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First Look: Pop-Up Ice Cream Shop at David Burke's Primehouse

Though they normally preside over dry-aged rib eyes, Himalayan salt rocks, and whipped potatoes, it turns out the chefs at David Burke's Primehouse have a pretty serious sweet tooth. Lucky for the general public, they're going to be indulging these sugary impulses every Friday during the summer from 3 to 5 PM from a pop-up ice cream counter. Though it was a brisk—scratch that, chilly—50-something degrees on the first Friday in May, we were there to check out the offerings. More

Sugar Rush: Carrot Cake from Julius Meinl

When was the last time you had carrot cake? Yeah, it had been a while for me, too. But when a friend couldn't stop raving about the "best he's ever had" carrot cake at Julius Meinl, I figured it was worth a bike ride up to the Viennese pâtisserie's newest location in Ravenswood. More

Sugar Rush: Strawberry Sundae from Nightwood

The wacky spring weather Chicago has experienced over the past two months has at least one silvery lining: the arrival of the strawberry sundae ($10) at Nightwood. Pastry chef Matthew Rice jumped at the chance to transform simple berries into his strawberry sundae—an elegant, balanced version of a childhood favorite. More

Sugar Rush: Eleanor from Vanille Patisserie

Anyone who bemoans the lack of serious pastry shops or bakeries in this town will quickly find herself comforted by the pristine, elegant tartes, entremets, and macarons at Vanille Patisserie. The newest addition to the menu, The Eleanor ($6.65), is exactly the type of dessert you'd want on a warm spring day: bright, citrusy, and satisfying without being heavy. More

6 Chocolate Chip Cookies We Love in Chicago

Chocolate chip cookies are the hamburgers of the dessert world: Every shop seems to have one on the menu, but a truly great version is hard to come by. A lot of this has to do with personal preference: nuts or no nuts, crispy or soft, dunked or dry. But in my arduous research—arduous, I tell you!—I realized that the best chocolate chip cookies are the ones that keep it simple. More

Sugar Rush: Blueberry Almondine from Lovely Bake Shop

Lovely's airy, warm cafe may be the best spot for tearing into this slice straightaway. Warm wood and vintage floral prints make the interior look like a Pinterest dream, and some communal seating means there's a potential to meet like-minded dessert fiends. Just be advised that said communal seating could mean you'll have to share a bite of that blueberry almondine. More

Sugar Rush: Pistachio-Meyer Lemon Doughnut from Do-Rite Donuts

It's safe to say that the doughnut is indeed having its moment in Chicago. So when former L2O chef Frances Brennan teamed up with partner Jeff Mahin to open a miniscule, standing room only doughnut operation in The Loop last week, the timing couldn't have been better. Luckily, they deliver on the hype with a balanced, crunchy pistachio-Meyer lemon doughnut. More

Sugar Rush: Strawberries and Cream Paczki from Delightful Pastries

A dessert with its own holiday must be pretty special, right? To truly understand why people go so nuts for these pastries, you need to line up outside Delightful Pastries' Jefferson Park storefront, where just inside young women fill cardboard boxes with dozens of the fresh creations, faces streaked with powdered sugar and eyes tired from the early wake-up call. It's part spectacle, part ritual, but that doesn't diminish how tasty these little spheres are. More

Order Like a Pro at Lao Hunan in Chicago's Chinatown

Giant +1s to the Jade Tofu and the Crispy Fish, which toes the line between spicy and overly salty in the most successful of ways.

11 Awesome Veggie Tacos in Chicago

Thumbs up to the veggie tacos at L'Patron, too.

A Sandwich a Day: Meatball Sub at Freddy's in Cicero, IL

Love Freddy's! Cured meats hanging from the ceiling + delicious gelato is a winning combo.

We Eat All the Fries at Edzo's in Chicago

I love the Old Fries! I mean, if one trip to the fryer is delicious, why not two...?

A Sandwich a Day: The Chicken Shawarma Sandwich at Pita Inn

Hell yea Pita Inn! When I lived in Evanston we'd make the drive to Pita Inn for cheap, tasty food and hookah supplies from the adjacent market (hey, it was college, give me a break). Fond memories of the sandwiches, if not the hookah. Tasty pastries from the market as I recall.

College Tours: Where to Eat Near Northwestern University

Disclaimer: I worked at Al's Deli for 3 years during my NU days (best. job. ever.)

Despite this tiny bit of bias, I think it's safe to say that Al's has some of the best sandwiches and soups in town. Two brothers (Al's sons) run the 60+ year old store, making soups by hand and sandwiches to-order. And, oh, the soups. Just order them. No matter what they are. My go-to sammies are the Herkimer cheese on seeded baguette, roast beef on croissant and smoked turkey aioli on rosemary olive (breads courtesy of Red Hen). Finish lunch with a house-made macaron or crazy-sweet butter cookie.

Knockout Noodles: Hiyashi-Chuka at Slurping Turtle

This is my go-to at Slurping Turtle! The seaweed is my favorite part; something about the ways it snaps along with the noodles. Oh, and it's beautiful.

Sugar Rush: Galaktoboureko from Artopolis

Wow, would never have dreamed up a lemon-baklava combo, but I'm very glad someone else did.

5 Boozy Frozen Treats We Love in Chicago

I want all of these. Immediately. I especially love the old-school cone at Boiler Room.

Behind the Scenes at Hot Doug's

Thankfully not pictured: us passing around the communal corndog.

The Best Macarons in Chicago

@Ellie: The day that I visited, Vanille had a rose flavor.

6 Chocolate Chip Cookies We Love in Chicago

Anna, I love everything Birchwood does, but can't say I've had the cookie! It's on my list.

Kate, People go NUTS for Potbelly's cookies. Don't worry, you're not the only one who loves them.

The Serious Eats Chicago Lenten Fried Fish Survival Guide

Adding a shout-out to the fantastic fish and chips at Owen & Engine. Not the cheapest option, but a total winner.

A Sandwich a Day: The BFF at The Flower Flat

Love the Flower Flat! They do a fresh, three-course BYO dinner on Fridays for around $20. Can't beat it!

Do You Like Your Fries Crispy or Soft?

Crispy fries all the way! That said, they should still have a pillowy interior that lets you taste the potato flavor, not just the oil. For me, a perfect sweet potato fry rules.

Seriously Asian: Green Papaya

My favorite Thai spot serves green papaya in their som tom salad with spicy chiles, fish sauce, peanuts for extra crunch, and blue crab when it's in season. The heat is at its perfect level: nearly unbearable, but oh-so-good.