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Our Guide to the Friday Fish Fry in Wisconsin

While you'll encounter a weekly fish fry all over the country, few places take the event quite as seriously as Wisconsin. During Lent, it sometimes feels like it's hard to find a restaurant that doesn't serve a Friday fish fry. I've tried them all over the state, and here are my 10 favorite options. More

South Side Eats: Tony's Italian Beef

The place is a great example of "all in the family," as those are the only people who worked here when they first got rolling. Today they still offer Grandpa Tony's housemade Italian beef, but there are also lot more options than there were originally. Basically, if you like sandwiches, you'll find one for you. More

The Best Po' Boys in New Orleans

Two Best Po' Boys I've had in NOLA are anything from the ocean at Zimmer's and the roast beef from R&O's. I'll be hitting up both in October.


Where to Eat Barbecue (and More!) in Kansas City, MO

We just did a wkd in KC that was centered around eating. With the exception of Oklahoma Joe's (Which was too long a line on both try's) we ate at most every highly regarded BBQ joint in town. I was a little underwhelmed. Not to say it was bad or that they dont deserve their place among great BBQ city's but I thought it'd be better. Best thing I had was the smoked Italian sausage with spicy BBQ sauce from McGonigles while the spares at BB's were pretty good too. Cheesy corn at Woodyard was on point as well. We ate at 20+ spots and believe it or not it was the In a Tub tacos that I wanted once I got back home. Agreed on the tenderloin from Kitty's, thats the real deal.

Experience a Friday Fish Fry Done Right at Steve's Lounge

Thanks y'all. Yeah it is a shame Joe, luckily I was in college in Madison so there was a fish fry on every corner and yes sometimes I want fish and chips, sometimes I want a fish fry. They aren't the same otherwise I'd be satisfied with either or when the taste for one hits.

City Strip Mall Dining at Cafe 33 Orient in Albany Park

It's called bi bim noodle on the menu, the description was just accidentally edited. No biggie.

Roti, Shark, and Buss-Up Shot: Get to Know the Trinidadian Food of NYC

Great stuff. I love Trinidadian food for all the reasons you described in the opening paragraph. I've seeked it out on recent trips to South Florida and Toronto bc we don't have many options for it here in Chicago but the one spot that features it is pretty damn good. I'll for sure be using this on my next visit to NYC.

South Side Eats: Satisfying Jambalaya at Sizzlin' Skillets in Chatham

I didn't take you for a troll, just misinformed ;)

I'm guessing its just as hard in places like NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston etc. The fact of the matter is, some things are just worth traveling for, like food in Louisiana. Heck it's hard getting real deal andouille sausage outside of there. Ron from Ron's Cajun Connection in Utica drives home to Louisiana to get ingredients once a month.

We (Chicago) did just get a place called Analogue that's getting rave reviews. It has a Cajun focused menu with cocktails and such so things are already looking up. But in the end, its hard finding good stuff outside the Bayou. Especially when you've enjoyed the best it has to offer.

South Side Eats: Satisfying Jambalaya at Sizzlin' Skillets in Chatham

"Chicago is a joke?" Is that a joke? bc it made me laugh. Keyword "Great". The fact of the matter is most people born in Bayou Country never leave it, thus its rare to find amazing Cajun and or Creole outside of that area. The reason the two I listed are so good is bc both places are run by guys that are from the bayou. There's not much amazing Cajun/Creole anywhere in the US besides its homebase. So I consider myself lucky that two of the best spots to eat this cuisine outside of the Bayou, are still within my region. There's Cajun and Creole to be found, but not like that in the area where it thrives...and no I dont want to hear (be bs'd) about how great it is in NYC. That said, thanks for reading.

Seriously Good Chicken Strips? Find Them at Farmhouse Chicken Strips and More in Ashburn

Thx for the comments y'all, check them out!

@Fsizzle - I've never ordered them bc anytime someone I was dining with did and I tried one, I looked at them and asked "why'd you order that?" The exception being Dublin's Bar & Grill in the Viagra Triangle...but they're like $15 an order there. That's a little redic for strips, even if you got a Lambo valet parked outside.

Grilling Steak at Home? Pick Up Some Dry-Aged Steaks at Joseph's Finest Meats in Dunning

Thanks guys.

Just to give the everyone an idea of the details they go into. In the picture of the two steaks seen as is after they're trimmed - The top steak is the first rib of the prime rib. The next steak down the cow is the t-bone or New York strip if you remove the bone. The bottom steak in the picture is the 7th rib. After that ends the blade pot roast begins. Its going to be hard not ordering both cuts in the future. Great spot.

The 10 Best Italian Beef Sandwiches in Chicago You've Probably Never Tried

Nice round-up. I've actually never had a Bari beef but have sampled most others on here. I always categorized beefs into three styles. 1) Beef Shacks - Where places specialize in it ala Al's and Johnnie's 2) Hot Dog Stands - Where it can be hit or miss depending on if its homemade or not and how much they sell 3) Italian Deli's - Here they seem to be larger heartier sandwiches where more times than not the beef has a distinct roast beef flavor as most sell it by the pound with gracy to go with it. You just drop it in and throw it on some bread you picked up with it or buy one made by them.

I think Al's and Johnnies get most of the love bc people go to either or and become satisfied with it to the point they dont seek any other offerings out. That said, I cant remember the last time a place specifically specializing in homemade beef opened up. Its a dying art.

A Sandwich A Day: Crispy Braised Beef at Green Door Tavern

I've had beers at Green Door but never thought of the food but this is news I'll have to put to use. That looks right up my alley and sounds fantastic. Normally I don't like pretzel buns but this sandwich seems like its what they were made for. Good stuff.

Investigating the Promise of Real Al Pastor at Mazamitla and El Burrito Amigo

I've been to burrito amigo when the spit was in motion, I think I remember them carving it off but still finishing on the griddle. Def. not bad. There's a few Taconazos across the city, they can be hit/miss as are most al pastor places in general. As far as the difference in flavor, I dont think there is much. Its just the texture that varies by which method is used. When cut directly from spit, its most always very, very thin and well charred, ensuring each piece is fully cooked thru. Whereas when they cut it off earlier in the day and then crisp it up on griddle, the pieces are a bit thicker and not quite as charred bc the precision doesn't need to be there bc the pieces will fully cook thru on the griddle, crisping up in the process. I'm seeing more and more al pastor pictures outside of places but it seems many either have them in back or do this method of cooking it all at once upon arrival and re-crisping throughout the day. IF we didnt have such asinine rules regarding outdoor food vending I'm sure we'd see some sensational truckside stands out there.

Watch Jon Stewart's Epic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Rant

@illione Quantity over quality? Whats so quality about pizza that's been sitting under a heat lamp for an hour topped with pepperoni from the restaurant depot? That's how gas stations serve food. Well anyway to counter your argument, I've taken New Yorkers to Pat's and they've loved it so to each his own.

Also all this knife and fork talk. You can take a slice of a properly cooked deep dish pizza and it will hold up as is which is more than you can say for a slice of NYC which you need two hands to eat bc their so flimsy, so not sure that argument holds any validity.

For the folks saying relax, its just food. Yes we know and we're discussing it. I could care less what Jon Stewart thinks, its not like any of these spots are gonna lose customers bc of him. I Also probably could of came up with a funnier rant than that. He needs new writers.

Watch Jon Stewart's Epic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Rant

Wow my man CPD007 spitting a lesson here today. I hope everyone took notes.

Some thoughts.

I grew up on Pat's (tavern thin best sausage around, it was rtadtiona after a Cubs game and what my dad ordered when we wanted pie delivered as they moved into LP from Lakeview BUT my mom always wanted a spinach deep dish from one of the local purveyors each Friday during Lent. So that's when I mostly ate deep dish in my youth. I still eat a slice of spainch here or there. I didn't go to Malnati's until maybe frosh year of HS, my first visit was to the original, which is in the burbs but thats where many were moving when the idea of suburban life began. As days in HS went on it became an option for a group of starving teens. I liked it then and still do today, especially as the weather cools down. I eat it in winter. Sometimes the craving just hits. Particularly when the taste for tomato comes. They have the best marinara (or literally chopped tomatoes) atop their pie IMO. I havent been to uno or Due in over a decade btw.

While I did say mostly tourists eat deep dish, CPD you're right, that many local families still do too, I just think most do so like me and get one maybe 4/5/6 times a year or eat it at events and gatherings when out. Like mentioned deep dish pizza parlors also make for social gathering sites. Something becoming lost in a social media world. Ny'ers always too busy letting time fly grabbing their slice of NY style so they can eat it amongst the rats in the subway while on their way to watch bad basketball be playe (no matter which Burrough they're headed too). Deep dish parlors are for celebrations and that's probably partly why they caught on with tourists, and even local families, people like to have fun while on vaca or out celebrating a bday, bears win or something to the likes. Also Lou Malnati's has a spot on Ogden in Lawndale that would send most tourists and even some locals scurrying back to Due downtown real quick. All profits from it go back to the community. Point being, they're in it for Chicago as is Serious Eats! Gotta cover all grounds CPD, I'll make sure your spots get love. Holladay.

Watch Jon Stewart's Epic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Rant

Oh and pepperoni as a preferred topping? Is that bc the typical sausage used is the deer turd droppings you find at places like Papa John's? C'mon maaaan.

Watch Jon Stewart's Epic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Rant

Typical New Yorker who thinks they know it all...seeing as how he's a tourist when he visits he fits right in with the rest who eat deep dish. Local folks maybe eat it a couple times a year. Most every person that grew up here has a spot they go to for Midwest tavern thin, which we do as good as any. Of course NY'ers will find the square pieces off putting but I find pizza that's been sitting under a heatlap and needs to be held up with two hands and folded over so the cheese doesnt slide off meh at best. But I totally respect all the different pizzas of the regions, St. Louis being the exception. What are the pizza police of NYC's thoughts on Detroit style pie, real pizza or something else?

South Side Eats: Sizing Up El Solazo's Carne en su Jugo

No Prob! As far as the jalapenos, the chopped ones I throw in the pot to saute in the bacon fat are fresh ones. The canned ones are crucial for the juice in them, not the pickled peppers. It was suggest and when i tried them it really balanced everything out as it adds a little bit of acidity to the broth. In the end, just make sure you got some potent beef broth and the proper condiments to go with it. Good luck.

South Side Eats: Sizing Up El Solazo's Carne en su Jugo

Whoops forgot I'm not on my computer here. Wrong commenter.

@mrstkach - Ask and you shall receive. Only thing I've really switched is I purchase the skirt steak sliced thin and grill it before letting it sit a little bit. Then I chop it down into small bite size pieces and sometimes crisp it up in a pan before dropping it into the bowl.


First Impressions: We Eat Most Everything at State Fair, and You Should, Too

Good stuff. I've been eyeing this place since I spied it over the summer. I figured this was exactly what they'd be doing but am most intrigued by the "sliders" which you call Jersey style, I'd call them Detroit style. Are they just an inch or two in circumference smaller than a McDonalds burger? Or even smaller?

We Eat Everything at Jimmy Jamm Sweet Potato Pies

You stole one of my spots! Haha was waiting to get JJ's up as thanksgiving neared. Great stuff, love the people and pie there. With Top-Notch down block it makes for a helluva 1-2 punch.

Is the Best Reuben Sandwich in Chicago at Harrington's Deli?

Twinwillow - The Reuben is a Midwest thing, so uh yeah...not everything relates back to New York :P)

The Serious Eats Guide to Tacos on Chicago's South Side

Veronica, obviously everyone has their own favorites and that's totally cool, we have so many great options why would it be any other way? That said one of my personal favorites is the deep fried tacos at Loncars, there's nothing else like them. I like Paco's too but as mentioned this was meant to show the variety of different offerings stretching throughout the south side. I could of done 100 different ones and will have a part two some day in the future. Stay tuned.

Try Everything But the Tacos at La Chilangueada

Awesome! This place needs more love. Though they seem to get plenty of it from the local Spanish speaking community. Love the lil "slider" style tacos de canasta. Good stuff.

Lunch in the Loop: Burritos as Big as Your Forearm at La Bamba

Dennis you're dead on with this one! In Madison during college we had a few good Mexican options off campus that weren't open late and then there was Qdoba and La Bamba. yes the Tacos SUCK. But like you said, there's just something about that salsa and the burrito is better than the sum when drowned in it. I actually order one small one (extra salsa) a year from the LP location just for fond memories. I always switched the beans with rice in it too, I like that way better. Never been brave enough to try the nachos with their odd gooey cheese. Oh and the Lincoln Park location has the best mural of any Mexican restaurant in the city. Bulls vs Knicks of the 90's with all the players having burritos replacing their heads. YES!

The Serious Eats Guide to Tacos on Chicago's South Side

Thanks for all the love, but dont thank me, thank all the great little family owned shops making top tacos by checking a few of them out. Some may or may not have noticed they go in a direction from closest North (18th street) all the way to the East Side and into NW Indiana. So they're bunched together based on proximity, for the most part. Also these aren't necessarily the best 25 on the southside, just a spread out mix of different varieties Ive tried and liked. Many more to name and also uncover. Always looking for recs!

@twat197 I'm still alive! It's just just fine. As long as you dont mind packs of families locla to the neighborhood, clique's of high school friends and crews of blue collar workmen going about their business enjoying the same great tacos as you! Some strips are as busy (people and traffic wise) as Lincoln Park is on the weekends. Hope you check some out.

Hot Dog of the Week: Depression Dog

"The Depression Dog is a unique Chicago treat full of history and terrific for anyone who doesn't want a salad-topped hot dog." Past Weeks' Dogs Papaya Dog24-Hour DogSlaw DogPuka DogThe Philly ComboTijuana Dogs When we think of a Chicago hot dog, we normally think of the classic dragged-through-the-garden jumbo dog piled high with various vegetables and neon green relish on a poppy seed bun. But a few old-school hot dog stands still serve what may very well be the original Chicago dog, what some refer to as the "Minimalist" or "Depression Dog." A Depression Dog features a regular-sized (eight per pound) natural casing all-beef frank instead of the jumbo (six per pound) dogs that often come on a standard Chicago... More