The Food Lab: 5 Steps to the Best Grilled Shrimp

The easiest way I know of to grill moist shrimp is to grill them with the heads on. Problem solved!

The Best Lobster Rolls in Boston

I was in Boston recently and tried to get into the Neptune Oyster. Forget it. I'm sorry, but no sandwich is worth a two hour wait.

Taste Test: The Best Supermarket Bacon

Oscar Meyer? Seriously? That's salted cardboard. I'll buy Wright's brand over all other supermarket brands any day. The very best commercially available bacon I've had is Nueske's. I order it every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is divine.

8 Nonalcoholic Drinks That'll Satisfy When You're Craving a Cocktail

One of my favorite things to drink when I was pregnant was OJ combined with ginger ale. Easy and delicious. Served in a wine glass with a little ice.

Why My Fridge Is Never Without Shirataki Noodles (and Yours Shouldn't be Either)

@joan clone
I have IBS and eat a low FODMAP diet and I eat shirataki noodles all of the time. My grocery store only carries the soy version but I've also eaten the traditional ones. All shirataki noodles are very low in starch and low in calories.

Which are the Best Inexpensive Mandoline Slicers?

I have that Benriner model and I don't much like it. The bed where the food sits is way too narrow. Even your basic tomato is too wide to sit there. And the finger guard is totally worthless. After slicing my thumb open one time while using it, I have switched to wearing Kevlar gloves (the kind used for oyster shucking).

Meet Smørrebrød, the Best Sandwich You're Not Eating

Huh. I already make my own sourdough rye; these sandwiches look like a great idea!

The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Prime Rib

I have been using Kenji's recipe for perfect prime rib since he first published it in 2009. My roasts always turn out perfectly, no matter the size. I have my butcher remove the meat from the bone and then tie it back on so I can cook it on the bone and then have a very easy time slicing it.

Perfect perfect perfect.

Win a Copy of 'Plenty More'

Sweet potato gnocchi

Cook the Book: 'Down South' by Donald Link

Simple Orange-Carrot Juice

I made orange-carrot-ginger juice last night but I did it without a recipe. I had about 10 lbs of carrots, two oranges, and an inch of ginger root. It all went into the juice and came out amazing.

Quick Drinks: Tart Cherry Cocktail

My drink of choice lately: 2 parts either gin or vodka, 1 part fresh lime juice, 1 part simple syrup. Shake with ice, pour into chilled martini glass. To give it a new twist, use vodka that you've infused for 24 hours with fresh tarragon.

Bacon, Cheese, and Scallion Waffles

Y'all are not making it easy for me to stick to my new year's diet.

Eat This Now: Rabbit Dumplings From Cochon, New Orleans

The best Donald Link restaurant going right now is Peche which serves the freshest seafood perfectly grilled over a wood fire. Dang, I need to get back there now.

Cook the Book: 'The New Midwestern Table'

A classic pot roast!

The Food Lab: Slow-Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb With Garlic and Rosemary

This looks very similar to the way I do boneless leg of lamb except I cook it on a rotisserie on my grill. It's fantastic.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Secret Weapons Pork Kit

The Food Lab: Hasselback Potato Gratin (These Might be the Best Potatoes Ever)

Dear God, man! That looks stupendous.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Phantom of the Fridge Secret Stash

Dark chocolate and a bourbon. It's a great combination.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Perfect Steak Set from Double R Ranch Co.

A beautifully grilled rare ribeye, topped with a pat of herbed butter.

The Ultimate Homemade Green Bean Casserole

I've been making a similar casserole for years. One thing I found to amplify the flavor is to soak some dried porcini mushrooms in water or broth and use that in the sauce. Chop the reconstituted porcini and add them to the mixture too. Mmm, mmm, good.

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: John Besh's New Orleans

I recently had dinner at Luke, my first experience at a John Besh establishment. OMYGOD it was good. The flamkuchen (sp?), the choucroute, the mussels, the oysters; it was all fantastic.

Why Have I Never Tried: Chunky?

Oh, Chunky! That was my favorite candy when I was a teenager ... 40 years ago. They were delicious and almost as big as the palm of my hand.

Cook the Book: 'Mastering Fermentation'

Smashed Green Beans and Potatoes with Pancetta from 'The Glorious Vegetables of Italy'

That sounds yummy! I make a smothered potatoes and green beans dish with bacon that is cooked until everything is well done. I'm going to have to try the smashed recipe!

Bottled Kimchee Base, how do I use it?

Help me please! I just purchased a small bottle of kimchee base. It is 6.7 ounces and contains garlic, salt, hot pepper, fish sauce, apple, and seaweed. Those are the only English words on the label and I don't read Korean. Can I mix this with cabbage and ferment it to make a traditonal style kimchee? Or do I make more of a quick kimchee with it by mixing it with fresh ingredients? Are there other uses for it beside making kimchee? Maybe I could mix it with something to make a dressing or dip? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

First Supper From New Kitchen?

I've been living without a kitchen for over 5 weeks while we renovate. The end is in sight and I almost feel like I've forgotten how to cook. I'm looking for suggestions for a celebratory, new kitchen supper. I'm a good home cook who is not afraid to try new things. What would you cook to initiate a new kitchen? The only thing I've got on the menu right now is champagne! Thanks in advance for you suggestions.

Edible DIY: Lemon Salt with Fennel and Chili

Growing up, I thought there was only one kind of salt. It came in a navy blue canister with a picture of a girl carrying an umbrella and the slogan, "When it rains, it pours." It wasn't until my early twenties that I discovered a whole world of salts beyond Morton's. And it was a revelation. More