Super Bowl Help - need some creative suggestions....

I think the quesadillas and some homemade pizza would be great, you can vary the toppings and fillings to suit both your own and your guests.
-mild veggie chili
-strimboli w lowfat chees and marinara
grilled shrimp skewers

Ever ruined something by trying to turn it healthy?

I actuall made english muffin pizzas last night and used part skim mozzarell and those ones were fine (I find part skim and red fat cheese work great) however I ran out and used some Low fat shredded cheese. The lf cheese ones barely melted and were totally missing the gooey cheesieness that makes pizza amazing. lesson learned, oh well

Surf and turf

I've had pancetta wrapped salmon-very good

Mine is Better Than Yours

I have a few.
-My mom's stuffing, or my Aunt's for that matter. We went to a restaurant one infamous Thanksgiving when I was about 10 years old and I ordered the turkey dinner. They tried to "gourmet up" the stuffing with slivered almonds and dried cranberries. It wasn't even cooked in the bird. I was so bummed.
-My dad's egg salad. very basic eggs, mayo, salt and pepper but its still warm when I get it and it comes from my dad. I ordered it in a deli once and it was ice cold and it had a lot of mustard in it. Ewww
-My mom makes the best stuffed peppers. Never seem as good when I'm out.

Taco Night! Weekly Food Rituals ...Got One?

For the penne alla vodka I meant grilled chicken an diced proscuitto added to the sauce.
I usually grill up about 20 chicken breasts on Sunday night and use them all week in salad for lunch and in various dinners like the penne alla vodka, quesadillas or made into parmesan. I have also added leftover breaded chicken cutlets, sausage, and shrimp to the vodka sauce depending on what I have. The proscuitto is a constant though.

Taco Night! Weekly Food Rituals ...Got One?

We have three that are regulars every week:
chicken quesadillas with all the fixins
Chicken fried rice w scrambled eggs
Penne alla vodka w/ proscuitto and grilled chick diced in sauce
Friday we eat out (date night)
and there is usually one take out night pizza or chinese

dinner ideas for when it's stinking hot

As most people, we grill a lot. I do a lot of pasta and stir fry too lately. We are on a penne alla vodka w proscuitto and grilled chicken kick lately. I went to a barbeque with a great pasta salad penne, diced mozzarella, diced grilled chick, sundried tomatoes and balsamaic vinegrette. I'm gonna try and duplicate that. I also love tortellini salad.

Switch up your palate

I am definitely a creature of habit during the work week. I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch at the same time. Cereal everyday. Dinners vary and the weekends are always different and unpredictable. Weekends we sometimes go out or cook breakfast/combine it with lunch, have a large late afternoon meal and go out for appetizers and listen to a band at around 10pm. I have several meals that I cook regularly because we both really enjoy them. Current dinner favorites are penne alla vodka with grilled chicken and proscuitto, chicken fried rice, chicken cutlets with french cut green beans, grilled pork tenderloin, chicken quesadillas with bacon and guacomole, chicken parm.

menu help for a 4-day reunion

BBQ chicken- just slather chicken parts with your favorite sauce and grill
pasta salad- a super easy one is tricolor rotini or tortellini or penne, halved cherry tomatoes, diced mozzarella, and italian dressing.
bean salad
Pre cooked trays of Italian food like baked ziti, stuffed shells, pasta with chicken and broccili, stuffed peppers.
grilled chicken wings
sausage and peppers

Pre-boxed meals

You can also try frozen foods, birds eye makes rice and veg blends that you just need to add chicken steak or shrimp to.
Lean cuise and stouffers also make frozen in bag full skillet meals like chicken and past or beef stew.
Trader JOes makes great frozen entrees. They have pizzas,mojito salmon, frozen chicken kabobs and frozen risotto that you can just add protein to. They also have frozen stir fry kits.
I am also a fan of rice a roni as a side especially rice pilaf, chicken, and spanish flavors.

Name foods/condiments that taste good with practically anything

salt, avocadoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegrette.

Help! Need (food) recipe to impress date

ITs really thoughtful of you to cook for your date.

An easy appetizer would be jumbo shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce and maybe avocadoes. Stuffed mushrooms are great and u can use meat or seafood.

My current boyfriend doesnt really cook much but one special memory I have is a night he went to an Italian market and bought freshmade minestrone soup (i love soup), he also got premade breaded chicken cutlets sauce and fresh mozz and made chicken parm. He also got wine, set the table really nice with candles and got a fresh baked loaf of bread.

I also remember a date made me a seared scallop appetizer with an orange coulis sauce. He also made stuffed peppers with ground turkey and bread crumbs. I was really impressed that he took the time to plan the dinner for me. He said he got the recipes from the light version of the Allrecipes cookbook.

Roasted eggplant ideas

You could make ratatouille or use it as a sandwich/burger topper

Healthy Work Lunch Ideas

kebabs with chicken, shrimp, steak or fish and a variety of veggies (mushreeoms, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, onions). You can grill the night before or skewer and marinate and let him throw on bbq.

stir fry is great- lots of veg, lean protein, a little rice.

cold cut roll ups- ham or turkey, cheese and pickle

Healthy after work dinner?

I make stir fry with chicken or shrimp and frozen veg over brown rice
egg white veggie and turkey omlettes with a little cheese and whole wheat toast
baked chix cutlets
pizza on ww crust with lots of veggies and part skim cheese
grilled chix/shrimp and veg skewers with ww pita

New Easter side dishes?

I love simply roasted asparagus with olive oil and sea salt
sweet potato fries or mashed sweets would be great with the ham

College Care Package - what reheats well in microwave?

I was also thinking of soup or stew, bean soups like lentil or split pea or beef stew with potatoes, peas and carrots reheat well. Italian food like baked ziti and lasagna, stuffed shells, chili, stir frys, chicken parmesan.

Freezer Meals for a single college student.

That is such a nice idea. I would suggest beef or chicken stew, pea or lentil soup, italian sauce with meatballs and sausage (he can just boil some pasta), stuffed shells, baked ziti, chili, swedish meatballs. You can by the disposable glad containers to freeze individual servings.

Backyard Wedding Menu Planning--whaddaya like?

Congratulations- a few ideas
fresh mozz, ontario tomato, basil salad
shrimp cocktail
crab cakes
hummus, falafel balls
skewers- veggie- eggplant, portabello, tomato, tofu, seitan
chicken, fish, or steak
homemade slaw, mac and cheese, grilled corn on cob, grilled veggies.

Valentine's Ham Dinner--Ladies Only!

sauteed collard greens or spinach in garlic and olive oil, black eyed peas, roast asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes.

In need of tasty Vegetarian recipes!

Pizza, spinach artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, quesadillas, lasagna, baked ziti

Crab Meat! Craving dip...

you can make a hot spinach and artichoke dip and add crab meat to that.

What should I make for a French Appetizer?

french onion or real cream of mushroom soup. coquilles sa jacque (scallops). salad compose with frisee and lardons.

Mall food court serious eats?

I love the arthur treacher fish fry combo, sbarro's huge cheesy slices and plates of pasta, panda express salty greasy chicken w mushrooms and lo mein noodles

How Would You Make Surf and Turf Pizza

I was thinking of chicken and shrimp franchese styly on thin crisp crust no red sauce and shaved parmesan on top
or a scampi sauce i would make the sauce and protien is a sautee pan and dry bake the crust
artichokes would be a nice addition

Canola oil for roasted veggies?

I have some veggies that I want to roast today (zuccini, eggplant and yellow squash? I am out of olive oil and can't get to the store. I have canola oil. Do you think it will taste ok if I use canola instead of olive to drizzle before roasting. I usually also add balsamic and sea salt. Thank you for your help.

Las Vegas all meals

I am going to Las Vegas, staying at the Hard Rock for a bachelorette party weekend. I have never been before and am very excited. The only thing is we have no food included in our package, not even continental breakfast. Eating out three meals a day can really add up. We'll be there three nights and 4 days. I was wondering if there is a grocery store on the strip so I can pick up breakfast foods and snacks for the room. I am also interested in any budget friendly places to eat. I like most types of food. Also any must see sites or activities. Thank you so much in advance.


I am headed to Acapulco this weekend would love food/ restaurant recommendations. I like pretty much all foods. Do they have sushi places? Starbucks? Price range is moderate to cheap, nothing super expensive. I've been to Mexico numerous times but never Acapulco. Is there a local dish that I shouldn't miss. I will be staying at the Avalon Excaliber. It is an all inclusive but we got such a good deal that I have no problem having some meals out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Help chicken marsala

I have been asked to bring chicken marsala to our family Christmas Eve celebration. I have never made it before so I am looking for a great recipe and and any advice you have.

Christmas eve make ahead fish dish

My family is having our usual Christmas Eve gala. There will be 20 of us and the theme is seafood. I am looking for ideas on what to bring. I want something that can be mostly prepared ahead as I will be bring this to my uncle's house and the kichen burners and oven will be very crowded. I was thinking of a seafood paella but can this be made in advance? No cream or dairy please, we have several allergies and intolerances. Thank you in advance for your input.

What to eat 1st time in Paris

I am planning a trip to Paris in September. We are staying for 4 nights and I have never been before. I am looking for recommendation as far as what to eat, restaurants, markets. I am primarily looking for cafes and bistros mabe one or two fancy places. I like most foods but am not a fan of organ meat, foi gras, brains, veal or lamb. I am looking forward to bouillabase and baguettes. We don't have any plans as of yet and will need breakfast lunch and dinner. We are staying 2 blocks from the Eiffel tower. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Christmas Fish to serve a crowd

We are hosting Christmas Eve this year, 17 guests. We always have fish, but my mom always makes fried flounder. Poppy has been having heart trouble and we have several Diabetics so I want to do something healtier. I was thinking of a large roast salmon. Does anyone have a tasty, healthy fish recipe that can feed a crowd. Nothing fried please.

What temp for roasted potato and root veg

I am bringing new roasted potato and carrot, parsnip, sweet potato mix to Thanksgiving. Very simple, just olive oil, fresh rosemary, S+P. I will cut them all uniformly. What temp and for how long should I roast? Thank you for your help.

Baked Oatmeal

There is a breakfast/lunch place on Long Island called Maureen's kitchen that makes the most amazing baked oatmeal I have ever tasted. It contains raisens, dried cranberries, walnuts, apple slices and orange zest. It is served with steamed milk on the side. It is a drier consistency than oatmeal and appears to have been baked in a sheet pan. It tastes amazing and I have never had anything similar. I would love to replicate this at home. Does anyone have a recipe? Calling this oatmeal does not do it justice, it is so much more.


I was just reading the Thanksgiving favorites and no one mentioned turnips. Maybe I'm wierd but ever since I was little, mahed turnips with better have been a favorite. I have been known to microwave a bowl full as a snack. Am I alone?

Marinade for Trader Joe's Salmon patties

I bought a package of TJ's frozen salmon patties, only ingredient salmon. I baked them last night and added honey mustard marinade to add flavor. The salmon quality is good and the nutritionals are even better but the taste is was a bit bland. The honey mustard was ok but not great. I'm looking for any suggestions to make these patties taste better. Thank you in advance for your help.

What to expect, English food

I am going to the UK in July, staying for 2 weeks with a friend in Devon, Ilfracombe. I have never been to Europe and am wondering what to expect food wise. I am clueless so any info would be helpful. For example, what are common breakfasts, BBQ foods, are there any Starbucks or American chains?, any wierd food customs? I will be staying with my friends family so I am curious about day to day, not necessarily special occasion. Thank you for your help.

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