Making Beef Bourguignon without a Dutch Oven

Thanks for the advice, although my comment was more directed at whether putting my stainless steel pot in the oven will ruin it?

Making pizza at home: what do you like on them?

We are always experimenting with different toppings, but some of my favorites are bacon and pickled jalapeños, white pizza (mozzarella and asiago) with Old Bay shrimp and white pizza with pesto sauce.

First Timer in New Orleans: Where to Eat?

I've been to New Orleans numerous times and just off the top of my head I would recommend Mr. B's, Bayona and Jacque Imos. So many more...

What to do with a smoked turkey carcass?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to go ahead and make the stock tonite.

Surplus of ghost chilli peppers

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Goodbye, Dumpling

I'm truly sorry for your loss. May you take comfort in the many memories you have of him.


Just got back from New Orleans so to continue the Mardi Gras festivities I will be making jambalaya and drinking Abita Amber.

Mac & cheese question

I've made this recipe before, with good results and I have to agree the key is constant stirring over low heat. Once you think you've stirred it enough, stir it some more. It's a bit time consuming, but well worth the effort.

"Treat or Else!"

Butterfingers, M&Ms, Baby Ruth, Crunch Bars and Sour Patch Kids.

what should I make that uses A LOT of carrots?

I had the same problem awhile back and I used this recipe. The results were quite delish.

Beef Stew Crock Pot Advice

Thanks so much for the tips!

Need a good Sangria recipe

I just used this one from Bobby Flay's "Boy Meets Grill."

Passionfruit White Sangria
2 bottles Sauvignon Blanc
3/4 cup cognac
1/2 cup triple sec
3/4 cup simple syrup
3/4 cup passion fruit puree
2 cups fresh oj
3 oranges sliced thin
2 lemons sliced thin
3 green apples sliced thin
1 cup of blackberries

Recommended reading/viewing for a kitchen novice?

The Joy of Cooking is a must-have cook book. It covers all the basics and much more. I find myself using it on an almost-weekly basis.

Donate Food Today

Try City Harvest:

Restaurant Heebie Jeebies?

Dirty, greasy looking menus are a huge turn off.

Do you shop Farmers' Markets or belong to a CSA?

I joined a CSA this past summer and love it. When I received vegetables I was unfamiliar with, I found it fun to look up recipes and do a little research. Without my CSA I probably wound not have discovered how yummy swiss chard is. Dealing with the over supply issue, I simply froze any excess veggies. Just this past week, we enjoyed some summer corn.

New Orleans Restaurant Recommendations

Wow thanks for all the recommendations. I love Mr. B's BBQ shrimp, one of my favorites! Hope to be able to get to a bunch of these places.

Appetizer Ideas

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful suggestions!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Blanking on Dinner

How about roasted chicken with potatoes?

Girl's Night In --Recipes needed!!

Baked Brie with Apples and Walnuts
1 wheel of brie
1 cup of walnuts
2 Granny Smith apples cored and sliced
French Bread

Bake Brie at 350˚ for 20 minutes
Sautee apples in butter until tender add walnuts
Serve with warm French Bread

Friday's chicken. Okay or toss?

I would most definitely not eat it.

BBQ 2009: Your Successes?

Thanks for the advice! I too will be BBQ-ing well into the fall-winter months.

BBQ 2009: Your Successes?

I just started experimenting with dry rubs and using indirect heat combined with smoking hickory chips. I've done both chicken and ribs. The ribs came out delicious, the chicken came out pretty good, although the skin can be a bit rubbery. Any tips?

What to eat the day before the Big Apple BBQ?

I'm heading over to the Big Apple BBQ on Saturday. We have a small group going with a couple of out of town guests staying with us. Since we will be eating a ton of meat on Saturday I was trying to come up with a relatively light dinner idea for Friday night. Any suggestions?

Italian Easter Pie aka Pizza Gain

Every Easter my grandmother would make "pizza gain," a savory calzone-like mix of basket cheese, dried sausage, mozzarella and eggs. Unfortunately, when she passed away unexpectedly the recipe had not been written down. It has been a quest in our family to recreate this dish. So far I have not been able to recreate her original recipe but am looking forward to trying again this year. Anyone care to share their recipes?

Making Beef Bourguignon without a Dutch Oven

Going to try to make Ina Garten's Beef Bourguignon but I do not have a dutch oven (I know it's on my wish list!). Do you think I will be able to use a regular stainless steel pot in the oven or should I just cook the whole thing on the top burner of the stove?

Making Fried Chicken for the first time

Hi All!
I'm attempting to make fried chicken this weekend. I am using a basic recipe where I soak the chicken pieces in buttermilk overnight and then dredge through flour and fry in Crisco. I would love to hear any suggestions, tricks of the trade, etc. on how to get the best results.

Pumpkin Puree

Hi all:
I'm in the process of cleaning out my freezer and came across a container of frozen pumpkin puree. I'm thinking it would work well in a soup. Any suggestions/recipes? Thanks in advance.

Freezing Soup

Hi all
I just made a batch of Carrot Ginger Soup, which came out most most delish. I have a ton of it and was wondering how well it would do if I froze it. Will freezing it alter the taste in any way?

Beef Stew Crock Pot Advice

So now that the weather is getting cooler, I've started thinking about heartier meals. I want to make a beef stew in my crock pot, but in the past it has come out watery and bland. My basis method is dredging beef chuck in flour, searing in a pan, then adding the beef to the crock pot with water, onion, carrots, etc. and slow cooking the whole thing for about eight hours. Any tips on how to get a thicker, more tasty stew?

New Orleans Restaurant Recommendations

I will be in New Orleans next week. I have been to NO a number of times and am really looking forward to trying some new places. I had originally had my heart set on going to August, but sadly it just doesn't fit into my budget. I've been to a number of the Brennan family restaurants, which are also good, but am looking to try some new ones. So far I have Bayona on my list...
Any recommendations for off the beaten track/won't break the bank places to try?

Appetizer Ideas

I am in charge of bringing some pre-dinner snacks for a family get together. The main course is a rib roast so I don't want to bring something too heavy. Any ideas on some easy-transportable appetizers that won't be too filling?

No-Waste Tacos de Carnitas With Salsa Verde

Carnitas. The undisputed king of the taco cart. The Mexican answer to American pulled pork, at their best they should be moist, juicy, and ultra-porky with the rich, tender texture of a French confit, and riddled with plenty of well-browned crisp edges. Our version is easier than the traditional bucket-of-lard method, and produces results that are juicier and more flavorful. More

Dinner Tonight: Chiles en Nogada

While chiles rellenos have achieved relative fame—perhaps because there's no arguing with a stuffed and fried pepper—there is another stuffed poblano dish from the Puebla region of Mexico that is equally delicious, and a little less heavy. Chiles en Nogada—"nogada" refers to the creamy walnut sauce poured over everything—uses a poblano pepper that is charred and skinned, carefully deseeded, and filled with an unusual, delicious mixture of ground meat, fruit, and spices. More

Appetizer Ideas

I am in charge of bringing some pre-dinner snacks for a family get together. The main course is a rib roast so I don't want to bring something too heavy. Any ideas on some easy-transportable appetizers that won't be too... More