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Does Cooking Make You Gay?

I am a straight (non-gay) man who loves to cook but I'm not afraid to utilize large sausages in a my cooking but only if the recipe calls for it. I feel that anyone no matter their orientation has the right to enjoy football but it should not be played with a raw chicken that would be sick and perverted. I also happen to have it on good authority that Emiril uses a female stunt double which would not make him gay but might give us a clue as to why he uses the same jokes every show. Surely Food Network, if you can afford to put caviar on dog biscuits you can by Emiril a new joke book.


The Food Bully

Hi I'm Killer and I'm a Food Bully - I thought I was alone until I read Kitchen Confidential and found out what an A**hole Bordain was too. I also berated my Mother at an early age for cooking the "Same Food" on a blatheringly boring monthly rotation schedule (3rd Wednesday of the month it must be Chicken Bla-De-Blah Caserole with mashed potatoes and green beens and a green salad). At least until she clipped some horrid recipe from Family Circle and a new dish like "Creamed Corn Critters" or "Spam Dandies" (I'm not making these up) would magically appear in the roster. Nonetheless, we ate well day in and day out.
I've had to learn that most people like what they were raised on, even if it was Peanut Butter and Poop. So I'm learning, late in life that the importance of cooking for friends is the word "FOR". Spam Dandy Anyone?


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