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Latin American Cuisine: Colombian Arepas

everytime i make the dough, it turns out to be really dense and heavy. Will adding oil and more moisture then letting it rest for 5 minutes make the buns a bit more fluffier?

Any tips for great food in Ottawa?

Getsomeeats has it right. I'm from ottawa and he nailed all the great spots.

Judging a restaurant by its....?

i don't like spotty cutlery. i also don't like tables that are wiped down with a used wet rag right before we sit and then the open cutlery placed right on the table. huge no no for me. nothing infuriates me more.

Meyer lemon marmalade

sweeten it up a bit and try to make meyer lemon jelly filled donuts or some sort of jelly filled pastry.

Would you use a nutrition touch screen in a fast food restaurant

they don't tell people at a strip club how many lap dances a stripper has given out. why would nutritional info be necessary at a fast food joint?

I can't believe I ate the WHOLE THING... :-(

A whole shawarma plate at Shawarma Palace. Kills me everythime but i can't stop once i start.

ths is what i'm talking about

the picture doesn't really represent the true dimensions of this behemoth of a plate. it's a mountain of a dish. and you ALWAYS hope that you get an extra scoop of the garlic potatoes.

Valentine's Day Failures

oh gosh, i tried making Heston Blumenthals red cabbage soup with mustard ice cream. disaster.

French Onion Soup?

what @ag3208 said but without trolling ;)

Publishing an e-cookbook

from the how-to video, it seems like tastebook is more like a physical binder to store your favorite recipes in to right?

i'm more interested in the electronic business side of things. i need information on where the best place would be to create and sell my e-cookbook online.

day old orzo problem

actually yogurt would work a lot better than mayo. good suggestion.

day old orzo problem

hmmm, mayo sounds about right.

The Simpsons: The Food Wife

it was really clever and well done.

How would you substitute 1 cup of wine, beer, bourbon, etc?

you know the alcohol evaporates during the cooking process right?

What's Your Favorite Burger Condiment?

dammit, i don't know. love all of em. if i had to fight a war for any of them, i'd be switching sides constantly.

Falalfel Waffles!

feeling awful? have a falafel.

Square Burger Phobia?

next on First World Problems.

Stuffed squash seasoning suggestions?

lebanese style is the only way to go for this stuff.

I have some extra braised short rib....


Arepas would be amazing as well.


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