Cook the Book: 'A Girl and Her Pig'

i like the WHOLE HEAD

Latin American Cuisine: Colombian Arepas

everytime i make the dough, it turns out to be really dense and heavy. Will adding oil and more moisture then letting it rest for 5 minutes make the buns a bit more fluffier?

Any tips for great food in Ottawa?

Getsomeeats has it right. I'm from ottawa and he nailed all the great spots.

Judging a restaurant by its....?

i don't like spotty cutlery. i also don't like tables that are wiped down with a used wet rag right before we sit and then the open cutlery placed right on the table. huge no no for me. nothing infuriates me more.

Meyer lemon marmalade

sweeten it up a bit and try to make meyer lemon jelly filled donuts or some sort of jelly filled pastry.

Would you use a nutrition touch screen in a fast food restaurant

they don't tell people at a strip club how many lap dances a stripper has given out. why would nutritional info be necessary at a fast food joint?

I can't believe I ate the WHOLE THING... :-(

A whole shawarma plate at Shawarma Palace. Kills me everythime but i can't stop once i start.

ths is what i'm talking about

the picture doesn't really represent the true dimensions of this behemoth of a plate. it's a mountain of a dish. and you ALWAYS hope that you get an extra scoop of the garlic potatoes.

Valentine's Day Failures

oh gosh, i tried making Heston Blumenthals red cabbage soup with mustard ice cream. disaster.

French Onion Soup?

what @ag3208 said but without trolling ;)

Publishing an e-cookbook

from the how-to video, it seems like tastebook is more like a physical binder to store your favorite recipes in to right?

i'm more interested in the electronic business side of things. i need information on where the best place would be to create and sell my e-cookbook online.

day old orzo problem

actually yogurt would work a lot better than mayo. good suggestion.

day old orzo problem

hmmm, mayo sounds about right.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts...Anyone have a good recipe?

balsamic butter glazed or molasses and pecans.

The Simpsons: The Food Wife

it was really clever and well done.

Why is fish not a poular trend in the foodie internet universe?

delete this duplicate thread please.

Why is fish not a poular trend in the foodie internet universe?


How would you substitute 1 cup of wine, beer, bourbon, etc?

you know the alcohol evaporates during the cooking process right?

What food smell do you hate?

any meat boiling

Cookie recipes to win a guy's heart?

steak shaped chocolate fudge cookies

What's Your Favorite Burger Condiment?

dammit, i don't know. love all of em. if i had to fight a war for any of them, i'd be switching sides constantly.

Falalfel Waffles!

feeling awful? have a falafel.

The Best Way To Eat Breakfast at McDonald's

that looks absolutely disgusting.

Square Burger Phobia?

next on First World Problems.

Stuffed squash seasoning suggestions?

lebanese style is the only way to go for this stuff.

I have some extra braised short rib....


Arepas would be amazing as well.

Publishing an e-cookbook

does anyone have any experience in doing this? i am interested in creating one and want to know what the best and most convenient e-book aggregator and tool is. I want to use something simple and something that will help me make my e-book look nice and professional without costing a lot and giving the most exposure i can get.


day old orzo problem

so i made myself a little 'salad' of orzo, butternut squash, goat cheese and basil the other day and noticed that it turned out quite chalky and dry. especially the next day when i really wanted to stuff my face with it. i kept it quite lubricated with olive oil the first day, but that didn't hold up after a night in the fridge.

Any tips? Thanks.

Why has fish never been a popular trend

in the foodie world? you never really see it in any of the headlines. it's kind of left alone i find and doesn't really get the attention it deserves. it's also kind of a staple food on planet earth. what's the deal?

Free bar snacks.

i've been to a few european and asian countries where this idea is pretty standard. free bowls of popcorn, olives, fruits and chips while some places will even go as far as serving small cooked items to help customers get through their drinking shifts on the barstool.

i never got why this isn't a thing in north america cause it should be. especially places that make most of their money off of drinks.

Open letter to the foodies of tomorrow

At a time when blogging is rapidly changing, our attention seeking must actively repond to new challenges. The show and tell cooking profession of today offers a wide variety of opportunities and trajectories. We foodies remain united by a passion for cooking and share the belief that our plagerizing is also a way of life.for us, copying recipes offers a world of possibilities, allowing us to freely express ourselves by copying others, pursue our interests with other peoples interests, and fulfill our dreams by copying other peoples ideas. Indeed, we believe that cooking is not only a response to the basic human need of feeding ourselves; but it is also a way to receive comments under our posts and retweets. Blog cooking is a powerful, transformative tool that, through the joint effort of plagerizers -- whether we be hipsters, nerds or geeks--can change the way the world draws attention to us. We dream of a future in which the chef is socially engaged by friending us on facebook, conscious of and responsible for his or her contribution to a just and sustainable society or else we will rip them apart on Yelp. As members of the International Advisory Board of the Foodie Center, with a broad range of experiences, we keep dreaming about and reflecting upon the challenges to our profession. It is our hope that these reflections will serve as a reference and inspiration for the young foodies who will become tomorrow's blog stars.

In relation with learning

1.Our work depends on the internet's gifts. As a result we all have a responsibility to build and protect our tumblr bookmarks, to use our followers and our followees as a tool for recovering heirloom and endangered trends and fads, and promoting new ones. In this way we can help protect the blogospheres immovable plateau, as well as redo and re-create flavors and preparations.

In relation with society......
(to be continued)

non-celebrity chefs that have influenced you

any names out there of lesser known cooking personalities/chefs that have influenced you in your path to culinary greatness? they can be local to your city, or just completely off of pop cultures radar but leave/have left just as much an effect.

Closing of El Bulli

what side of the fence are you on? do you think it's overhyped pop-culture foolishness? or a significant moment in the culinary history of the 21st century. discuss!

cooking for ultra-healthy significant others.

for anyone who doesn't cook with salt, butter, white flour, or sugar anymore because of the dietary requirements or your partner, i just have a few questions. how do you cope when eating with them? have you become used to the lack of flavour? do you make up for it by induling when they're not around? do you feel like it has improved your cooking skills because you have to be a bit more creative now? just interested in a healthy discussion about this. wondering how people deal with it.


Let's play "decipher that foodie tweet"

Post a tweet from your feed that you missed the memo about and want to know more.

this one sounds juicy.

@noreservation tweeted:

The regrettable "flay/flaming sambucca incident" on Next Iron Chef pretty much put an end to @Rulman's Emmy aspirations.

From a wannabe chef: Food blog world, it's not me, it's you.

has anyone else found the food blogosphere to be pretty uninspiring these days? i feel like it's stuck in this pedestrian plateau where the next level is always another way to use seasonal ingredients to make pizza or pasta or soup. I find that in the spirit of being connectable and easy to follow, the inspiration factor has gradulally levelled off in relation. for that i must visit restaurant websites for their menus, or pick out a chef that stands out from the rest and try and subscribe to their culinary outlook.

i used to find sites like foodgawker, 101cookbooks and the plethora of personal food bloggers pretty useful when it came to picking something to make that i've never made before. SE has managed to stay as a great reference mostly because of the articles and contributors on here.

A nice light savory torte/cake/pie for outdoor potluck

i'm usually a fan of cornbread, but i would prefer something a little less starchy and dense. it needs to be something that can hold up to outdoor heat in case the weather jumps at the end of May. If it could be made in a cast iron pan, or dutch oven, even better.

This is something that I was considering but I would imagine that because of its fluffy/eggy structure, that after sitting outside for a bit that a bit of soggyness might start doing it in.


Do you feel like eating more when you watch cooking shows?

nothing makes me justify having a chicken sandwich melt at 12:30 am like watching Diners Drive ins and Dives. i admit, it's a problem. it's come to the point where i believe that you should not only stop eating at 8pm, but you should also stop watching food network at 8pm as well. i'm working on ending up in a place where i can watch and not have my hunger switch activated. but for now, i would just like to share my thoughts and see how everybody else feels!

recommending a restaurant you've never been to

ever find yourself suggesting a place you've never been to, based on a google search, or top 10 list in a city you don't even live in? would it be ok if the place was one of the most respected places in the country/world? or should you be expected to walk the walk before you talk the talk?

Names of restaurants in your city that make you cringe

not enough attention is paid to the names of eateries. i don't know about anybody else but i like a good name. something original and attention grabbing are two key factors for me. but then there are the ones that make no sense, or are typical or so minimalist for the sake of being minimalist that it's cliche.

luckily for me, i love most of the restaurant names in my city. we're pretty good when it comes to personality. but the ones that suck, really suck. for starters we have a place here called "Steak". it's more nightclub than steakhouse and wreaks of big box chain ambitions. so the name is more a representation of the limits of corporate creativity than it is an ode to steak. really can't stand it for that reason.

cooking meats with sugary, jelly marinades.

i tried pan roasting chicken breast that was covered in a sweet jalapeno jelly tonight and ended up with a burnt crust. i guess i should have remembered that sugar and high heat don't really get a long. should i even bother cooking it this way? is it not meant for the pan and should only be grilled? how does one roast using jellies and sugary sauces without burning?

Change of heart for tv food stars?

Any of these celeb food stars that you originally disliked but now respect? any that you respected by now loathe?

one of the biggest interest shifts for me happend with Cat Cora. I never really cared for her stuff. I remember watching Iron Chef and noticing a period where the challengers rarely picked her for battle and that her record wasn't all that stellar either. I lamely figured foodnetwork was just using her to fill a gender quota. Then I noticed a pretty huge comeback and ate all my thoughts in one big regretful gulp. she's pretty awesome to me now.

Veal stock

im tired of making veal stock over a 2 day period with several reductions and what not (a.k.a the french laundry way). I'd like to try it by leaving it alone and letting it simmer for 10 or so hours.

is there really that big a difference between these two methods? will this short cut do veal stock a disservice?

Used cooking equipment

how comfortable are you buying 'previously enjoyed' cookware for your kitchen?

i need a few things but can't afford new and am having a hard time getting over the used factor. it puts me off that I know that the piece has probably been exposed to quite a bit of what i don't know.

am i the only one? and what are your experiences with used cookware? did anything nasty grow on your face after using it? :P just kidding.

how to make someone like Cabbage.

what would you make if you had to convince someone that they should like cabbage? I have a feeling i'm up against someone who was never served a proper cabbage roll,or never had a good cabbage stir fry.

they'll only eat it if it's in cole slaw.

ok go!

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