I'm a librarian, a Wisconsinite (cheese! beer!), a Brooklynite, a poulty lover (live, not cooked), and I'll eat anything once.

  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Favorite foods: pho, mango and sticky rice, bubble tea (non-powder), WI sharp cheddar, fresh lychees are the top five.
  • Last bite on earth: cheesecake.

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Costa Rican Food

This is great! Thanks everyone so far.
I'm drooling thinking about the fruit.

Condiments hate them or love them?

Vinegar is my fave. I wish it was more common at restaurants as a condiment.
I usually end up using hot sauce, for the vinegar taste.

What do you put in your couscous?

I like to make a couscous salad with ruby red grapfruit, salted and chopped almonds and cilantro. Served room temp or chilled.
Raisins would be good in there too for a bit of sweet.

Fruit Soup in New York City?

Re: Adam

The fruit soup I'm thinking of sounds pretty similar to the kiiseli that Katrina mentions. I've had strawberry, blueberry, and cloudberry based versions. The cucumber lime sounds delicious though. Basically, it's like gazpacho but fruit instead of tomato based. Also, the Danish Athletic Club sounds amazing! I was thinking somewhere in Bay Ridge may have it because the Scandinavian roots there.


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