my life revolves around food! :)

  • Location: Northern New Jersey
  • Favorite foods: i love it all.. and i'm always hungry for more! buffalo wings, french fries, breakfast, pizza, sushi, steak.. BBQ, peruvian, soul food.. burgers, thai, seafood, indian.. the list goes on and on.
  • Last bite on earth: that's almost impossible to answer..

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Cooking Class Recommendations

ICE for sure. They have so many classes to choose from, including couples classes. Located on 23rd bet 5th & 6th.

Help! best mac n cheese in NYC?

thank you maggie.. i did just that right before heading out. funny enough, did not have any mac n cheese last night- ended up at the meatball shop :)

@ savory, thanks.. looks great! can't wait to try them!

Last meal of 2011?

@ gargupie.. you read my mind, i woke up thinking about mitsuwa. but i want some spicy miso ramen, yummm. HUNGRYYY!

Last meal of 2011?

well, besides my filet mignon brunch, i've had junk all day.. totally unexpected. cheesey bread from dominoes, red velvet cupcakes from mr. cupcakes, some thai chili wings that i made, puerto rican coquito, and some costco taquitos.. so unlike me, not sure how this all came about lol hopefully not a glimpse of meals to come in 2012! at least i have lots of bubbly on hand! ::cheers::

be safe out there everyone! less than two hours to go!!

Last meal of 2011?

i'm glad you were still able to enjoy your lettuce wraps lili.. don't you hate when someone interferes with a good meal!?

good use of leftovers alice! enjoy!!

mushrooms.. madeira cream sauce.. goat cheese- what else do you need! :) cheers!

Last meal of 2011?

wowww, you guys are fancy! ..anyone have room for one more at the table!?? haha everything sounds delicious!

my last meal of the year is still up in the air.. but i wish you all many many more great meals to come in 2012! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!! :)


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