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Tarragon ideas

I stuff as much leftover tarragon as possible into a bottle of "white balsamic" vinegar (I've only ever used the Trader Joe's stuff). Terrific stuff.

Friday steak night - Tri Tip

Pan sear and finish in the oven will work fine; the opposite way - roasting it in a slow oven until maybe 115-120f and then searing it might work even better (aiming to finish medium rare/~130f. A simple pan sauce, maybe red wine/shallots/rosemary & you should be very happy. One of my favorite cuts.

Searing question

Used the heat gun on SV'd turkey legs, & it did quite a nice job. Torch arrived today, a Bernzomatic Jumbo Flame propane torch (JT680). I used it on an SV'd eye of round roast, starting the searing in a hot cast iron skillet & rotating the piece with tongs, applying the torch to the area just seared by the skillet. It worked. Not brilliant.

I get the feeling this is an acquired skill.

Searing question

Tried the heat gun; it didn't do much. Torch it is...

Searing question

Yeah - hardware seems to be the way to go.

As for the heat gun, I'm going to start the sear in the skillet & then apply the heat gun - same as Kenji does with the torch in the Ultimate Steak post.

In fact I think I'm going to go get a steak & try this RIGHT NOW.

Will post results.


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