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True Essentials for Your Home Bar: Bottles, Bitters, and Tools

I'd have to respectfully disagree with the idea that a jigger is a nonessential bar tool in a home bar. Though crafting cocktails can often be more of an art than a science, the importance of maintaining proper proportions in your drinks really is essential to ensure balance across the various elements and a jigger helps to do exactly that.

Ever barrel aged tequila at home? I did...what now?

I'm lucky enough to have a girlfriend that gets it... she got me the Barrel Aging Kit from Bespoke Post a while back and I finally got around to using it.

I chose to use the, in my opinion, fantastically underrated Avión Silver Tequila. I poured about 4 shots into the glass bottle provided, added one of the charred oak staves, corked it, and waited.

I tasted it just 24 hours later to evaluate its progress and decided to stop the "aging" right then and there by taking out the stave because I was really happy with what I had.

The end result is a unique tequila that maintained its smooth, velvety mouth feel that's typical of Avión, held onto its citrus notes, and still has that classic tequila bite... but now it has also taken on some of the mellower, smokey characteristics of the charred oak as well.

Now, my dilemma is deciding what kind of cocktail that this "barrel aged" Avión Tequila is best suited for. Any thoughts / suggestions / experiences / recommendations ?

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