I am a 28 year old Chicago resident and food blogger. I post original recipes everyday. I focus on making delicious food a little bit healthier.

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  • Favorite foods: Anything involving cheese or chocolate!
  • Last bite on earth: Artichoke Pizza - from Basille's Pizza and Bar in Manhattan

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Chicago Tacos: A Personal Letter to Mercadito

I went to Mercadito once, and never felt the need to go back. The best part about most taco places is that you get to try many different types of tacos. Having to order 4 of the same tacos does completely suck the fun out of the experience. It is also so expensive. The food is good, it didn't wow me. It wasn't a very memorable experience. The things that I remember are the prices, the noise, and the hectic atmosphere.
I would much rather go to Big Star or Taco Joint.
@likenoneother - Taco Joint is going to open up in River North soon (they are already hiring so I would imagine within the next month or so).

If you could eat at Only One Chicago Restaurant

I just tried Gemini Bistro and it was absolutely incredible. The food, atmosphere and service were all outstanding. It just skyrocketed to the top of my favorite Chicago restaurant list. It is also more mid-priced (about $60 a person). Here is my full review:

If you could eat at Only One Chicago Restaurant

Such a great question. I love that people are having such a hard time picking just one!

Cheap dinners:
Big Star
Athenian Room

Mid price:

Mercat a la Planxa

Southport Grocery

A more complete list:

What should I include in my Wedding Registry?

I cook and I bake all the time - I have a food blog. We can't have a grill (our condo in Chicago won't allow them). The kitchen is a reasonable size, large for a city. We have lots of kitchen stuff already, but I am looking to upgrade/get matching sets instead of things. My fiance has managed to burn spaghetti in the past so he doesn't cook.

What's on your kitchen swag gift list?

I actually posted yesterday about 10 of my favorite kitchen products. I do own and use all of these products. The most expensive is a $100 espresso machine (which is awesome), while the least expensive is a $15 cheese grater.

Mushroom Mac & Cheese

I need to try this! It looks so rich and creamy!

Ideas for SE Chicago site

I find topics like Cheap Dinner, Date Night, Good for Groups to be very helpful. Sometimes I don't know what type of cuisine I want and I want a way to browse restaurants that isn't based on cuisine.

Best place for brunch in Chicago?

I am a huge fan of Southport Grocery, located just off the Southport Brown Line stop. They have this amazing artichoke omlet that is served with their signature red potato mash. Their bread pudding cupcake pancakes are also delicious!


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