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Group drinks in midtown

I'm organizing a meetup/happy hour for anywhere from 15-30 people (most of whom are from out of town) the Friday evening before the marathon. I'm looking for a place in midtown, preferably, where we can get some drinks, apps, chat and likely take a ton of pictures. The perfect place wouldn't be too loud (so we can hear each other) and won't be overrun by tourists.

Everyone is paying their own tab, so I don't think a party or group space will work for this.

I appreciate any and all suggestions! Thanks!

Brunch near the Highline

Looking for suggestions for brunch near the Highline. Two people in the party are unable to eat gluten and one is a vegetarian, so there should be some choices available. Also, we're looking for something that's moderately priced. Open to all types of cuisine. Any ideas?

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