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Tips for a beginner?

@renee and traveller: Yes! The Betty Crocker cookbook is such a great starter. I bought that in my last year of college and it taught me a lot. Nice pics and tables make things really easy for someone who hasn't cooked a lot. Easy recipes too!

Also, I have found that most of Ina Garten's recipes are a hit. Many of them are very easy and give great results.

Dining near Detroit

@Luna-I'm not quite sure which hotel we will be at. My hubby is organizing this trip. I know it will be close to the Palace though. Chicken Shack looks pretty darn good! It's hard to top fried chicken though :-)

Coffee Maker recommendations?

@renzata: I just saw the brewstation at the store last night and I thought the idea was really cleaver. Of course I was concerned about my travel mug not fitting under there. I'm glad they are making the new model. I'm also glad you brought up the size issue. My cabinets do hang low so I will have to measure. Thanks for mentioning that...I never would have even thought about that problem!

Coffee Maker recommendations?

@joyy-I've never had a French press but I have always wanted one! The bad news is that I am too lazy to get up and make coffee before work. I will probably need a programmable coffee maker. I might get the French press for the weekends though :-)

Let's Talk Cookies... What's Your Favorite "Go To" Cookie

Rolled sugar cookies with buttercream frosting! It's probably my favorite because it reminds me of being a kid at Christmas time. My mom and I made those cookies for Santa every year...even after I stopped believing in him :-)

What lunch box did you have - what was in it?

@britt and Chelly: I had the NKOTB lunchbox as well! It was orange and tacky as hell. Man, I looked cool with it though! My best friend and I will be seeing NKOTB in KC, MO this November. After nearly 20 years I finally get to see them in concert!

Toronto eats

Thank you all for taking the time to give me suggestions. I'm going to have a really hard time deciding where to eat now :-) Luckily I live in Michigan so I will have the opportunity to visit Toronto again in the future.

Toronto eats

@wellred: Yes, we will be driving around or using the subway. Thanks for the suggestions. Cowbell looks like a lot of fun!

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for dining in Montreal I will be there for one night as well.

Toronto eats

@Maureen: We will be staying about 4 miles from the downtown area on Roncescalles Ave. It looks like it's right around the intersection of King street west and Queen street west. Thanks a lot for the help! I love Greek but my husband is not so crazy about it. I might have to have some baklava for dessert though!

Recommendations for favorite Bar-B-Que cook book?

Thanks to everyone for all of the great suggestions! I really appreciate it. Have a good weekend!


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