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The Thanksgiving dish you are looking forwards too?

Sweet Potato Casserole, and the turkey wing, and the next days dark meat turkey, cornbread stuffing and cranberry sauce and mayo sandwich.

Ricotta pound cake

Oh yes please submit your recipe, I love pound cake and love ricotta and I plan to make my own ricotta soon, btw I would just pipe in a sweetened ricotta filling into the top of the cake then unmold and that top is the bottom now no one will see the holes on the bottom.

Cooking egg whites

I just like fried egg whites cooked in bacon grease it only happens when I have leftover egg whites, make sure they get crispy. I guess I'm odd but its really tasty.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Puff Pastry FTW, Literally

I have to get to the store to make this but I love using the cups of puff pastry and make a honey and fruit ricotta filling but for the contest I will be making the honey filling and topping with a cranberry eye made from fresh cranberries cooked in some sugar and water till burst then topping the eye with the sweetened juice that's thickened enough to make it into a blood red eye ball.

Confession: I'm A Crystal Light Fan

I usually have a pitcher of the crystal light fruit punch in my fridge and a big pitcher at that so it dilutes it a bit. I pour in 3/4 of it into my cup the add in some soda water to taste. Now I have seen at Walmart they have Crystal light flavors to add to your soda system carbonated water, I will picking one of those soon. But if you have the soda system its easier to get a crystal light flavor made for the soda system than trying to add the dry powder to a can of already fizzy water.

Chain Reaction: California Dreaming

You should have had the House salad and She Crab soup, you get a croissant with the salad.

Food Processor Alternatives

My mom is going to need to buy a food processor because her vision is not very good she has tried a mandolin but she got a bad cut using it and would pro ally have the same problem with a knife so if she needs to slice a lot of something what else could she do but get a food processor with slicing blade.

Best and Fave ways to have Yukon Golds??

Pioneer Woman's crash hot potatoes. Never made this but I can imagine that the smaller yukons as a one bite potato skins, might need to try that soon.

One kitchen item you hate to wash?

Mesh strainer and anything to big for the sink.

Peruvian-Style Grilled Chicken With Green Sauce

I have 4 10lb bags of chicken leg quarters in my freezer and would like to use some of them for this recipe. First for 10lbs of chicken quarters should I double the rub and the sauce. Also and more importantly how should I cook those quarters and for how long.

Serious Heat: A Guide to Chile Substitutions

I need to make a pork enchilada recipe in which it called for canned green chiles I was just at the store yesterday and forgot to pick them up but I have small green chili peppers I think similar to a banana pepper that is very mild I would ass use I could roast these in the oven like at 500 or under other broiler and then let them sweat in a plastic bag and chop these and use them in place of the canned green chiles, how many small peppers to equal a 4oz can

Where to Find Duck Fat French Fries Across the Country

Any place in Pittsburgh to find Duck fat fried fries, closest to me on that list is Ohio.

Bake the Book: 'People's Pops'

Banana pops are a favorite but I love a good Coconut popsicle.

Sweet Potato Pie

Oh I just found out that goat cheese, honey and sweet potato go great together I wonder if it would work out in a sweet potato pie.

Share Your Sweets: Banana Sweets

I agree the Dorie Greenspan bundt is my forever go to banana recipe no banana bread beats this recipe.

The Food Lab: For The Best Buffalo Wings, Fry, Fry Again

So I really want to try this for the Superbowl, I am going to buy the wings, and Franks sauce tomorrow and have a cast iron Dutch oven here to fry in but can I do this all in one day and not freezing the wings. I'm in a condo kitchen and don't have much freezer room.

Served: Cheeses That Will Make Your Heart Sing

Another Cypress Grove new fan I just finished a quarter pound hunk of Truffle Tremor, so good.

Ask Mario Batali Anything

What can you add or do to a tomato baised pasta sauce that does not make it so heavy and acidic. And I want to expand my love of cheese but don't like oozy cheese like Brie, well I don't like Brie but other kinds I may like, I just don't know which may be really good, and I don't like really stinky cheese. I just feel overwhelmed at a cheese counter.

Current food craving?

Blue Crabs, Mexican Food, Fruit, and a Blueberry Milkshake with real blueberries.

Poll: Anchovies on Pizza - Way or No Way?

Yes I do like anchovies and especially on pizza but I would rather make the pizza my self than order one with anchovies. I don't like just having that one bit and the anchovy falls off the pizza withe the cheese into your mouth. I just chop up the anchovy and evenly spread on the pizza so their is a moderate amount and its not just in one salty bite.

Mall food court serious eats?

Auntie Anne's Pretzels, a little ice cream place at our local malls food court makes the best Blueberry Milkshake. But the best there is Villa Pizza's Garlic Rolls, I really wish I could find a recipe to recreate them.

How Are You Making Your Turkey? Try Alton Brown's Recipe

@mdeatherage Don't worry I don't even make the stuffing its usually my mom who comes over sometime before the turkey is done and has made the stuffing in a casserole dish then its re heated in the oven in a rack under the turkey beside my sweet potato casserole. We like the crunchy top of the stuffing anyway. But sometime maybe this year we want to actually make stuffing balls or maybe just bake it in a muffin tin. The only thing that goes in my turkey is a onion, orange, garlic, and herbs.

How Are You Making Your Turkey? Try Alton Brown's Recipe

Every time I make Thanksgiving dinner which has been me for the past 4 or 5 years I have made Alton's Recipe it turns out so moist even white meat haters like me love the moist white meat in this turkey. Although I don't heat the apple onion mixture that goes in the cavity, And I make a compound butter with herbs and place that and some whole sage leaves under the skin then lightly rub with some canola oil and S&P it.

Settle an argument

I don't fish that much but I do love a fresh trout that I catch myself. And I only like it dusted with flour and seasoned then pan fried till the skin is crisp and browned. And I would never not eat the skin because that's the best part. Fish is kinda plain with out seasoned fish skin. I even eat the tail and fins.

A kitchen appliance you are scared to use

Yes somewhat scared of Gas Stoves. I grew up with electric and my aunt has gas. I don't mind using it per-say but more if something would go wrong and Boom! I have a flat top electric stove and It works pretty good. I would love a induction stove though. Even if it was a one burner counter-top kind just so I could boil water faster. I have never used a pressure cooker before and I am scared of them also. But deep fryers and even just pan frying I hate getting oil jumping out of the pan or fryer and burning me and if I do use a deep fryer I use a basket or a spider to gently lower food in the I get out of the way a bit or I use a splatter screen on a pot. Oh but I love my Kitchen Aid, Food Processor, Mandoline, and Kitchen Torch.


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