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The Food Lab: The Science of Pie Dough

God, I love a good pie crust.

I get excellent leaf lard from Dietrich's Meats in Pennsylvania...a great tip given to me by some serious pie folk. They only take checks. But once they get your payment they will ship you vacuum packed pints of gorgeous lard that keep beautifully in the freezer. It is great for biscuits and all manner of other goodies, too. So if you have always wanted to try leaf lard...really good leaf lard...and can't find it at your local butcher or farmers market, try Dietrich's (

Gadgets: Scoop Colander by Joseph Joseph

I actually own one of these and I like it. I use it when I am blanching veggies. Throw in the broccoli and then fish them out. Throw in the asparagus and then fish them out. Dump them in ice bath, etc. I've used it more often than I suspected I would and I am a fan. It does look like a kitty litter scoop though.

Mediterranean Flavors: White Bean Spread with Za'atar

I got mine from the Spice House through mail order. I use them for alot of spices I can't procure at my closest grocery store. They have amazing cinnamon and the Za'atar was really good. On uncommon spices I worry that the stuff, even at whole foods, may have been sitting there awhile. I ordered some regular sumac from them too, but haven't dreamed of a way to use it yet.

Mediterranean Flavors: White Bean Spread with Za'atar

This looks delicious. I used Za'atar for the first time yesterday while making flat bread. It was such a unique flavor and I'm thrilled to find another way to use it. Good stuff!

Does Anyone know where I can get great seafood in Dallas, TX

Rex's Seafood on Lover's Lane (west of Inwood) is a great place to buy fish and they are always slammed at lunchtime. They opened up about 20 tables of seating for lunch service and it is supposed to be fantastic. The fish I have bought there to cook at home has been wonderful. You should try it.