale, and mad as hell that it was Hung.

How I can control my overindulgent tendencies?

I've come to accept my food loving tendencies but I have learned to eat one or two bites to taste and then stop. I've also learned to love running and to love the curves! I will NEVER be skinny but my doc says I'm at least healthy!

Cook the Book: 'Eat This!'

Harold's BBQ in Abilene, Texas- a chopped bbq sandwich, seasoned fries and strawberry cobbler.

If you are lucky you might even get to hear Harold belt out gospel music!

Good, Authentic Mexican Cookbooks?

I'm from Texas and though I feel a bit strange writing this I suggest Williams and Sonoma Mexican cookbook. My brother bought it for me and I was skeptical but it has the basics that I grew up with (I grew up with many Mexican friends who were generous with the food!). I have never been able to make red spanish rice, mostly because my teachers were so adept at cooking it that they had a hard time writing down any sort of a recipe. I can cook it now!

"Alone in The Kitchen....

This has been quite the read because usually I don't indulge when I'm eating alone. My husband does not like meatless meals, therefore eating alone means eating something without meat and lots of veggies. My favorite is simple; whole wheat pasta, zucchini, mushrooms, pine nuts, and garlic. Mmmmm....

Most irritating/dumbest food advertising?

I absolutely cannot stand the Sonic commercials in Texas...there are several (2 guys, 2 girls, and a married couple). So annoying, not funny.

I also dislike a brand of peanut butter, I think it is called Jif. The line is "choosy moms choose Jif (or whatever it is called)". They were REALLY clever when they added dads as an afterthought when the dad made his daughter a sandwhich. It is so irritating that in 2007 marketers still assume that women are the primary buyers of groceries in a household.

Sorry for the long post - you obviously hit a nerve!

Post your profession...

I loved this question...fascinating!

Post your profession...

25 year old working on doctorate degree in Public Administration. Love to cook. Love to eat.

Question of the Day: Listening to music while cooking?

I listen to music most of the time...but when I am cooking I love to listen to NPR.

My pizza stone broke while I was making pizza! What gives?

Sorry about your stone...I've had mine for a little over five years and it is one of my favorite kitchen items! If your pizza was frozen, the contact between the hot stone and the frozen pizza could have caused the split (I think I've heard that somewhere).

Question of the Day: Favorite melons?

I am very lucky to have grown up with Pecos Cantelopes (the dryness of the region in west Texas is perfect for growing really sweet ones). My grandma used to cut them in quarters, spoon out the seeds and put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center. It cannot possibly get more perfect than that.

What food do you wish you liked, but don't?

Fish...I hate it. I try all kinds, so don't respond by telling me to try certain kinds. I want to like it for all the omega-3 goodness but alas I just cannot stomach anything that comes out of the water.

Cook the Book Giveaway: 'Peace, Love, and Barbecue'

My favorite is any cut from Harold's BBQ in Abilene,Texas. It may look a bit sketchy on the outside but inside you find people in every dress imaginable, long tables and benches and Harold singing gospel songs. The experience is far surpassed by the BBQ, though. I love to get the small sandwich and strawberry cobbler. It's absolute heaven.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite doughnut style?

Thank you LunaPierCook for the Tim Horton history lesson...I'm hungry for a doughnut all of the sudden.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite doughnut style?

I have never heard of Tim Hortons...I have a feeling they do not exist in Texas! Where are they?

My favorite is in Abilene, TX at Snow White Bakery. They glaze them and then put chocolate frosting on top. We've since moved but it was our Saturday morning treat about once a month!

What are your favorite bar foods?

They may not be classy but in Texas my favorite bar food are fried pickles!

Question of the Day: What are you doing for Memorial Day Weekend?

I am so jealous of all those who are either having amazing food or doing nothing...I'm getting ready to teach a section of public finance for undergrads for the first summer semester. Sigh...

Cook the Book: 'What's a Cook To Do?' Giveaway

My grandpa gave me the best tip ever...keep your knives sharp. When knives are dull it adds frustration to what should be an enjoyable activity.

Restaurant suggestiong in Atlanta

I looked at the mouth is already watering. I don't know that we will have time on this trip but Epicurean will definitely go down on the to do list when we move there.

Thank superkb for the suggestion!

Cook the Book: 'Texas Cowboy Cookbook' Giveaway

I like my own...part of being born in Texas and being a cook in Texas is knowing how to make a great pot of chili.


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