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Get to Know Us: Anna Bauer, Social Media Intern

Thanks for the shout out, Anna! I see you are well on your way to foodie fame. Brava, bella! I'm really happy for you ;)

Chocolate-Almond Upside-Down Cake

I think you mean paddle attachment, not whisk.

Dinner Tonight: Jacques P├ępin's Quick-Roasted Chicken

I do this a lot but actually place a heavy pan on top of the bird to flatten it even further. Cook it on the stovetop for 10 minutes, then into the oven, still with the pot on top!

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Food Preservation?

Great minds think alike! I just today post a piece about pickling and NYC's illustrious pickled past. Check it out and Eat it Up @

Kimberly Belle

'No Impact Man,' First a Blog, Now a Movie and Book

Thanks for the awesome article; I couldn't agree more. Just because what he did was crazy extreme (although - while maybe not on the ninth floor, I've lived on some pretty high walk-ups myself!) doesn't mean it doesn't make us all stop and think about what is - and isn't - sustainable in our own lives. For some more moderate ideas on how to eat sustainably in NYC check out this posting by my fellow blogger Erin: and Eat It Up!


-Kimberly Belle

Weekend Cook and Tell: Labor Day Barbecue

This labor day weekend, I might still be recovering from last weekend's massive grilling fiesta - or attempting to repeat it! For a great last-weekend-of-summer Mexican-style grilled corn-on-the-cob recipe, check out this post on my blog: and Eat It Up!

Kimberly Belle

Come on in 'The Kitchn'

Thanks for posting this awesome recipe. Corn is one of those veggies that, even though it's available all year around, is really only at it's best for a few short weeks in summer. Luckily for us, those weeks happen to be right now, so get out to your local farmers' market and Eat It Up! Here's my recipe for Hot & Spicy Summer Salsa with that unmistakable grilled corn char:

Kimberly Belle


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