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Pie of the Week: Key Lime Pie

The problem with key lime pie is that squeezing 20 or so of those little buggers can result in major hand cramps. Cut them in half and use a garlic press to squeeze out the juice. Works like a charm.

Labor Day Giveaway: Tenderloin Filets and Cedar Grilling Planks

Hard to pick a favorite, but I think the rib eye steak edges out everything else.

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Cheeses

I was hoping to see someone mention Humboldt Fog, thanks merstar.


I've long described Knoxville as a culinary wasteland. I echo the positive comments on the farmers' markets (scroll down to Knox County). There are several and there are also a few commercial markets offering good, local produce in the summer (come winter you're SOL). Be sure to try Benton's country sausage, you can only buy it at the shop and it's awesome. West Wind Farms is also a source of excellent meat products.

Restaurant-wise I'll add that Litton's in North Knoxville is a genuinely great diner. In Maryville, Foothills Milling Company is quite good. Chesapeake's is decent and of course Blackberry Farm is in the area. Drop me a note at

Words That Should Be Words: Disrespectchup

Ketchup has "mellowing agents."

Moroncular gastronomy - making silly, over-complicated dishes just because you can.

Is Google's New Recipe Search Tool Good For Cooks?

Over the past 8 years I've posted around 600 recipes. Going back through that much content and reformatting it to meet Google's desires is completely impractical.

How to Make Your Pecan Pie More Exciting

The hickory and black walnut are also native American nuts as is the American chestnut.

Poll: Do You Make Ham or Lamb on Easter?

This year I did Easter early - Greek Lamb. I also made tsoureki, kotosoupa avgolemono, and asparagus.

What's Your Favorite Sandwich?

There are so many good sandwiches, how could you choose just one?
Earl of Sandwich

What to do with beef fat?

Make plum pudding or genuine minced meat.


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