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Lots of blank space in this new format

Tried that. Didn't help. Others seem to be able to see the pictures. But just the words alone on the page make it look like someone with ADD formatted it (read: too busy). Pictures would have helped to break it up.

New Look, No Picture?

Nope. I don't get the pictures either. Go back to the old format please.


It would appear that you have an agenda to preach.

How Is Domino's New Gluten-Free Pizza Crust?

" the end it's a cheese-and-topping delivery system..."

Which is why I usually skip the crust and opt for a bowl of pizza toppings no matter where I get pizza.

Why You Should Buy Fair Trade Coffee

I'd rather have good coffee than fair coffee. I don't buy so-called fair trade nor organic or special labels. Since the price for fair trade is set, what's to keep the farmer from selling his better quality beans elsewhere for a better price and handing over his poorer quality beans to the fair trade market for a guaranteed price? Like a commercial for Kashi, it sounds all happy smiling sunshine, but the consumer is not getting the best end of the bargain unless all the consumer wants is a clean conscious.

Grilled Spaghetti and Meatballs

Why would you waste panko breadcrumbs in a meatball? Panko is specifically for coating a food prior to baking or frying for a crisp delicate crunch. Surely cheaper breadcrumbs, crushed croutons or even no crumbs are better suited for a meatball.

Jr. Seau dead at 43. Sad day in SD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I am sorry for your loss, was it a food related heart attack? If not, perhaps this should be moved to a non-food based website.

That's Nuts: A Nutty Alternative to Roux

I've used almond flour, coconut flour and pecan meal to thicken dishes, but not soups. I do have almond butter and will try that next.

Dinner Tonight: Jamie Oliver's Steamed Asian Chicken "Parcels"

Is this a joke? Are we expected to scour used book stores for the book for the recipe?

Do you have food allergies?

Soy. And it's in so many things, I really can't eat what I don't make. Chocolate aside - the lecithin has no soy protein. But almost anything NOT fresh fruit, veg or meats contains soy, usually has vegetable oil or soy protein or vitamin E, which is synthesized from soybeans. I have to read every label, every time because it might have been added since the last time I bought the product. Even lotions and shampoo affect me.

And I have that oral allergy syndrome with almonds, not roasted/toasted ones, just the raw ones bother me.

How Do You Pay the Bill at Restaurants?

I always ask for separate checks. Always. And it has never been a problem. The server can run each credit card separately. Maybe you hang with a wealthy crowd Max, but I don't make enough to subsidize someone else's excessive drinking and dining to split a check 'evenly'.

Drinking in Season: Ramp Gibson

Well, that and...seriously? Just eat the damn things. What you made was a Dirty Martini.

Panda Express: Orange Chicken (Boo) and New Peppercorn Shrimp (Qualified Yay)

Wait...4 shrimp? I can get a LB (30) for $5 at the grocery. I'd rather cook it myself.

It's Time to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee!

1/3 cup regular ground, regular strength coffee to 12 oz water (you can double or triple it easily). Steep overnight in a covered bowl, strain through a filter, add 8 - 10 oz water depending on how strong you want it. I make 2/3 cup coffee in 24 oz water in one bowl and 1/3 decaf in 12 oz water in another, make cubes out of the decaf and have iced coffee with coffee ice cubes.

Much easier than figuring out ratios and using contraptions.

Spending a Franklin, Would You Rather Spend It-In-House or Out?

Tim, I am too budgetminded to drop $100 on one meal! That's beakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and wine for 4 days for us. Or a couple of months of cat food, lol.

Bread Baking: Reuben Danish

Donna - my husband loves you and wants you to move closer to us.

Really, nothing on the back of a packet of yeast would come close to this.

Austin, Texas Mexican (with gift cards)

Google 'restaurants, austin Tx' and look at the map you get.

Hot Dog of the Week: The Jackalope from Frank in Austin, TX

Love Frank's - wait until the SXSW tourists leave to enjoy it though.

Biscuits spreading too much

You're probably using too much butter. And bake them nestled up against each other in a round pan. I'm not sure where you get this baking soda/baking powder ratio thing. They're biscuits, not molecular gastronomy. Here's the recipe I taught my daughter when she was 4.

1 cup flour
1/2 TB baking powder
pinch salt
3 TB butter
1/3 cup milk more or less

Oven 450. Whisk the dry, cut in the butter, add the milk - it should be sticky. Turn out on a board and knead and fold in more flour until it is no longer sticky. Cut, place side by side on a greased piece of foil and bring the sides up around it, bake about 10 minutes.

We Tried Every White Wine from Yellow Tail

I find their ads so offensive that it doesn't matter how good or inexpensive they are, I will never knowingly drink them.

Nutrela - High Protein Soy Chunks

Seriously, if they restaurant makes it well, support them and their efforts by eating it there.

Food Commercials? Which ones tempt you (or not) the most?

I doubt I have ever bought a product based solely on how much I liked their ad, but the Yellowtail wine ads top the list of never-even-if-my-life-depended-on-it. That condescending pseudo-British female voice grates on me.

Watching women eat chocolate orgasmically - Ghiradelli squares, Hershey's bliss, Lindt Lindor - big turn off.

Determining ingredients in a recipe?

Wow, if I had that kind of money to blow, I'd just buy the recipe from the chef. Have you thought to ask him or her?

What's the sauce? Why is there only one recipe? Have you looked at others to compare? Tried to make others?

What are your favorite brands of Slivovitz?

How odd, I just bought my first bottle this morning. Zwack is the brand. They had another, but this was a dollar cheaper and I wasn't sure I'd like it. Um...I don't. I hope it mixes well.


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