Leeanne Griffin

I'm a freelance food writer in the Hartford area. While Connecticut is indeed the Land of Steady Habits, it boasts some surprisingly delicious eats.

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  • Location: Hartford, CT
  • Favorite foods: Pizza. Obviously. And then pretty much anything else except for pickles. Some favorites are: seafood (particularly lobster,) sushi, steak, Indian food, Vietnamese food, and any and all kinds of bread.
  • Last bite on earth: Most likely a high-end cheese.

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Fast Food: My McRib Confession

+1 for the Whalom Park reference, says this Worcester kid. Whaaaaalom Park...for a whale of a time!

Chain Reaction: P'Zones Suck Even More Than You'd Imagine

@meleyna I was only really allowed to redeem them if my dad took us to Pizza Hut. My mom haaaaated Pizza Hut (most pizza in general) so she made him do the dirty work.

Chain Reaction: P'Zones Suck Even More Than You'd Imagine

Will, I loved every word of your lede, because I too grew up in Massachusetts in the 80s and we split our time between Pizza Hut and Papa Gino's. Did you by any chance have the Book-It program in your school? My mother used to practically discourage me from reading, because I'd earn enough free Pizza Hut coupons to eat there for a year.

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Food Souvenirs to 'Smuggle' Home

Not illegal, but difficult - my husband just returned from a business trip to Southern California and brought home two very carefully packed In-n-Out burgers in his luggage. Thanks to an insulated lunch bag, Ziplocs of hotel ice and the cold of the cargo bin, they made it home to Connecticut in one piece and reheated pretty damn well.

Pizza Obsessives: Meredith Smith, Slice Editor

It's Worcester (Woosta) not War-chest-er :) welcome Meredith!

Baconalia: Denny's Does Bacon 7 Ways

I noticed on the website menu that Denny's described the sundae as having "maple-flavored syrup." Hey, at least they're honest. Did it taste like an imitation syrup?

United States of Pizza: Massachusetts

Echoing all the central/western Massachusetts comments above. Most agree that "western Massachusetts" begins once you cross into the 413 area code territory.

Daily Slice: Mulberry Street Pizza, Manchester, Connecticut

@ratbuddy and @John, for what it's worth, Mulberry Street advertises itself as New York style.

Daily Slice: The Corner Grille, Worcester, Massachusetts

and VanessaN is right - the pizza goes fast because the crust is so thin.

Daily Slice: The Corner Grille, Worcester, Massachusetts

This is in my hometown and about five minutes from where I went to college. The chicken pesto pie is fabulous, as is (surprisingly) the chicken Caesar salad pie.

The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide

This is phenomenal. I'm a New Englander, so In-n-Out is an elusive treat. I've been to California a handful of times in the past six or seven years, and In-n-Out is ALWAYS my first stop upon deplaning. Thanks for all your research.

Daily Slice: Harry's Bishops Corner Pizza, West Hartford, Connecticut

@JimmyDuck: I'm not positive but I'm guessing it wasn't put on the pizza raw. The steak was definitely medium (but not tough.)

5 Ways to Fix Your Restaurant's Website

Yes. YES. Hallelujah to this entire article. I'm a dining blogger for a local newspaper and I spend many hours on restaurant sites. My biggest pet peeves are Flash and PDFs, though website music is pretty awful.

A site done entirely in Flash is rendered utterly useless on a smartphone unless you have a Droid, as a previous commenter mentioned. If I can't access your site on my ancient BlackBerry, chances are I am not going to patronize your establishment. PDFs - same deal. Particularly if the file is over 1 MB.

Those same kind of frustrating formats spill into pitches and press releases from restaurants and their reps, too. I once got a 2MB POWER POINT presentation from a restaurant's marketing person.